Kate Middleton,  The Duchess of Cambridge

Kate In The Royal Family

Kate In The Royal Family
This post was requested by one of my beautiful followers on Instagram and I thought it was an amazing idea! By the way, you can send me blog post requests on my Instagram (@teatimewiththecambridges)! We are going to look at how Kate has impacted and The Royal Family and how her and William are doing things their way! Here are a few points!

•Kate never wanted to be a clothes-horse.

Kate recycling clothes 

Kate made it clear from day one that she did not intend to be a clothes horse. A clothes horse is essentially someone who is seen mainly for their clothes and they actual like to promote themselves as such. Kate is known for recycling her clothes many times and changing her accessories every time she wears. It may be surprising to hear but this was very unheard of for a very high profile member of The Royal Family. Princess Diana barely did this. Diana agreed to cover Vogue right after she got married but it took five years of constant begging from Vogue for Kate to appear on their cover. Not to mention she only did it because it was connected to one of her charities.
•Kate is middle-class.

Kate being pointed out as a commoner

I know for some people this doesn’t mean anything and even to me as an American but in the UK it is huge! As I said, I am American and we don’t really have much class discrimination and I was shocked to find out they have so much class discrimination across the pond. I was told by my friends that the classism in the UK is like racism in the USA. 

Before their relationship was confirmed on the slopes in 2004, there were many pictures of William and Kate and she was the only girl from St. Andrews to be constantly seen with William but the papers refused to accept that he was dating her for one reason: She is a commoner. They kept trying to pair him with any aristocrat they could come up with. So, when William and Kate’s relationship was confirmed they were shocked even though they knew Kate was on his radar. 

They made fun of her AND her family endlessly for it. They criticized the Middletons for coming from the coal miners and even criticized the fact that Michael and Carol were air hostess. It was horrible! They were known by the papers as The Middle-Class Middletons. Carol was even criticized for chewing gum! Vicious, right? When William and Kate broke up in 2007, one of the only reasons the media could come up with was that “Kate was too Middle-Class for The Royal Family”.

It apparently wasn’t only the media who payed lots of attention to her roots as it is said so did The Royal Family.Camilla,The Duchess of Cornwall, is said to have not like this and referred to The Middletons as “those coal-miners”. Rude. But The Queen is said to love Kate’s middle-class roots and her priorities. 

Overall, this works out great for Kate in a way as it will put her in the history books for (when she becomes queen) becoming the first commoner queen in over 400 years. Not only that, but also she will be the first working middle-class queen and first college educated queen!

•Kate started the thread of William and Harry’s soul bearing

William, Kate, and Harry during a soul bearing interview which you can find here
 William and Harry have always been closed off about their emotions and it wasn’t until last year that they actually opened up and many people credit Kate for that.
Many people don’t know this because the media doesn’t really give Kate the credit but she came up with Heads Together and it was originally supposed to be only her campaign. While Kate was doing her research and preparing for the campaign, she realized that William and Harry also worked with mental health in their own respective areas of interest and asked them to join her. She wanted more impact than glory. Although William and Harry obviously have an interest in mental health this is obviously Kate’s thing.
Heads Together is described as the most open campaign The Royal Family has ever done. Sadly, Kate doesn’t get the credit she deserves and I really hope she does more into the future. If you want to read more of this topic, click here!
•Kate is not uptight and she is extremely warm
Kate and one of her many funny faces

Kate has a very funny sense humor and she doesn’t take everything seriously. Kate is known for cracking a joke once in awhile to lighten the mood. She is also not that uptight as the other royals. One time a man forgot to call her m’am and she didn’t care! That is a great contrast to The Queen!
One of my favorite stories about Kate is when a little girl asked her if she was a princess and she laughed and said, “Just call me Kate!”. I feel like that story perfectly sums up Kate.
•Kate is relatable

Kate with her dad and sister in Jordan 1984

One of the things everyone loved immediately about Kate after the engagements was announced, was the fact that she was a working middle-class commoner. She wasn’t an aristocrat and she didn’t run in those type of circles. Yes her family was rich but they weren’t always. Her parents had to work extremely hard to get them to the place where they are today. She is just a girl who went to University and fell in love with a boy who happened to be a prince. Kate has brought in many of her values and loves to do so much on her own like cleaning, cooking, picking up her kids from school and taking care of them. That is a contrast to Prince Charles who reportedly has someone squeeze out his toothpaste! I absolutely love this article!
•Kate did not abandon her family
The Middletons and The royal Family

One thing that was made clear from the get go of Kate’s royal life was that she did not plan on her leaving her family behind! Many royals do this once they marry. Not because they hate their family but because it seems more appropriate to be with The Royal Family as you are now technically a royal. Kate has always been close to her family so it was no surprise she made it clear to everyone that she was still going to see them and keep in touch with them. You can read more about Kate and William’s relationship with the Middletons right here!
•Kate’s kids, her rules
Kate with her children George and Charlotte
One very admirable is not only Kate’s dedication to her parents and siblings but to her own little family William and her started in 2013. She didn’t have any nannies growing up so she initially didn’t want a nanny for her kids but that became impossible and she had to get one. She is still an extremely hands on mom. She has many “broken” many rules and traditions so that her little ones can have the most normal of a life possible. Not to mention she is having baby number three which has been unheard of for over 6 decades.
That’s all for today guys! Thank you so much! William and Kate have another jam packed week of engagements and you can follow along @teatimewiththecambridges!

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