Cambridge Overview

Cambridge Overview: June 9th-15th

Cambridge Overview: June 9th-15th

It has been such an amazing week and I can’t wait to revisit it all with you! I have decided that instead of doing a separate blog entry for each of The Cambridge’s appearances, I would just do one at the end of each week! Hopefully I will be able to do this every week but there sometimes isn’t much content to write about! But here is your Cambridge Overview for the week of June 9th to the 14th!

Trooping The Color

The British Royal Family on the Buckingham Palace Balcony during the flypast

On Saturday, June 9th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte attended Trooping the Color with other members of The Royal Family. 
Trooping the Color is an annual celebration which marks Her Majesty’s official birthday. It is completed with a parade, a carriage procession, and a flypast which brings the whole British Royal Family onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
The Duke of Cambridge was made the Colonel of Irish Guards two months before his wedding back in 2011 and ride on horseback during the parade alongside his father The Prince of Wales and other royal Colonels.
The Duke of Cambridge and The Prince of Wales riding horseback during Trooping the Color

Since 2011, The Duchess of Cambridge has ridden in the first carriage with The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry but now that he is married he rode in the second carriage with The Duchess of Sussex and The Duke of Kent.
The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cornwall riding in the carriage procession

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cornwall were wearing similar shades of blue to match Her Majesty The Queen.  A Queen and her two future Queens!
The Queen riding in the carriage during Trooping the Color

The Queen rode solo this year because Prince Philip is still recovering from his hip surgery and apparent broken rib. Let’s hope he will be well enough to celebrate with Her Majesty next year!
After The Carriage procession, members gathered on the balcony to welcome The Queen and the other Colonels back to Buckingham Palace and we got a good shot of Kate’s outfit! I personally loved  it and I can confidently say it is one of my favorite Trooping the Color outfits from Kate!
The Duchess of Cambridge on the balcony with other members of the Royal family

The Duchess wore an Alexander McQueen Pale Blue Dress paired with and Alexander McQueen Lace Box Clutch and a blue floral hat by Juliette Botterill.
The members of The Royal Family returned back into Buckingham Palace to get ready to emerge again with Her Majesty and the other royals who were riding horseback.
When I first saw The Duchess of Cambridge in blue, I knew we would see George and Charlotte in blue because, if you didn’t know, the “C” in Cambridge stands for Color Coordinated. Sure enough they emerged wearing Blue! Although I though it was extra sweet because Charlotte was matching bother mummy and daddy with a blue dress to match mummy and red shoes and a red bow to match daddy’s uniform!

The Cambridges with their family members on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

It is always so sweet to see the kids let loose and interact with their cousins! I mentioned on my Instagram that I don’t think George is as shy as we all think he is! He seems absolutely fine when he can’t see the hundreds of Cameras pointing at home!

As usual,the royal kiddos stole the show and it was the moment Savannah Philips put her hand on George’s mouth that had everyone laughing and cooing at the same time!

Prince George and Cousin Savannah Philips fooling around on the balcony

Savannah Philips is The Queen’s eldest great-grandchild and is the daughter of Peter Philips who is the son of Princess Anne. I always suspected the Philips/Tindall (Mia) girls were close to The Cambridge kids because of how close their parents are and its nice to know that they obviously see each other often.

Princess Charlotte took a tumble on the balcony but was absolutely fine after she had a quick hug and talk from mum! I think she was more embaressed then hurt but we will never know!

Princess Charlotte being consoled by her mother after taking a tumble

It was such a great day and I can’t wait until 2019 when Prince Louis will most likely make his balcony debut!

Polo 2018

On Sunday, June 10th, Prince William was scheduled to play in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at the Beaufort Polo Club. The Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte made an appearance to support daddy.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte with mum The Duchess of Cambridge supporting daddy

I had feeling the kids were going to appear at this polo game because it is at the same place where Prince George attended the polo games back in 2014 and 2015.This was his 3rd time making an appearance at the polo games but was Princess Charlotte’s polo debut!

Princess Charlotte playing at the polo game

I love these type of settings because we can see the kids just let loose and run around! There were so many cute moments and it was such a fun for the kids and us royal watchers!

The kids got to spend another day with cousins Savannah and Isla Philips! These kiddos all seem super close and it is a joy to see!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing with their cousins.

Princess Charlotte showed off her acrobatic skills much to the amusement of her family members!

Princess Charlotte doing a somersault 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked so cute playing together and it was nice to see what it may be like at home!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing together

Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing together

Also at the polo games was James and Laura Meade with their twin baby boys. James and Laura are both long time friends of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and James is one of Princess Charlotte’s god-fathers!

 The Cambridges with Laura Meade and one of the Meade twins

The Cambridges with Laura Meade and one of the Meade twins

At the end of the day, the kids were more than satisfied to just relax and sit and cuddle with mum!

 George and Charlotte playing with mum

 George and Charlotte playing with mum

George and Charlotte relaxing with mum

While all this cuteness was happening on the sidelines, Prince William was playing and conquering the polo field!

 Prince William playing polo

The Duke of Cambridge stops to chat with his family

The Duke and his team respectively won the match!

The Duke of Cambridge won the match

Hopefully we have more polo matches like this one in the future! And in the coming years, hopefully with Louis!

Official Events

On Monday, the 11th, some of The Duke of Cambridge’s itinerary for his history making tour to Jordan, Israel, and the Other Occupied Palestenian Territories. He will visit many places including the grave of his late-great-grandmother, Princess Alice, who was the mother of Prince Philip. You can see the full press release here.

On  June 12th, The Duke of Cambridge attended a Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying meeting. One of the most popular apps in most recent years,, the UK’s first provider of video mobile network, Three, have become the latest members of The Duke of Cambridge’s taskforce to combat cyberbullying.  You can read this press release to see how The Duke and these apps are working together to stop Cyberbullying.

Prince William at the Taskforce of Cyberbullying Prevention meeting

On Thursday, the 14th, The Duke of Cambridge held Investitures on behalf of The Queen at Buckingham Palace where he recognized the outstanding achievements of over 70 people!

Among those people was Mrs. Meakin, who received an MBE for her didication to improving the lives of disabled children through her charity work and has fostered almost 50 children, and Mr. Bazil Meade, who is the founder of London Community Gospel Choir, and Mrs. Stella  Tomkinson who has fostered over 100 children! Congratulations to all the recievers!

Prince William conducting Investitures 

Also on Thursday, The Duke of Cambridge attended a reception for The Royal Marsden Trust at Buckingham Palace and praised them for ensuring that “doctors, nurses, and their research teams can develop life saving treatments and provide the very best of care.”

Prince William at The Royal Marsden Charity


It has been a fun and busy week and next week is no different! The Duke of Cambridge has many engagements and will be just as busy! On Monday, is The Order of the Garter service and I suspect we will see The Duke of Cambridge make an appearance and maybe The Duchess of Cambridge.
Also hopefully next we will get news on Prince Louis’ christening!

See you all back here next for another Cambridge Overview!

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