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An Education Fit For The Royals

An Education Fit For The Royals

I lovely follower requested that I made a post about The Cambridges’ education! And I thought it would be fun to do so now that we are in a bit of Royal drought. So let’s break down William and Kate’s eduaction as well as George and Charlotte’s!

The Duke of Cambridge
•Nursery School

The Duke of Cambridge began his school career at the age of three attending Jane Mynor’s Nursery School.  This marked the first time an heir to the British throne would attend a nursery school outside of the palace walls. The nursery school was not well known before William attended and was reportedly chosen because it was near Kensington Palace and because Diana just liked it.
3-year old Prince William on his first day of nursery school

•Pre-preparatory School

Next up for the young prince was the Pre-Preparatory school Wetherby. Prince William attended the all male school in Notting Hill from the age of 4 until he was 8.
Wetherby School in Notting Hill

The school is on a first-come, first-serve basis and usually the kids need to be put down on the waiting list from birth. I wonder if that happened to William?  

The boys wear a uniform of grey shorts, grey blazers with red trim, white shirts and plain red ties; and a grey peaked cap. The school logo “WS” in red is on the cap and on the breast pocket of the blazer.

William with his mother Diana on his first day of school at Wetherby 

•Preparatory School

At the age of 8, Prince William took on his next adventure: Boarding school at Ludgrove. Ludgrove is also an all male school and they have about 200 students.
Prince William meeting his headmasters on his first day at Ludgrove

“The school was founded in 1892 by Arthur Dunn in north London. Dunn, a footballer, recruited a number of sportsmen to assist him as masters and was succeeded, on his premature death, by two England international football captains, G.O. Smith and William Oakley, who became joint headmasters.”
William boarded at Ludgrove but went home on the weekends to spend time with his family. He shared a room like the one below with 3 other boys. 
an example of a room at Ludgrove Prep

William was very active in sports at Ludgrove and was part of football, swimming. basketball, clay pigeon shooting, and cross country running.

•College  (Middle and High School for my Americans 😉

At the age of 13 Prince William took on yet another boarding and all male school: Eton College.

Prince William on his first day at Eton with his family 

“Eton College  is an English independent boarding school for boys in EtonBerkshire, near Windsor. It educates more than 1,300 pupils, aged 13 to 18 years. It was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI as “The King’s College of Our Lady of Eton besides Wyndsor”,[2] making it the 18th-oldest Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) school.”

Eton was chosen for William because his father did not want him to go to Gordonstoun, a school which Charles went to but absolutely hated. Diana’s father and brother both want to Eton so it seemed like a practical choice. 

“The School is known for its traditions, including a uniform of black tailcoat (or morning coat) and waistcoatfalse-collar and pinstriped trousers. Most pupils wear a white tie that is effectively a strip of cloth folded over into a starched, detachable collar, but some senior boys are entitled to wear a white bow tie and winged collar (“Stick-Ups”). There are some variations in the school dress worn by boys in authority, see School Prefects and King’s Scholars sections.”

Prince William in uniform

At Eton he studied Geography, Biology, and History of Art at A-levels and got an ‘A’ in Geography, ‘C’ in Biology, and ‘B’ in History of Arts. 
He also continued participating in sports and became the captain of the football team from his house as well as taking up rugby and water polo.
Prince William playing “football”

•Gap Year

After wrapping things up at Eton, Prince William took a gap year. During his gap year, he took part of in British Army training in Belize, worked on an English Dairy Farm, Visited Africa, and for ten weeks went on a humanitarian trip to Chile.
I can do a whole blog post on both William and Kate’s gap year if you all would like so let me know either in the blogs comments or on Instagram and Twitter

And of course we all know for University Prince William went to St. Andrews where he met his future wife, Catherine Middleton.
William specifically chose this University in Scotland because it was far from the UK and quite secluded meaning he wouldn’t be bothered by the press there.
Prince William on his first day at St. Andrews

“The University of St Andrews is a British public research university in St AndrewsFifeScotland. It is the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world (following Oxford and Cambridge Universities). St Andrews was founded between 1410 and 1413, when the AvignonAntipope Benedict XIII issued a papal bull to a small founding group of Augustinian clergy.”

He started off studying Art History but ended up switching to Geography when he found out he didn’t really like Art History. He graduated with a Scottish Masters of Arts Degree with upper second class honors.

Prince William with his father on his graduation day


Most recently, William returned to school in 2014 at Cambridge to do a vocational agricultural management course. One day William will mange the Duchy of Cornwall so it was very smart of him to start learning!
The Duchess of Cambridge


The Duchess of Cambridge began her school career at a nursery in Jordan while her father was based their while working for British Airways. The nursery was an English speaking one called Assahera Nursery.

“The morning routine was to have all the children sitting in a circle where they would all sing Incy Wincy Spider, both in English and Arabic,”Mrs. Nabulsi, the founder of the now closed nursery, shared. “We would read one verse from the Quaran to improve the children’s Arabic and tell stories about the Prophet’s companions, like Omar Bin Khattab. The idea was to reinforce concepts such as respect and love. Foreign children also learned Arabic words when we grouped the children together. The teacher used to ask in Arabic, ‘Who is wearing red today?’ so that the children would recognize the colors.”

The Duchess with a friend at nursery in Jordan

•Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory 

After returning from Jordan at the age of 4, Catherine embarked on to Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School at St. Andrews in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

St. Andrews School

“St Andrew’s School is an independent preparatory school in the hamlet of Buckhold, near PangbourneBerkshireEngland. Together with its ‘Pre-Prep – Early Years’ department, the school now educates girls and boys aged between three and thirteen. In 2011, there were 266 children at the school, of whom 155 were boys and 111 were girls. The school has a Christian ethos, and its chapel services are reported to be “broadly Anglican in style”. The most important religious event of the school year is the Advent Carol Service, which because of the numbers attending is held not at the school but in the larger chapel of nearby Bradfield College.”

Kate was described as “sporty, very smart, and hardworking.” She played many sports during her time at St. Andrews including field hockey, tennis, and rounders. She also held the high jump record for many years although I am not sure if she still does! 
Kate (and Pippa) with her Tennis team

Kate (and Pippa) with her field hockey team

Kate with her rounders team

Kate was a day student but boarded for a few days later in her time at St. Adrews.
Kate in a school picture at St. Andrews

•College (Middle and High School)

At the age of 12, Kate made her way to Downe House where she studied for only two terms. She was extremely unhappy there and was bullied for being to “skinny and meek.” 

Kate during her brief time at Downe House

 Her parents pulled her out of Downe House and put her in Malborough College where she thrived.

Kate (lower right corner) with friends at Malborough college

“Malborough College was founded in 1843 for the education of the sons of Church of England clergy, the school now accepts both boys and girls of all beliefs. Currently there are just over 900 pupils, approximately 45% of whom are female.”

Kate was described by one class mate as “ordinary, hard-working, athletic, and easy going” and by another as “an absolutely phenomenal girl – really popular, talented, creative and sporty.”

Kate was the captain of the school’s field hockey as well as playing in the first pair at tennis.

Kate playing field hockey

Fun Fact: A family friend revealed that they and her family all know her as Catherine and it wasn’t until she went to Malborough College did she become Kate.
Kate with friends at Malborough college

 Kate made some life long friends at Malborough. Two of her friends, Emilia Jardine-Patterson and Hannah Carter, would later become one of Prince George and Prince Louis’ godmothers.

At Malborough Kate did extremely will and passed 11 GSCEs and her 3 A-Level Exams (although) we don’t know what those are).

•Gap Year

For her gap year, The Duchess of Cambridge did the same Chile trip as her future husband but they were a few months apart. She also studied at the British Institute of Florence in Italy during her gap year.

Once again if you want me to make a full detailed blog post on their gap years let me know!


And finally, we all know Kate went to St. Andrewas where she met Prince William, her future husband.

She lived in St. Salvator’s Hall, which is where she met William, but later moved into a flat off campus with William and 2 other friends.

At St. Andrews Kate studied Art History and graduated in 2005 with an Honors degree.

Kate on her graduation day

Prince George


In 2016, Prince George started attending part time, 3 days a week for a few hours, at the 33 pound a day nursery in Norfolk, which is where the Cambridges were living full time, Westacre Montessori School.

Westacre Montessori School

The school of course gives a Montessori education.

“The Montessori method of nursery education, invented by the Italian Maria Montessori, places an emphasis on independence, freedom and social development. Children are taught in mixed age groups, given choices of activities, and freedom of movement within the classroom.”

In commemoration of his first day of Nursery, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leased 2 photos of the sweet prince which was taken by The Duchess herself.

 Prince George on his first day of nursery school

 Prince George on his first day of nursery school

Next, the family moved back to London full time which meant George would go to school in London.
In September 2017, Prince George began attending Thomas’s School in Battersea.
Thomas’s School in Battersea

“Thomas’s London Day Schools (also known as Thomas’s Preparatory Schools or simply Thomas’s) are four private preparatory schools in London, UK. They are located in KensingtonBatterseaClapham and Fulham, as well as a kindergarten in Battersea They are a family-run establishment, and have come to be seen as a feeder for major British public schools such as HarrowEtonMarlboroughCity of LondonRadleyKing’s College School, and Westminster.”

George’s first day of School was on September 7th, 2017. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge invited a low number of press to the occasion so George wouldn’t get worked up on  an already nerve racking day for the prince.

Prince George with his father and the principal on his first day of school

As a bonus, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a photo of the little prince with his father on the steps of his home at Kensington Palace.

Prince William and Prince George on George’s first day of school

His first day of school came 3 days after the announcement that his mother was expecting her 3rd child and was sadly once again suffering with Hyperimusus Graviderum and would not be able to take him to school on his first day. 

Although she wasn’t there on the first day, Kate regularly does the school run and reportedly took him to school the day after his youngest sibling, Prince Louis, was born.

Photo of Kate taking George to school in October 2017

Princess Charlotte

The little princess began her school career this year in January at Willcocks Nursery in London. Many people were suprised she wasn’t enrolled int Thomas’s Battersea’s nursery but William and Kate decided Willcocks was better for Charlotte’s individual needs.

Willcocks Nursery

“Willcocks Nursery School, a female-run preschool located at the Holy Trinity Church.Founded in 1964, the nursery school “strives to maintain its ethos for high standards, excellence and good manners,” according to the school’s website.”

“All students at the school follow the country’s curriculum for the “Early Years Foundation Stage,” which focuses on a child’s social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language.”

Princess Charlotte attends the nursery full-time 5 days a week and most likely takes the morning classes to coincide with the Prince George’s school schedule.
“From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the morning school is available for children ages two to five years old, and includes activities like free play, singing, poetry, acting, show and tell and snack time.”
In commemoration of this big dday for the princess, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released two adorable snaps of the little princess looking excited for her first day which were once again taken by The Duchess herself!

 Princess Charlotte on her  first day of nursery 

Princess Charlotte on her  first day of nursery 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! It was just a quick little overview! Who knows where George, Charlotte, and Louis will end up in the future. Maybe they will attend the same schools as their parents or something completely different! Once again thank you and let me know what you think!


  • Maeve

    I’m sure George and Louis will go to Eton like their father and uncle, but it will be interesting to see where Charlotte goes! It would be lovely if she went to her mother’s alma mater and went to Marlborough!

    • adminAllyssa

      I have actually been going back and forth about this but before George started at Thomas’s Battersea I was sure he would go to Eton but now I’m not so sure. Kate and specifically William, who went to all male schools and was reportedly awkward around girls for that exact reason haha, seem to be breaking away from the all one gender schools which is evident in George’s current school as well as Charlotte’s nursery. It will be interesting to see if George and Louis go Eton for the sake of tradition or if all the kids go to, let’s say, Malborough! Or they will probably surprise and pick something completely different like they did for George and Charlotte!

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    Thanks a lot for very interesting article!And I think that your suggestion about the 'gap year' article is just great.Let's do this☺ I am mother of 3 kids under 6 too and I am very interested in some inspiration��Many greetings from the Czech Republic!Veronika

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