Kate Middleton

Kate and The Royals

Kate and The Royals
This post was harder to write then the one with William and The Middletons because there are so many false rumors about Kate’s relationship with certain members of the royal family that have no proof to back them up. Instead of doing a general post like I did with the Middletons, we are going to look at her separate relationships with many members of The Royal Family!

The Royal Family in 2007

•Prince Harry
Prince Harry is Kate’s brother-in-law. Harry and William are extremely close so it’s no surprise that Kate and Harry also are. Harry is reportedly the first member of The Royal family Kate met because he would frequently go visit William at St. Andrews. They have known each other for over a decade! Harry has called her the “big sister he never had.” Along with being the big sister he never had, she reportedly has helped fill a little bit of the void in his heart that he has had since Diana passed away. Not to mention she cooks him roasted chicken!
Kate and Prince Harry

•Prince Charles
Despite reports of a feud (that comes out every month lol), Charles and Kate seem to have a lovely relationship. He is said to have loved her from the first time they met! One story that has come out is when Kate and William were going through a rough patch in 2007, Charles was reportedly angry with William and told him to not “drag her along”. Charles and Kate also make visits to watch Ballet together!
Kate and Prince Charles

•Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall
The tabloids love to claim that Camilla and Kate hate each other but from what we’ve seen, this is far from true. They are also said to have a lovely relationship. In 2011, before The Wedding of The Century, Camilla and Kate went out to lunch together with Pippa and Camilla’s daughter, Laura. Laura’s daughter Eliza was one William and Kate’s bridesmaids! And as a wedding gift, Camilla gave Kate a charm bracelet with Kate’s royal cipher and on the other side is her Royal cipher.
Kate and Camilla

•The Queen
Kate and The Queen met in 2008 and in their engagement interview William said that The Queen was very eager to meet Kate and had been waiting a long time to meet her! They seem to have such a great relationship! The Queen loans out Jewelry to many of the royal women but royal fans and even the actual reporters noticed that The Queen tends to loan Kate her most sentimental Jewelry that she has never loaned anyone else! Zara Tindall (The Queens grand-daughter and William’s first cousin) one said, “I know my grandmother and grandfather are very fond of her. They though she was just right for William. My grandmother liked Kate as soon as they met.” Although we haven’t seen them on a joint engagement since 2013, they do spend quite a bit of time together along with Her Majesty adoring two (soon to be three) of her great grandchildren!
Kate and The Queen

•Prince Philip
Kate and Prince Philip also seem to have a wonderful relationship. It is interesting to see that, although she is comfortable with The Queen, she seems more comfortable with Prince Philip! I think it is his personality that must put her at ease! Kate is said to model herself after Prince Philip and the late Queen Mother as they were/are both amazing consorts and she wants to be able to support William when he is King just like Prince Philip has supported Queen Elizabeth II and The Queen Mother supported not only King George VI but also her daughter Queen Elizabeth. This might come as a surprise for some people but Kate actually met Prince Philip years before she met William. When she was a teenager she received The Duke of Edinburgh’s Golden Award!
Kate and Prince Philip

Just a little more proof that Kate has an amazing relationship with The Queen and Prince Philip: Did you know that in 2013 Kate attended an engagement with Prince Philip and The Queen that she was not scheduled to? She found out about it and asked the Queen if she could come along and she said of course!
Kate with The Queen and Prince Philip

Now that we have finished with Kate’s immediate in-laws, lets take a look at other member she seems close to and the ones that the media insists hate her and that Kate apparently hates.

•Zara Tindall
Zara is one of my favorite members of the royal family so please excuse my rambling. Zara and William, along with her older brother Peter, are extremely close. So it is with no surprise that naturally Zara and Kate became close.
They often were seen together at polo during the dating years:
Zara and Kate, with Harry’s then girlfriend Chelsy, watching William and Harry play polo

She was present on the now infamous occasion when William and Kate looked extremely strained in 2007, which was days before their break-up:
Zara and Kate in 2007

But she was also at the Diana concert, in which the media finally caught on that William and Kate were back together. She sat a row in front of Kate and the two girl talked all night:
Kate and Zara talking at the Diana concert in 2007

The two girls got engaged to their long-time partners 2 months apart and got married 3 months apart:
Zara at William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011

Kate at Zara and Mike’s wedding in July 2011

Kate was part of Zara’s royal cheering group in 2012 when Zara competed in the Olympics:
William and Kate cheering on Zara as she competes in the 2012 London Olympics

In June of 2013, Kate was 9 months pregnant with Prince George and Zara was already pregnant with her first child, Mia:
Zara and Kate June 2013

Prince George was born and as we discussed in my recent blog post, Zara was chosen as a god-mother:

Zara and her husband Mike at Prince George’s christening

These two ladies are obviously close and it seems like mother hood has brought them closer. Zara’s daughter, Mia, is said to have many play dates with Prince George and Princess Charlotte and I have no doubt that William and Zara want to raise their children as close as they are!
Kate greeting Zara and little Mia

Bonus Picture for the cuteness:

Prince George showing his mummy, Auntie Zara, Auntie Autumn, and Cousin Savannah his boboo 

These two have been through a lot together and I am sure they will be there for each other this year a Kate is expecting her 3rd child and Zara is expecting her 2nd child!


Zara and Kate laughing together

•Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie 
I did not really want to talk about this but you know what, here we are! Let’s start off with Beatrice because I have two different opinions for the two sisters. Kate doesn’t seem close to either of the sisters but it doesn’t mean they hate each other. I get more of a closed off kinda rude feeling from Beatrice then I do from Eugenie. I don’t know why. I guess because of the pictures but I could obviously be wrong. Eugenie seems more sweet and kind. Maybe it’s jealousy that they are the born Princesses but Kate gets all the attention. We all know that Prince Andrew has been trying for years to carve out official royal duties for his daughters. I mean it may sound rude but it makes sense doesn’t it? I totally get it! They were born into this family but a commoner comes in and becomes the star of the show and will one day be Queen!
William also isn’t that close to Beatrice and Eugenie as they are much younger than he is. 
By all accounts they seem friendly and professional in public which is much more important because honestly it is none of our business! BTW, Kate said she is extremely excited for Eugenie’s wedding (me too Kate, me too)!
William and Kate with Eugenie and Beatrice

•Meghan Markle
I am not really going to talk about Meghan’s relationship with Kate because we really don’t know anything and we have only seen them together once but I will talk about what the media say about their relationship.
The media have this disgusting obsession with acting like woman hate each other. It is horrible. By all accounts and the few photos of the two women we have and the fact that Meghan and Harry specifically said Kate has been a big help just proves other wise. They don’t hate each other.
But…I also hate that the media tries to make them out as “Best friends” or the new Diana and Fergie (which they don’t seem to remember that, that friendship ended badly). They  are obviously friendly and supportive but it doesn’t mean they are best friends. The only thing the two seem to have in common is that they both fell in love with a prince who happen to be brothers. They may be around the same age but they are at two very different points in their lives. They may be marrying into the same family but into two drastically different positions. Do you get what I mean? I am not saying that they will not get closer as the time goes on because I am sure they will. I am just saying, no one should be pushing their narratives onto these two women. Whether it be that they hate each other or that they are best friends. It doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. Give them time. They’ve only known each other for about a year and most of that time Meghan was filming suits and Kate was working in London but living in Norfolk which means they barely saw each other. 
There is a very good article about this topic, which i suggest you give a read. Right here!
HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle

That is all for this post and I hope you all enjoyed it! William and Kate have a jam packed week so far and I will see you here with all the updates as well as on my Instagram (@teatimewiththecambridges)!

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