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Royal Nannies

Royal Nannies
Gone are the days when Royal Children were raised by nannies and governesses.
We have entered an age of more modern hands-on parents. But for the adult royals 
to do their job, they need help. Here is a list of some of the current and popular royal nannies.
*Disclaimer: The amount of nannies a royal has or had does not mean they are less or more hands-on parents. Also, the term full-time nanny does not mean they are working 24/7. It just means they live with the royal and have flexible schedules. A nannies job is to WATCH the kids not RAISE them.*

•Maria Turrion Borallo
 Maria Turrion Borallo is a 47-year old Spanish full-time nanny and the only nanny for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Nanny Maria began working for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in March of 2014 a month before their 19-day tour of Australia and New Zealand with their then 8-month-old son, Prince George. William and Kate originally did not want any nannies and in the first few months of George’s life Kate’s mum, Carol, helped the couple out. They soon realized it was impossible and they needed full-time help. When Kate became pregnant with their second child they made it clear they weren’t intending to hire another nanny and they did not. Unlike other royal children, a source says that George and Charlotte are not attached to their nanny and that they don’t spend a huge amount of time with her. 
Prince George and Princess Charlotte
with Nanny Maria 2016
•Barbara Barnes, Olga Powell, Jessie Webb, and Tiggy
Barbara Barnes, Olga Powell, Jessie Webb, and Tiggy were all full time nannies,but not all at the same time, for Prince William and Prince Harry. These four are only the more known nannies as the boys had 3-4 nannies at a time. Usually two full-time nannies and two part-time nannies. 
Barbara Barnes was employed from Williams birth in 1982 until he started school in 1987. She was affectionately called BaBa by William and Harry and her leaving her job is still a mystery. The palace said it was because William started school but other people said it was because Nanny Barnes felt excluded from the family by Diana. 
Nanny Barbara with Princes William and Harry
Olga Powell worked with Nanny Barnes and was said to be the boys’ favorite nanny as well as being their longest lasting nanny. She worked for Diana, Princess of Wales and The Prince of Wales from 1982-1997. Diana kept Olga to work for her after the split in 1992 while Charles hired another nanny. She also was a guest at his 18th Birthday Party and Wedding and she attended Prince Harry’s Sandhurst graduation. In 2012, she sadly passed away and Prince William canceled all his engagements to attend her funeral.
Nanny Olga with Princes William and Hary
Jessie Webb was employed by The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales when William was seven-years old  in 1989  and about to start prep school. When she started working with them it was one of the hardest times in the young boys’ lives because their parents’ relationship was crumbling in front of them. When Charles and Diana would get into arguments she knew how to take them away and distract the from what was going on with their parents. Jessie was fired and both her and the boys were confused as to why. She was never far from the boys as she held a special place in their heart. She attended Prince William’s 21st birthday party and was a guest at the 2011 Royal Wedding. In 2013 she famously was asked by William and Kate to come out of retirement to help the watch Prince George while they were on official engagements. She attended Prince George’s christening as a guest.

Nanny Jessie with Prince William

And last but not least, Tiggy. Tiggy worked with the boys when they were staying with Prince Charles. The boys absolutely loved her and saw her as a fun big sister. She was never described as a nanny but more of a “companion”. I do not know why but maybe it was because they were older. She described the boys as “my babies” and Diana did not like that. Diana started a rumor that Charles was having an affair with her, insisted she left the room when she was talking to the boys, and once when Tiggy was at the hospital for an operation and Diana assumed it was an abortion and went up to her at a party and said “sorry for the baby”. This did not stop the boys from loving her and her loving them. When Prince William got married in 2011 Tiggy’s son, Tom Pettifer, was a page boy in the wedding.
Tiggy with Princes William and Harry along with
The Prince of Wales
•Nanny Lightbody and Nanny Mabel Anderson
Nanny Lightbody was Prince Charles and Princess Anne’s Nanny. She was known as “No nonsense Lightbody” because of her strict teachings.
Nanny Lightbody with Prince Charles and Princess Anne
Nanny Mabel Anderson was said to be Prince Charles’ favorite Nanny and he was extremely attached to her. He has credited her for giving him emotional support when both his parents were away on long tours and trips. These two nannies basically raised the Queen’s children. A contrast to today’s Royal Nannies.
Prince Charles and Nanny Mabel Anderson

•Nanny Clara Knight and Governess Marion Crawford
Just like Charles was with Nanny Mabel Anderson, Queen Elizabeth was very attached to her Nanny Clara Knight. She saw her as a third parent and absolutely adored her. She gave her the affectionate nickname “Allah”.
 Nanny Clara Knight and Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II)

Marion Crawford was Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret’s governess. A governess is a private tutor but she also took on a small portion of the nanny role. She was also a companion to the young Princess’ and future Queen.
Governess Marion Crawford and the two Princess’

To give you all more of an Idea about Royal Nannies I thought I would give you all some more examples from my second favorite royal family: The Swedish Royal Family
•Swedish Royal Nannies
Note: There is not much information on these nannies because unlike the British Press, The Swedish Press don’t dig into people’s personal life and stuff.
Elizabeth Zimmerman is now retired but when Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, and Princess Leonore were born she returned to watch them before an official nanny was appointed.
 Nanny Elizabeth with Princess Estelle

 Nanny Elizabeth with Princess Leonore and her father Christopher O’Neill 
Nanny Elizabeth with Prince Oscar
Kate Millington was an Australian nanny to Princess Estelle as well as her English teacher. She left her job in 2016.
 Nanny Kate and Princess Estelle

Adeline Peterson started as Princess Estelle’s nanny in 2013. She most likely still is her nanny along with Prince Oscar’s Nanny.
Nanny Adeline and Princess Estelle

There is not much known about Isabella Welch but she was appointed to replace Katie in 2017 and was first seen at Victoriadagen (a celebration for Crown Princess Victoria). Her father is English so she is expected to be taking on the English teaching role for Estelle and Oscar.

Nanny Isabella

 Asa Blomqvist was Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl-Philip, and Princess Madeleine’s nanny when they were younger and she came back to work for Princess Madeleine after Princess Leonore was born.
Nanny Asa and Princess Leonore

 Asa’s daughter, Louise, was also Princess Leonore’s nanny for awhile!
Nanny Louise and Princess Leonore

 If you did not know, Princess Madeleine lives with her children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas, in London because he husband works there. They have a full-time nanny who has been seen in London with the family. Her name is not known.
Unknown Nanny, Prince Nicolas, Princess Leonore, and Princess Madeleine

The last of the “known” Swedish nannies is funnily also unknown. She is/was Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel’s nanny. I don’t know this woman’s name either but she was first seen in Solliden with the family, She hasn’t been seen for a while and was subject to a lot of press attention because of her skin color and her looks so I wouldn’t be surprised if she quit. 

Prince Alexander and his unknown Nanny

As you can see, times have changed since Prince Charles and The Queen were children. This is a new generation of modern and hands on parents.  I have no doubt in my mind that William, Kate,Victoria, Daniel, Sofia, Carl Philip, Madeleine, and Chris are hands on parents as you can tell by the way they interact with their children and vice-versa.

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