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Cambridge Homes: Anmer Hall


This is a new series here on Tea Time With The Cambridges in which we will take a look at all of the Cambridges’ homes! First up: Anmer Hall (a.k.a my favorite)!




The Building:

Anmer Hall is the country home of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children . The 10-bedroom mansion was a gift from The Queen to The Duke and Duchess as a wedding gift in 2011. They did not start renovating their home until 2013 and it wasn’t finished until 2014.

Below is a basic overview of the home and the grounds. A key guide below:


Red: Tennis Court 

Green: Garden 

Purple: Garden Room and Nanny Flat (2 separate buildings)

Blue: Swimming Pool

Gold: Garage Blocks and Sleeping Place for Security



The renovations took up quite a bit of time as the home is very old. Lots of things had been rotting away and needed to urgently be removed and replaced to make the home livable. Of course most of the renovations had to do with the couples personal preferences! Just to name a few: They  added those bright orange tiles on the roof, switched the type of grass on the tennis court, and added a second kitchen!


They also converted the garage block (circled in  Yellow into living quarterss for the security guards:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge added a garden room which is said to boast a dining table for the family to enjoy nice lunches and dinners! The Garden room was added right in between Nanny Maria’s flat and the main house for easy access.


There is of course not much on the interior of Anmer Hall. We got a few photos for Princess Charlotte’s 6-month and 1st Birthday which showcased a bit of the interior design:


There is a video of the kitchen from before The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge moved into the home!


During the COVID-19 Epidemic, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were working from home in Norfolk and they had many conference calls in this little corner of Anmer Hall. It’s not much but it’s something!


And a video of the family emerging from Anmer Hall to clap for the Carers!


The door they came out from seems to be this one in the back:


We got a small glimpse of another corner in their home when Kensington Palace released a video message from The Duchess:

And we actually got to see another room in Anmer Hall which seems to be Prince William’s Office! Love the deep green paint!

The Village

Norfolk is a county in East Anglia, England and it borders LincolnshireCambridgeshire, and Suffolk. Norfolk is a largely rural county with “a population of 401 per square mile”. Of the county’s population, “40% live in four major built up areas: NorwichGreat Yarmouth,King’s Lynn, and Thetford”.

It is absolutely easy to see why William and Kate love Norfolk. The county is such a beautiful place and obviously much more private than London! Although William grew up in the city, Kate grew up in the country and its nice to see she was able to give her kids that same upbringing even if it was just for three years!

As I mentioned, Norfolk is very private and the people there are extremely protective over The Cambridges just as the people of Berkshire are with The Middletons and the people from Fife (St. Andrews) were with William and Kate. The Cambridges obviously enjoy this as they wold frequently go out knowing that they will  usually never be photographed. Although they have on occasions! Like,


William and Kate’s Date Night days before announcing her second pregnancy in 2014:


George and Granny’s Playdate on his second birthday in 2015:


Anmer Hall is on The Queen’s Sandringham Estate. Before they had Anmer, William and Kate would spend Christmas with the royal family in the main house but now that they have their own place, they have the freedom to also host Kate’s family for Christmas and split the time between the two families.




The History

Anmer Hall was built in 1802 and came under The Royal Family’s ownership when Queen Victoria bought the Sandringham Estate in 1862 as a wedding present for the then Prince of Wales. Other occupants of the home include The Duke and Duchess of Kent from 1972 to 1990. It was then lent to Hugh Van Cutsem for a decade from 1990 to 2000. Hugh and his family are very close to the royal family but particularly Prince Charles and the boys. Two of Hugh’s sons, William and Nicolas, or godfathers to Prince George and Prince Louis respectively while Prince William is the godfather of Hugh (the son) Van Cutsem’s daughter, Grace! She was the famous little bridesmaid covering her ears at William and Kate’s balcony appearance on their wedding day!


Cambridges at Home

William and Kate love Norfolk and Anmer Hall and now spend most of their weekends and the children’s school breaks at the home It was supposed to be just their country residence but after William took up a job at East Anglia Air Ambulance  in Norfolk, they took up full residence at Anmer Hall from Summer 2015 until September 2017. William and Kate would take the helicopter to their engagements in London or wherever, then fly right back to Norfolk.

After Princess Charlotte was born, they spent two nights at Kensington Palace and then immediately decamped to Anmer Hall.


That summer they spent most of their time in Norfolk and George and Kate were seen out on play-dates together!

There are many stories of The Cambridges going out and my favorites are the ones about them taking the children to see Santa in Norfolk and this one about Kate and George at a Cafe.


Prince George started his education in Norfolk in 2016 at a Montessori Nursery right by Anmer Hall:

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis both celebrated their 1st birthdays at Anmer Hall and pictures were released from Anmer Hall for the occasions. While George and Charlotte enjoyed a few years of calling Norfolk their primary home, Prince Louis doesn’t really have that privilege since they were already based in London by the time he was born but I am absolutely sure he enjoys it just as much when they head up there!

In July 2015, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose St. Mary Magdelene Church (Sandringham Estate Church) for Charlotte’s christening because it was close to Anmer Hall! This is the same church that The Royal Family attends on Christmas day or anytime they are up in Sandringham!


In 2016, the family enjoyed a weekend with friends at the Houghton Horse trials in Norfolk and we got pictures:

Kate, George, and Charlotte attended the same horse trials in 2018:


And in April 2019, William, Kate, George, and Charlotte were spotted having fun with cousin Mia Tindall at the Burnham Market Horse Trials in Norfolk:


In October 2019, The Cambridges were spotted near their Norfolk home watching a Norwhich vs Aston Villa match:


In 2017, Kensington Palace announced that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take up full time royal duties which meant they were officially moving back to London. They still use Anmer Hall as their weekend and holiday home!




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