Prince Louis

His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge

His Royal Highness
 Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge

WOW! What a month it has been! The moment we all have been waiting for had finally come and it happened all in a blink of an eye! Let’s relive this marvelous month together!

I woke up earlier than usual on Monday, April 23rd, around 6:30 a.m. (my time) with this feeling something was happening. It was the same feeling I had on March 9th when Sweden’s Princess Madeleine gave birth to her daughter, Princess Adrienne. I reach out to my nightstand and grabbed my phone. I was blinded by the bright light as I was still not fully awake. But I immediately jumped out of bed when I read the words, “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in the early stages of labor.”

“Is this actually happening?!”, is all I could think about! The moment that I had been waiting for since September 4th, 2017 was finally here. I immediately remembered a message I got from an amazing follower on Instagram, the night before, linking me too a post where someone said she heard Kate was already in labor. Naturally, I didn’t believe it! But I can’t believe it turned out to be true!

Anyways, I got up and grabbed my laptop and headed down to my living room. I posted on my Instagram and posted everywhere I could updating all of you with the recent news.

I felt kind of bad and guilty I wasn’t able to be up as soon as the announcement was made! Side Note: Thank you to all of my lovely followers for messaging me when the news came out!

Continuing what I was saying: I immediately turned on BBC World News so I could watch some live coverage and had like 5 live streams open on my laptop. It was insane. I  don’t know why but I was super nervous. I just couldn’t wait. And thankfully I didn’t have to wait long!

I started to get a little suspicious when it was revealed Natasha Archer, Kate’s private assistant and stylist, was seen leaving the Lindo Wing. By then we all knew the baby was here!

I was refreshing all of my social media pages like a maniac while watching the live streams. About 2 hours after I had awoken, the news came through that “The Duchess of Cambridge has safely delivered a son.” If you all look through my Instagram or you have been following me for some time you would know I have ALWAYS said boy!

I was jumping for joy! Baby Cambridge 3.0 was here! HE was here! It took me quite a while to get used to saying HE and even now I catch myself wanting to type Baby Cambridge!

It all happened so fast I though I was dreaming! I woke up, set up all of my things, and waited for around 2 hours for the news to come in.

Next question started to emerge. Would The Duchess be leaving the hospital and was William going to pick up George and Charlotte? They were both quickly answered as around 4:00 p.m. William left to pick up the kids and an hour later him, Kate, and the new Prince of Cambridge left the hospital

I remember watching live as William got the kids out of the car and I was just shaking, with tears in my eyes. It hit me that there was another little Cambridge and Charlotte wasn’t the baby anymore.

 Prince William arriving at the hospital with George and Charlotte  

 Prince William arriving at the hospital with George and Charlotte 

The kids came pretty fast and were swooped until the hospital. They didn’t stop for pictures like William and George did in 2015 when Charlotte was born but it is understandable since it would be hard to have two little ones turn around and stand still for the pictures.

Less than 30 minutes later, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared on the steps of the Lindo Wing, for the third time, with their newborn Prince.

Kate looked lovely and a little anxious to get out of there. Though who can blame her?!? We always talk about how beautiful and polished she looks after giving birth. Twitter and Instagram always blow up afterwards with people comparing her to themselves. But I don’t think people understand how hard it must be for her. Yes, she has stylists and people who help her but I am 100 percent sure this is the last thing she would want to do after giving birth!

Anyway, she came out looking like the Queen she is in a beautiful red dress by her go to brand for these occasions, Jenny Packham. Kate also wore Jenny P. for the births of George and Charlotte!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the steps of the Lindo wing with their newborn son

They both looked so radiant and proud. It was an emotional moment for sure!

As soon as Kate came out with the dress, of course everyone had to start with the whole “She is paying tribute to Diana.” Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be beautiful if she would but I don’t think just cause she wore a color the same as Diana did means she was “drawing inspiration” or “paying tribute.” Everytime big events happen they always have to drag Diana back in and i honestly find it annoying.

The proud parents and their newborn son on the steps of the Lindo Wing

We got a glimpse of th baby and Prince and my first reactions was, “Oh My! Look at those cheeks!”. The Cambridge kids have some of the chubbiest cheeks and they’re so cute. He is a big boy as he was the heaviest royal to be born in over a century! Bigger than older siblings George and Charlotte who were also big babies!

The newborn Prince of Cambridge

They were swept away quickly and in a blink of an eye. It was all over. 7 months of anticipation was over in less than 12 hours! I was so pleased I was able to be here and enjoy this new part of history! There was still more to come. The next question everyone was asking was what will be his name?

When George and Charlotte were born, their names were released 2 days after the birth and we all expected the same to be done for the new prince. But 2 days later was Anzac Day and out of respect William and Catherine did not release the name. Plus, it seemed that William and Kate were still trying to decide a name plus run it by the Queen. Picking a royal baby name isn’t easy people!

On Friday the 28th, I woke up hoping that they had released the name and sure enough they did!

 I was pleasantly surprised. Guessing the name was kind of easy since the royals have this small pool of names that they can pick from and they have even less names to choose from for boys than girls! Th only name I got correct was Arthur and I was really surprised by Louis but I really like it! It doesn’t flow as easily or nicely as George Alexander Louis or Charlotte Elizabeth Diana but it’s still nice.

Let’s break down his name!

Louis: Prince George and Prince William’s middle-name as well as Prince Philip’s much loved uncle, Louis Mountbatten.
Arthur: A Family name. Prince William and Prince Charles’ middle name.
Charles: Obviously a tribute to the Little Prince’s paternal grandfather The Prince of Wales.

I saw many people complaining about the name. I mean it’s okay to have your opinion and say you didn’t like the name but to say things like “I’m disappointed” or “they should’ve payed tribute to x, y, and z” is really uncalled for and rude. He is THEIR child and I don’t understand this feeling of entitlement!

I don’t know why but one of the things I was looking forward to the most was seeing the birth registry! It is so cool to see the way the royals fill this out with their complete titles.

Once again,the whole “Is Kate really a Princess?” debate began! I wanted to point out two things:
•Kate upon marriage became Princess William.Therefore, she is a princess but not in her own right.
•On the birth registry, it states that her OCCUPATION is “Princess of The United Kingdom” not her title but her occupation. It states on the registry that her title is, “Catherine Elizabeth, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.”

Next thing we were all waiting for is is the first official pictures of little Louis!
 George and Charlotte’s pictures were released about a month after their birth but w were all hoping we wouldn’t have to wait that long.

They released this beautiful picture taken just three days after Louis was born and were snapped by mummy Kate:

3-day old Prince Louis of Cambridge

They also released an adorable picture of Louis and Charlotte to celebrate her 3rd birthday:
Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

Louis has already been on many strolls in the famous Kensington Gardens with his nanny, mum, and big sister Charlotte.

Nanny Maria, Mummy Kate, Big Sis Charlotte, and little Louis out for a stroll,

All of this excitement has happened in only a month and I can’t wait for what is yet to come!
Happy 1 month birthday Louis!

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