Cambridge Homes

Cambridge Homes: Anmer Hall

Cambridge Homes: Anmer Hall

This is a new series here on Tea Time With The Cambridges in which we will take a look at all of the Cambridges’ homes! First up: Anmer Hall (a.k.a my favorite)!

Anmer Hall

The Building

Anmer Hall is the country and weekend residence of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. The 10-bedroom mansion was a gift from The Queen to The Duke and Duchess as a wedding gift in 2011. They did not start renovating their home until 2013 and it wasn’t finished until late 2014.

Anmer Hall has a tennis court and a swimming pool that I am absolutely sure the kids love!
One interesting thing that I noticed is that usually the royal nannies had the bedroom closest to the kids but this doesn’t seem to be the thing for Nanny Maria at Anmer maybe even at Kensington Palace! She has a separate little bedsit flat outside the house!

Renovation plans for Anmer Hall

They had to renovate the house quite a bit as it is extremely old and was quite beat up. They also renovated the grounds and gardens to give them and the kids more privacy.

Anmer Hall during renovation

The Village

Norfolk is a county in East Anglia in England. It borders Lincolnshire to the northwest, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest, and Suffolk to the south. Its northern and eastern boundaries are the North Sea and, to the north-west, The Wash. The county town is Norwich. With an area of 2,074 square miles and a population of 859,400, Norfolk is a largely rural county with a population density of 401 per square mile. Of the county’s population, 40% live in four major built up areas: NorwichGreat Yarmouth, King’s Lynn, and Thetford.

It is absolutely easy to see why William and Kate love Norfolk. It is such a beautiful place and obviously private. Although William grew up in the city, Kate grew up in the country and its nice to see she was able to give her kids that same upbringing even if it as just for three years!

Part of Norfolk

As I mentioned, Norfolk is very private and the people there are extremely protective over The Cambridges just as the people of Berkshire are with The Middletons and the people from Fife (St. Andrews) were with William and Kate. The Cambridges obviously enjoyed this as they wold frequently go out knowing that they would usually never be photographed.

 William and Kate on a date less than a week before announcing her second pregnancy 

Prince George in Norfolk on his second birthday with his Granny Carole

Norfolk is also very close to the Sandringham Estate. In fact, Anmer Hall is on Sandringham Estate. Before they had Anmer, William and Kate would spend Christmas with the royal family in the main house but now that they have their own place, they have the freedom to also host Kate’s family for Christmas and split the time between the two families.

Anmer Hall and Sandringham House

The History

Anmer was the seat of the Coldham family until it was purchased by the future Edward VII in 1896. Turning to Pevsner, I find it has a “long, charming, late-Georgian brick south façade of 13 bays in two storeys and an attic”. Royal occupancy is not new to it, for the Duke and Duchess of Kent resided there from 1972 to 1990. In terms of architectural taste, and although the Queen has given it to the young couple, it is difficult not to believe that the Prince of Wales, that ardent classicist, didn’t have a hand in its choice.

There is a very interesting and extensive history to Anmer Hall. So if you want to learn more, I suggest you click here!

The Cambridge Connection

As I have mentioned before, William and Kate love this place. They have so many memories st Anmer Hall. It was supposed to be just their country residence but after William took up a job at East Anglia Air Ambulance  in Norfolk, they took up full residence at Anmer Hall. William and Kate would take the helicopter to their engagements in London or wherever, then fly right back to Anmer Hall.

 Kate leaving London to return to Anmer Hall

William and Kate leaving London to return to Anmer Hall

After Princess Charlotte was born, they spent two nights at Kensington Palace and the immediately decamped to Anmer Hall.

William and Kate leaving Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall with George and Charlotte

That summer they spent most of their time in Norfolk and George and Kate were seen out on play-dates together!

Kate playing with George in Norfolk

There are many stories of The Cambridges going out and my favorites are the ones about them taking them to see Santa in Norfolk and this one about Kate and George at a Cafe!

They have celebrated many milestones including George’s start of nursery and Charlotte’s first birthday!

 Prince George started nursery in Norfolk

Princess Charlotte at Anmer Hall for her first birthday

They also chose St. Mary Magdelene Church (Sandringham Estate Church) for Charlotte’s christening because it was close to Anmer Hall!

Princess Charlotte’s christening on the Sandringham 

In 2016, the family enjoyed a weekend with friends at the horse trials in Norfolk and we got pictures:

 Kate and George on Day 1 of the horse trial

  Kate and George on Day 2 of the horse trial

  William and George on Day 2 of the horse trial

 William, Kate, George, and Charlotte with the Maede family

 Kate and Charlotte on Day 2 of the horse trial

In 2017, Kensington Palace announced that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take up full time royal duties which meant they were officially moving back to London.

They still use Anmer Hall as their weekend and holiday home. Sadly, Baby Cambridge 3.0 will not get the same experience that George and Charlotte have had but he/she will obviously enjoy weekends and holidays there!

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of this series! More coming soon!

Beautiful Anmer Hall


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