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Prince William and The Middletons

Prince William and The Middletons

It is no secret Kate is extremely close to her family. Pippa, her younger sister, was her Maid of Honor at The Wedding of The Century in 2011. James is just like any younger and mischievous brother. Michael is the shy sweet dad who walked his daughter down the aisle…but to the future King of England. Carol is a loving mum who worked so hard for her young kids to have a good school and food on their. It doesn’t take a computer scientist to figure out why Kate is so close to them. But what about Prince William? Join me as we view the relationship he has with his in-laws.
The Middletons

The Middletons first came into the light in May of 2003 when rumors first started circulating of Kate possibly dating Prince William. On the doorstep of their home Michael Middleton reportedly told a reporter. “We are very amused at the thought of being in-laws to Prince William, but I don’t think that is going to happen”. It’s funny to look back and read this now because not only is his daughter married to the future king but she is a future queen herself along with being the mother of a future king, the 4th-in-line, and the soon to be 5th-in-line. Things really do come full circle don’t they? Anyway, very early on in his relationship with Kate, William found comfort and happiness in the Middleton home. Sometimes on the weekends, he and Kate would travel up to Bucklebury and stay there with her family. The Middletons are a close family who joke around and play with each other and William reportedly loves this atmosphere as he grew up in a stuffy, broken household. One time he landed a helicopter in the Middleton’s yard! It just shows how comfortable he is and embraces them as his family.

One of the greatest proofs of the seriousness in William and Kate’s relationship was when in 2006 William invited no only Kate but also her parents to his Sandhurst Military Academy graduation in which Her Majesty The Queen was also present.

Kate with Michael and Carol Middleton at William’s Military graduation

Also in 2006, that summer William and Kate vacationed in Ibiza with the Middleton’s and some friends.

William and Kate with James, Pippa, Carol, and a friend in Ibiza 2006

Along with being invited to the now famous Princess Diana concert, which is where the world had come to realize William and Kate reconciled their relationship after a few months apart.

Kate and James Middleton at the Princess Diana concert in 2007

Reports have actually surfaced that while skiing one year, William was overheard calling Michael dad! Carole is said to have cooked for William when him and Kate visited the Middleton home and always had his favorite red wine in the cellar. The Middletons completely embraced William as one of there own.

William is also close to Pippa and James Middleton. Pippa and Kate are best friends and naturally William became close to her along with James.  During weekends in London, William, Kate, Pippa, and James played tennis at the prestigious Harbour Club, in Chelsea.

On November 16, 2010, William and Kate announced their engagement and The Middletons were once again thrust into the spotlight. Michael and Carol Middleton appeared in front of their home to give a statement about the joy they felt with their daughter about to finally get married.

Michael and Carol Middleton on engagement day 2010

William famously said in the engagement interview that he actually had asked Kate to marry him before asking for Michael’s hand because he was afraid he would say no! William also expressed how thankful he was for them and how warm and welcoming they have been with him.

Now I want all of you lovely readers to put yourself in Michael’s shoes on the day of the wedding. Any normal father would be emotional and nervous to give their daughter away. But no, this was different. He was a normal father giving his daughter away but…to the future King of England. He was also giving her away to the millions of people she will one day be Queen of. He was entrusting her to a family who were known for their coldness. I don’t know how he did it, but he did. I have so much respect for him.

Michael Middleton lifting the veil of his daughter at her wedding to the Future King of England

William and Kate’s relationship with The Middletons only got stronger after they got married. William had promised them that they would still be involved with them and with any of their future children. I think that mainly the media had this idea that if you suddenly married into the royal family you would have to forget about your own family and some of them were shocked that they both spent so much time with them even after their wedding and Kate became a “Her Royal Highness”. 

In 2012, we were introduced to the first member of The Cambridge family, which was reportedly a gift from James Middleton: LUPO!!!!!

William, Kate, and Lupo in January of 2012

2012 was the year that in my opinion told everyone that The Middletons weren’t going anywhere. Kate was pregnant and that year, her and William were the first royals to spend Christmas away from the royal family. Some say Kate wanted to spend her last Christmas before she became a mom with her parents and I think its true. I also believe she was probably still not feeling well, since she was suffering from Hyperemisus Gravidarum, and being in the strict presence of the queen and the rest of the royal family would not have been good for her.

Prince William, Kate, Pippa,James, and Carol on Christmas Day 2012

On July 22nd, 2013, William and Kate welcomed their first child along with him being The Middletons first grandchild and nephew. Surprisingly, Michael and Carol Middleton arrived to meet their grandson before The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. This was another gesture in proving how active and important Michael and Carol would be in their grandchildren’s lives.

Michael and Carol Middleton arrive to meet their first grandchild, Prince George

After George was born, William and Kate spent the weeks that he was on paternity leave in Bucklebury with Michael and Carol as they adjusted to their new lives with baby George. It was Michael who took Prince George’s official portraits and to this day remain some of my favorites.

William. Kate, Lupo, and George in an official portrait taken by Michael Middleton

When William’s paternity leave was over, him, Kate, and Baby George returned to Anglesy and Carole tagged along for a few days to make sure William and Kate had gotten settled in.

Of course they were actively present at his Christening In October 2013.

William, Kate, George, Pippa, James, Carole, Michael, and the rest of the royal family at the Christening.

Michael, Carole, James, and Pippa sadly missed Prince George’s first Christmas as William and Kate spent it with The Royal Family. They would soon have a solution for this problem..

2014 was a big year for The Middletons as it was announced they would be getting their second grandchild!

Christmas of 2014 was interesting as it saw William continuing to fulfill his promise that they would be involved in their children’s lives. William and Kate had finished up renovating their country home Anhmer Hall, in which was a few minutes away from the main Sandringham House The Queen and the rest of the royal family spent Christmas in. William and Kate were now able to equally split their Christmas with The Middleton’s and The Royal Family.

Anhmer Hall

2015 saw The Middletons welcome Princess Charlotte into the family and once again be front and center at her christening in July of that year.

William, Kate, George, Charlotte, Pippa, James, Carol, Michael, and the rest of The Royal Family at Princess Charlotte’s Christening

Michael, James, Pippa (behind Camilla), and Carol at Charlotte’s Christening

One thing many people may not know is that, although they have a nanny, The Middletons tend to be the main care takers for George and Charlotte when their parents are on tour. For example when William and Kate went to New York in December 2014 and India 2016, George and later Charlotte went over and stayed in Bucklebury with them. Most recently during the Sweden and Norway tour there are reports suggesting Carol actually stayed at Kensington Palace to look after them.

In December 2016, William and Kate took a break from the uptight Christmas at Sandringham and relaxed in Bucklebury with the kids for Christmas!

William,Kate,George, and Charlotte with The Middletons, and Pippa’s fiancee, on Christmas 2016

Most recently we saw The Middletons and The Cambdridges team up in May 2017 for Pippa’s wedding where George was a pageboy and Charlotte was a bridesmaid!

Pippa’s Wedding May 2017

It seems as if William is not the only one in the royal family who loves The Middletons!

Prince Harry has also welcomed them with open arms:

 Prince Harry and James Middleton

And has Her Majesty!!!!:

The Queen driving Carole Middleton around the Balmoral Estate

I would like to take the time to address some rumors and give my input on them. I am 100% we have all seen the horrible rumors or tabloids claiming that Carole doesn’t want her grandchildren around Charles and Camilla or Charles is upset that they see George and Charlotte more or some other random rumor. My take on it is: Obviously The Middletons see more of George and Charlotte. For one reason, well, it is a proven fact that daughters gravitate towards their own family.The for another, Charles and Camilla are busy people whereas Michael and Carole are self employed and can make time for their grand-kids.

Lastly I am so happy that William is obviously close to his in-laws and embraces them instead of shunning them away. He quite clearly gets on great with them and that’s import and for not only Kate but also George and Charlotte. The Middletons also embrace him like a son and brother and it is so sweet. I am glad William has this comfort place withing the family!

Prince George with Granny Carol

Goodbye for now! I will see you all on Sunday as William and Kate will attend the BAFTAs!
We have a busy  week ahead! Along with the event on Sunday: Kate has an engagement with The Countess of Wessex on Monday, William has an engagement in Wikshire on Tuesday, and they both have a day of engagements in Sunderland on Wednesday!

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