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The Middletons


To understand the family dynamic between The Cambridges, we need to take a look at The Middleton Family who are a huge backbone to the little family! Let’s jump right in!


Michael Francis Middleton (b. June 23rd, 1949) and Carole Elizabeth Middleton (b. January 31st, 1955), who’s ancestors worked in the coal mines, met in the 70s while she was working as a British Airway flight attendant and he was an air dispatcher. They quickly began dating and eventually got married on June 21st, 1980!


After their marriage, they moved into a little home in Buckelbury where they would raise their children. On January 9th, 1982, Michael and Carol welcomed their first child, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton into the world. Catherine was said to be a very calm and sweet tempered little baby. She was christened at the family’s local church on June 20th, 1982, her parent’s 2nd anniversary and the day before her future husband was born.


On September 6th, 1983, Michael and Carole welcomed their second daughter, Phillipa Charlotte Middleton, into the family! A year after her birthday, Michael was given a job in Jordan and the family decided to leave England for 2-years. In Jordan they lived an ideal life with Catherine going to an English-speaking nursery and Pippa staying home with mum! The little family returned to Buckelbury and their home in 1986, just in time for Catherine to began school.


Shortly after their return to the U.K., Carole Middleton became pregnant with their third child. While she was pregnant, she began searching for a job that allowed her to be at home with her growing family. So, in 1987, James William Middleton was born and so was the business that caused them great fortune, Party Pieces! The kids were all at first “models” for the business.


This video from Carole’s brother’s wedding gives a little look into the family dynamic when the children were younger!


All three children went to St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne and they all subsequently went to Malbrough College. Catherine then went to the University of St. Andrew’s while Pippa and James went to the University of Edinburgh. Pippa graduated but James did not. The picture below is of Kate and Pippa during their time at St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne. Kate is in the middle and Pippa is right above her to the right:


Carole and Catherine at her graduation in 2005:


And Pippa with Michael and Carol at her graduation in 2007. Seems like Carole wore the same suit for both graduations!


The Middletons first came into the public light in May of 2003 when rumors first started circulating of their eldest daughter, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton possibly dating Prince William. On the doorstep of their home Michael Middleton reportedly told a reporter. “We are very amused at the thought of being in-laws to Prince William, but I don’t think that is going to happen”.  Of course the rumors were true and Michael and Carole did become Prince William’s in-laws!

William also loved spending time with the family. He and Kate would go from St. Andrews to Buckelbury on some weekends. Carole’s brother talked about how he was always treated as one of the family! In December 2006, he invited Carole and Mike to his graduation from the Sandhurst Military Academy!


And in 2007, while William and Kate were supposedly “broken up”, he also invited the whole family to the concert in celebration of his late-mother, Diana:


On November 26th, 2010, The Middletons’ lives completely changed as it was announced their eldest child, Catherine Elizabeth, was to (finally) marry Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis of Wales! The happy parents of the bride gave a statement outside their home:


The Middletons were all thrust into the spotlight after the announcement but were in the care of Prince William. The whole family played a part in the wedding dubbed, “The Wedding of The Century”. Carole, as the mother of the bride, was involved in the wedding planning as was Pippa who became her Maid-of-Honor. Although having dyslexia, James Middleton gave the one and only reading at the wedding while Michael Middleton had the job of giving his little girl away.


Prince William promised the Middletons they would not be cast aside and would be very much still involved with their lives and he’s kept his promise! The Middletons are still very much involved especially with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis! The children are frequently spotted with their maternal grandparents and Michael and Carol help out with the day to day duties such as the school run! Also, when William and Kate do their Royal Tours without the kids, Michael and Carol usually go to Kensington Palace and stay with them or the kids go to Buckelbury!


Tellingly, they were the first to arrive at the hospital after Prince George’s birth in 2013:


Below they are pictured in the Christening photos:


One of my favorite pictures of Granny Carole!



Christmases used to strictly be spent with the Royal Family for William and Catherine but in 2012 they broke with that to spend it with The Middletons. In 2014, William and Kate got a home of their own on the estate the Royals spend Christmas and they were then able to split their time between the two families! Below is the 2016 Christmas church service with The Middletons in Buckelbury!


Phillipa Charlotte married James Matthews on May 20th, 2017! Kate acted as her sister’s unofficial Matron-of-Honor while Prince George and Princess Charlotte both had a starring role in the wedding as pageboy and bridesmaid respectively.


Together, James and Pippa have son who was born on October 15th, 2018 names Arthur Michael William!


After a debilitating battle with depression, James Middleton is happily engaged to the beautiful Alizee Thevenet!



The Middletons are very loving and loyal family and they deserve nothing but the best!


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