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Bridesmaid and Pageboy Take Three!

I had this ongoing feeling that this week we would see Kate again and it did not leave but by the time the end of the week came I felt hopeless and like maybe it was just wishful thinking but sure enough, my Kate instincts were right on point!

On Saturday, September 22nd, the whole Cambridge family, minus Prince Louis, attended the wedding of Sophie Carter. When the news first emerged, I did not know if I should believe it because I was little shocked Sophie was getting married! Not that I did not think she was going to get married but we did not even know she was dating someone let alone engaged! It was a wonderful surprise when a few hours later, a photo of Prince William and Kate emerged from the wedding but none of the kids! This was a tricky situation for the photographers and news outlets because a regular society wedding that only William and Kate attended, the pictures would be released as soon as possible, but that was a special case since the kids appeared in the photos and they needed permission to publish them! Sunday afternoon we got the most sweet surprise when People! magazine published quite a few photos!


*Due to copyright you will have to click the links to see the photos I am talking about…*


The photos show a not so shy George being rambunctious and cheeky before and after the ceremony!


A source who was at the wedding told People about the little Prince’s antics:

“George is a real star, quite the little chap,” a source told PEOPLE on Saturday. “He was having a great time, running around like the leader of the pack.”

I have always said that George isn’t as shy as we all think! He seems to thrive and come out of his shell in more intimate settings, like this one, and trooping the color and polo with his cousins! I love happy George!



Charlotte on the other hand, seemed less than impressed haha. She just wanted to be held by mum and get this hard business of being a bridesmaid over with! Although she did end up caving in and giving her best grin for the cameras!



Kate was matching with the little bridal party in a blue Catherine Walker coat and dress, which she had first worn on the Germany tour 2017, and seemed to have an unofficial role in the wedding just like she did at Pippa’s wedding back in May of 2017 (she basically was the matron of honor but they wouldn’t call her that). I honesty loved this outfit the first time I saw last year and I am glad it made a comeback! The divisive thing among fans has to do with the fascinator Kate is wearing and I honestly like it. It is not my favorite but it is something different from Kate ad she is clearly trying something new!



The bridesmaids and pageboys wore bespoke outfits from the brand Amaia kids, which George and Charlotte frequently wear. Yesterday the brand posted a photo of the bridal outfits below on their social media pages (it has since then been deleted) and a lovely follower on twitter noticed that it not only matched the description of the clothes but also that you can see the names “George” and “Charlotte” on a piece of paper! Sure enough the outfits were the ones the children wore today!


The Duke of Cambridge was of course there but he did not participate in the bridal party and that is why there are only a few photos of him. He arrived with friends, wearing a traditional waistcoat that was blue and paired it with a blue tie (Kate was not about to let him be the only one not color coordinated in the family!). Also in attendance was Michael and Carol Middleton, who was wearing the same coat dress she wore to Prince George’s christening in 2013, with their youngest child, James Middleton. Pippa Middleton and husband James Matthews were absent from the wedding festivities because her baby is reportedly due next month (maybe this is a sign the baby is due early October!).



Now on to the gorgeous bride….



Sophie Carter is one of The Duchess of Cambridge’s closest friends and in 2015 was  given the honor to be one of Princess Charlotte’s godmothers. Not much is known about Sophie as she is very discreet. She went to Malborough College but it is unknown whether that is where she met Kate. The two were first pictured together in 2008 and have been inseparable since.

Wimbledon 2008



She was of course a guest at William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011 as well as attending the wedding of Pippa Middleton in May 2017 and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May of this year:

She is here in blue standing next to Emilia Jardine-Patterson (Prince George’s godmother)


At Pippa Middleton’s wedding with James Meade (Princess Charlotte’s godfather) and Laura Meade (Prince Louis’ godmother).


And here she is at Prince Harry’s wedding in May


Sophie grew up and still lives in Norfolk not far from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s weekend home Anmer Hall. She is frequently spotted with them around the town and is a regular guest at the church services they attend in January yearly.

Church Service in January 2016 with Kate and James Meade


And in January 2017 with the Middleton family and the Marques and Marchioness of Cholmondeley


As I mentioned before, Sophie is Princess Charlotte’s godmother. Sophie’s sister-in-law, Hannah Carter, is also a close friend of the Duchess since their Malborough days and was recently chosen to be Prince Louis’ godmother. Coincidentally, her ex and one of The Duke of Cambridge’s best friends, Thomas van Straubenzee, is also Charlotte’s godfather. The two are clearly on great terms as they still hang out and he was in attendance at her wedding. James Meade and Laura Meade, Charlotte’s godfather and Louis’ godmother, were also in attendance

These photos below of Charlotte being held by Sophie are probably my favorites of the day. We rarely see the Cambridge kids being close or in this case held by people other than their parents and it was beautiful to see the clear and close bond Sophie has with her goddaughter!



The question on everyone’s mind is will George and Charlotte be adding another wedding to their portfolio on October 12th (Princess Eugenie’s wedding)? I personally don’t think so but I would love to be surprised! We should know in the next week or so!

That is all for today’s post! You can see the full photo album of the day at People by clicking here! With thanks to Royal Photographer Mark Stewart for capturing these adorable photos!

Congratulations to Sophie Carter and Robert Snuggs on their beautiful day and I wish them a life filled with love, joy, and happiness!

Signing off with this adorable photo of mum Kate and her eldest baby!





  • Ebene N Simmons

    Great article, something you mentioned struck my eye. The sentence that popped out at me is this one, “This was a tricky situation for the photographers and news outlets because a regular society wedding that only William and Kate attended, the pictures would be released as soon as possible, but that was a special case since the kids appeared in the photos and they needed permission to publish them!’, is this true? I’m not doubting you – rather curios, shocked if you will, but in hindsight, this makes a lot of sense; it explains why we, the public, see so little of them and when we do it’s in a very controlled manner.

    • adminAllyssa

      So basically what I have come to understand is that usually the papers and tabloids usually let the palace know if they have pictures of the children. Kensington Palace sometimes says its ok to publish them, for example pictures of them at this wedding and at Horse Trials and stuff like that. But, just because the palace says no does not mean the papers won’t publish the pictures/ Ultimately, it comes down to the papers deciding whether something is worth being sued over.

  • Amy

    Nice post and nice surprise seeing the photos of them at the wedding. I agree with you about George and Charlotte not participating in Eugenie’s wedding next month. I think the couple will chose children of their closer friends. Still looking forward to another royal wedding.

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