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The Cambridges: Future Heir Family

The Cambridges: Future Heir Family
While I was trying to brainstorm ideas for a new blog post, this one came to mind! 
The Queen sadly will not be around much longer and although I hate to think about it, the reign of King Charles is rapidly approaching us! Come with me as we examine how William, Kate, and the kids lives will change!

Let’s start of with what I believe to be the most confusing part…..


William and Kate will gain quite a few titles once Charles becomes king. Currently they hold the titles of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (English title), Earl and Countess of Strathearn (Scottish title), and Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus (Irish title). They will not lose these titles until William becomes King which means they will add on titles.

As soon as Her Majesty passes away Charles will automatically become King and William and Kate will automatically become The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall AND Cambridge, The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, Earl and Countess of Chester, Earl and Countess of Charrick, Baron and Baroness of Renfrew, Lord and Lady of the Isles, and their previous titles.

They will not automatically become Prince and Princess of Wales because that title needs to be bestowed upon them and will a few months into Charles’ reign. They will firstly be known as The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

The two of them will have a ceremony in Wales with Charles but it will most likely not be as grand as the one Charles has:

Her Majesty The Queen with Prince Charles at his Investiture as Prince of Wales

Now how about the titles of our two (soon to be three!) favorite kids? As you all know, their titles right now are HRH Prince George of Cambridge, HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and HRH Prince/Princess X of Cambridge.

After The Queen passes away, they will become Prince George of Cornwall and Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cornwall and Cambridge, and Princes/Princess X of Cornwall and Cambridge. Eventually they will become Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales.

Now, I have had people ask me what will happen to William and Harry;s princely titles. So basically right now they both are Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales. When The Queen dies Harry will already be married so its not a big deal but he will lose the “Of Wales” and become just The Prince Harry. Like Andrew and Edward are THe Prince Andre, The Duke of York and The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex (well by then he will be The Duke of Edinburgh). This will obviously not apply to William as he will be The Prince of Wales.


•London Residence

There has been lots of talk whether William and Kate will move into Clarence House when they become the Heir family but it has been confirmed that Kensington Palace will be their main London home for “many years to come”.

 Prince Charles and Camilla’s London residence (Clarence House)

Apartment 1A (#2): William and Kate’s official London residence

•Country Residences and other properties

William will be in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is where William and Kate get their money from with Charles. The Duchy of Cornwall is extremely hard to understand and I think google would do a better job at explaining (click here) but he will basically manage all the money and income that goes in there as well as now owning more property.

I think when Charles become King, William and Kate will continue to use Anmher Hall as their main country home but they will have other options!

They will own Highgrove House in Gloucestershire:

Prince William pictured with Prince Harry and Charles at Highgrove House

Birkhall which is on the Balmoral Estate and will most likely be passed down to William:

Birkhall in Scotland on the Balmoral Estate

And Llwynywermod will be their Wales home for when they make official visits:

Llwynywermod in Wales 

Work and Duty

William and Kate will obviously have different duties. They will continue to focus on their charities and own passions but they will have actual constitutional roles and other important things to do that other member of The Royal Family don’ have to.

They will make more foreign visits and meet more important people and it will be a real game changer!

William and Kate in Paris 2017

I will see you all soon with my new series, Cambridge Homes! We will discuss the history and sentiment of each of their homes to date!

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  • Harriet Sasser

    Wow. William and Kate will have a lot of houses once they becomes Prince and Princess of Wales plus the houses they have now but my favorite is Birkhall in Balmoral. Pretty and huge. I cant wait!!! And they’ll have Duchy of Cornwall to fund their family charities, tours, clothing, expenses etc. They dont need to rely on Charles anymore. Poor Harry though. Maybe by then people will realise that William, Kate and the kids are really the future of the monarchy and not Harry and Meghan. As George, Charlotte and Louis grew up Harry and Meghan will be in a situation like Prince Andrew now. Just fed up by Meghan Army bullying.

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