Cambridge Overview

Cambridge Overview: July 9th-15th

Cambridge Overview: July 8th-15th
This week has been so eventful for us The Royal Watchers and adorable Cambridge Quintet! It was a week of professional and personal moments for The Fab Five! Let’s jump right in!

Prince Louis’ Christening 

I made a full blog post on his christening and covered everything and anything so you can check that out right here! What I didn’t cover was the official photos which were released on Sunday night and are absolutely gorgeous!

We got four official photos taken by Matt Holyoak and one more less informal photo taken by Matt Porteous. They were all taken at Clarence House!

The First photo we got was one with with both The Royal Family and The Middleton Family.

In the Photo from Left to Right standing is; The Duke of Sussex, The Duchess of Sussex, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales, Mrs. Carol Middleton, Mr. Michael Middleton, Mrs. Pippa Matthews, Mr. James Matthews, Mr. James Middleton.

And then of course sitting on the couch is our favorite little family!

 The Royal Family and The Middleton Family

The Next one is a picture of only The Royals including The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Sussex, and The Duchess of Sussex.

 The Royal Family

We can clearly see that Charlotte takes her big sister duties very seriously as she held onto to her baby brother’s hand for the official portrait!

Charlotte holding Louis’ hand

The third photo was our first official photo of The Cambridges as a Quintet! George looks so sweet with his shy smile. Charlotte looks like she is seconds from making a run for it. Mummy Kate lovingly looking at her baby while Louis seems to look up at his PaPa and PaPa with his arm around George and Mummy. I love this sweet little family! 

 The Cambridge Family

The last one taken by Matt Holyoak is a beautiful portrait of The Duchess with her little Prince! This continues a tradition that has happened with the other christenings! They all have pictures of just mummy and baby!

 Mummy and Prince Louis

This last photo was a surprise and was released Monday morning and it is officially my favorite! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge asked Matt Holyoak to take the official photos but asked Matt Porteous to take family photos for their private album. They loved this picture so much they decided to release it!

Prince Louis

I bet he was looking at his big brother George and big sister Charlotte fooling around! He is such a sweet little baby!

RAF Centenary Celebrations 

About 2 weeks ago members of The Royal Family, including The Duke of Cambridge, were announced to attend these celebrations and one name that was left off the list was The Duchess of Cambridge. I understand she is on her maternity leave but I was truly disappointed that she was apparently not scheduled especially if she ended up going to Wimbledon a few days later. I wasn’t upset because of selfish reasons but because she was an RAF girlfriend/wife for many  years along with being the Honorary Air Cadet Commander.
But I woke up this morning to a great a surprise when I saw she did indeed go!
The Duchess of Cambridge at the service 

Apparently, The Duchess of Cambridge was on the service order and those take weeks to print so she seemed to have been scheduled to go but for some reason they just didn’t announce her.
First off, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined other members of The Royal Family at Westminster Abbey for a Service.
Members of The Royal Family in Westminster Abbey

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at Westminster Abbey

The Duchess of Cambridge arriving at Westminster Abbey

They then joined The Queen on the Palace courtyard where she presented The RAF with a new color which is where The Look of Love came out in full force!
The Look of Love returns

Next they joined members of The Royal Family on the balcony to watch an RAF flypast and The Duke and Duchess didn’t let go of their heart eyes.
The Duke and Duchess of Heart Eyes

Also watching the flypast were the two eldest Cambridge Kiddos with their Nanny Maria (behind Charlotte) and Kate’s Private Secretary, Catherine Quinn.
Cheeky Charlotte and Sweet George
After their Balcony appearance, The Duke of Cambridge proceeded to go to a reception where he met some RAF Veterans.
The Duke of Cambridge with an RAF personnel 

Got into a little argument with some haters on twitter who claimed that Kate only went to the camera events for PR and it’s so disheartening to see people hate on Kate for no reason. By the time the reception came about, she had been away from Louis for more than 2 hours and we don’t know his schedule and needs so no one is in the place to hate on her.
The RAF is super special to both The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

The Duke of Cambridge is the 4th successive generation of the monarchy to become an RAF pilot. He received his RAF wings from his father The Prince of Wales at RAF Cranwell in April 2008 after completing an intensive 12 week flying course. In 2010 he joined C Flight, 22 Squadron at RAF Valley in Anglesey as a Search and Rescue pilot, undertaking a total of 156 search and rescue operations, resulting in 149 people being rescued. Since joining the Royal Air Force, The Duke completed over 1,300 flying hours.

The Duchess on the other hand was of course an RAF girlfriend/wife. She moved to Anglesey with William, in early 2010 before their marriage, They lived their together after their marriage in 2011 until August 2013 when George was a month old. In 2015, she received the role as Honorary Air Cadet Commander from Prince Philip and has done many RAF related engagements since!

Kate recieving her role from Prince Philip


Both The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who is the Royal Patron of Wimbledon, are tennis enthusiasts so it was great to see them out and about supporting the sport. 

The Duchess attended two days of the Wimbledon Championships starting on Saturday with the Women’s Singles Final. 

The Duchess of Cambridge seated in the Royal Box

Before the match, The Duchess of Cambridge met with ball boys and ball girls.

The Duchess of Cambridge meeting ball boys and girls

Catherine also met Caty McNally, who is a Junior player from The United States.

 Catherine meeting Caty McNally

Catherine meeting Caty McNally

The Duchess of Cambridge was accompanied by her sister-in-law, The Duchess of Sussex. Same, Meghan, Same. I would look at her like that too!

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex

As for Kate’s outfit:

The Duchess of Cambridge

She wore a Jenny Packham Black Dot Ruffle Dress, paired with her Gianvito Rossi Pumps, a new Dolce and Gabbana purse, In2Design Baroque Pearl Earrings, and her Cartier Stainless Steel Watch. She was also seen wearing new Ray Ban Sunglasses.

For the last day of Wimbledon on Sunday, it was a Mummy and Daddy day out for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they watched Djokovic beat Anderson and take home the Wimbledon trophy for the fourth time!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving for Wimbledon

 They both seemed to really enjoy their date day in a more relaxed environment as they watched a sport they both love!

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the final day of Wimbledon

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the final day of Wimbledon

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seated right next to Prime Minister Theresa May and they both seemed to have friendly conversations with her.

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greeting the Prime minister upon their arrival 

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge speaking with the Prime Minister

The Duke of Cambridge speaking with the Prime Minister

As for The Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit:

The Duchess of Cambridge

She wore a striking yellow Dolce and Gabbana  dress, paired with the same shoes, bag, and watch from the day before. She also accessorized with a personalized Asprey  London Necklace and Earrings.

What’s Next?

This time of the year is when Royals start to slow down and go on their summer vacations.

So far, The Duke of Cambridge has no scheduled appearances until August 8th when he will be in France to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Amiens. I’m sure he still has some engagements coming up.  Sometimes they are a surprise also Kensington Palace has been taking awhile to announce things!

The Duchess of Cambridge is still on maternity leave and I don’t expect her to see her completely full-time again until late August or Early Septemeber after the Royals return from summer vacation. She still may choose to do some engagements! Who knows!

And as for out favorite kids: Prince George celebrates his 5th birthday on Sunday! I’m not sure if we will get any new photos considering we just got some but if we do it will probably be an unreleased one from the christening! There is a rumor that George and Charlotte will be a pageboy and bridesmaid at Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October but its unconfirmed. In November it Prince Charles’ 70th birthday and lots of things are expected to happen to celebrate. I hope we finally get a photo of him and his three grandchildren. If w e don’t get any photos or footage if that we will probably get a 6 month photo of Louis like they did with Charlotte. In December, we will get arrival and departure photos of the Family attending Her Majesty’s annual Christmas Luncheon. I am also oping this year they decide to bring Prince George to do the Christmas day church walk!

One last thing: There is an extremely good article about Kate and her role in The Royal Family and you can read it right here! If you can’t access the full article, I have posted screenshots on my twitter! So check out this thread!

That is all for this week! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I can’t wait for what is yet to come!

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