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Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns



Why is there so much tension among royal watchers? This is a question that I have been trying to answer recently but it is honestly extremely difficult because there is no reason for tension. The arguments I have seen online are stupid, childish, and petty. They sound like little “feuds” that you would hear between twelve-year-old middle-schoolers.


Let me start off by saying that the Royal Fandom (I hate that term) has always been a strange place considering how small we are. There have always been those haters spreading their vile comments, but they were easier to ignore. Every few years when a big event happens, like the wedding in 2011 and this year as well as the births of George, Charlotte, and Louis, new fans come trickling in which means people who must learn and understand what had happened in the years prior to their arrival. We all have been new. But there are the people who are willing to learn and those who aren’t (and then those that do but go to places like the horrible Royal Forums online. Seriously people, you will never get any really answers there). This where it gets frustrating.


I have indulged in discussions online with people who try to pass their information as true when all it takes is a quick look on google (or my brain because I am part of the group that learned) to prove them false. Most of the time it is not a simple thing like royal protocol or whatever, but actual disgusting claims such as “Kate never had a job but just followed William for decades” (false) or “Meghan was a pornstar, had two ex-husbands and children.” (completely false). If some people learned and listened maybe these arguments wouldn’t be happening.


Another thing that has emerged is this new appalling habit of comparing specifically Catherine and Meghan (the women, *shocker*). This I absolutely do not understand, at all. Not only is it not necessary it does not make sense because they are not comparable. They are two very different women with their own styles, personalities, and interests. These ladies are in two different moments in not only in royal life but personal life with Meghan being a newlywed and Catherine having her third child. I have said this before and I will say it again, they married into the same family but into two vastly different roles. Not only into two different roles but they also got married in two different “eras” of the British Royal Family. If you have not noticed, we are in a time where there is an obvious shift of “introducing” Charles and the younger generation of the royals as Her Majesty gets older. This was not the case in 2011. So, as you see another list of questions emerge. How do you compare two people who are completely incomparable? (you don’t) Why would you even want to compare them? (you shouldn’t) Is there even a valid reason to compare them other than to boost your fave and knock down the other? (Nope)


Most recently (as in today), the comparison game has been about their charity and humanitarian work. I’ll admit, I didn’t really care about the clothes comparisons because they were stupid. Like Catherine wears dresses and Meghan wears pants or the other way around, big whoop. No one cares. But this comparison about their work is not only unreasonable and uncalled for but actually disgusting. How can you say Meghan’s foreword is not important? It is helping a community heal from a tragic loss that many people have still not coped with for over a year! It is something little but just the start for these women and Meghan herself. But also, how can you say Kate’s work and all that she has done with and for Mental Health is not important or stupid and baseless? How can you say their work is fake and PR? News flash people, none of this affects you. Catherine and Meghan are not doing this to please you and I highly doubt that they care what a bunch of people on twitter and Instagram have to say about this.  Both of their individual work is and will always be important in there own ways. They have different interests and will work in different areas but that doesn’t mean one issue should be more praised than the other. Their work to help whoever that may be, whether it is the women in that kitchen for Meghan (for now) or those who Kate comes across in her work with Women’s and Children’s Mental Health as well as the Early Years interventions, should be off limits for comparisons. You can not measure the level of importance for that.


We all have our favorites and you are allowed to not particularly like a royal for whatever reason that may be. That is fine. But my issue is, why even talk about the person you do not like? Why instigate arguments (whether that is going to others accounts or making shady comments about other royals and not expecting people to react) with their fans when you know they aren’t going to change your mind and you are not going to change theirs? If you do not like Meghan keep her name out of your mouth. If you don’t like Kate, keep her name out of your mouth. And trust me, this is not a one “sided” thing (don’t even know why there are sides). There are nasty and vile “Kate fans” and there are nasty and vile “Meghan fans” ( I put quotations because I don’t claim those people).


(P.s. New fans, saying that you do not like a person’s certain outfit is not criticizing the royal because a woman is not what she wears. I don’t like 35% of what Kate wears and if I don’t like it I’ll say it yet… she’s still my Queen. But I say it nicely and I’ve seen people be rude about it.)


And finally, people just relax. This isn’t serious. This should all just be for fun and if you feel like it is consuming to much of you and you are getting stressed out or whatever, just take a step back. We do not know the royals they do not know us. I highly doubt they see all the hate AND the people (me!) who defend them. (Although some royals do, and it hurts them so be careful). Literally, none of this matters and there is real life outside of this screen. This is just a passing by since 75% percent of the new fans will not even be here next year (trust me I know). Just enjoy and relax everyone. This will be more enjoyable for everyone if people just stayed in their lane (or learned how to have civil conversations but that is not happening anytime soon).


I know most who read this will forget about it the next day and I won’t change anything. There are probably so many mistakes here because I’m upset. But sometimes you have these feelings that you need to write down and I highly recommend you do that because I feel much better. Hopefully, this does affect some people and makes them change and realize what they were doing was not the best. The internet and the world in general is such a negative place sometimes simple things like being nice or at least civil to one another over the internet could make it more positive. We need to support each other because after all:

“Real Queens fix each other’s crowns” (I’m sorry for this tacky quote but I love it)


Side Note to the haters: Do you all honestly think Kate and/or Meghan care what you have to say about them? They’re at home (*cough* Palace *cough*) with their husbands and in Kate’s case children and I’m pretty the last thing they are worrying about is what someone on Instagram and twitter with no profile picture and two followers has to say about them. (Those are just the trolls. Don’t get me started on the people who have more followers and intentionally cause trouble)


  • Vanessa

    Thankyou so much for writing This Piece. It’s excellent and very true. I dislike that people are so quick to write nasty and negative comments. Kate and Meghan are two unique women and all these comparisons are ridiculous. We should be focusing on the important things they’re doing. (And their fashions, because fashion is important too. lol)

  • Sarah

    I just started following you and think you write a great blog and tweet and retweey lots of good info about the royals. But I’m getting sick of hearing multiple times a day how terrible ppl are comparing Kate and Meghan in any way. Please get over it. It sounds like you are the one who’s obsessed and it’s taking away from the quality of your posting. If it bothers you that much just block and ignore. Instead of ranting about it every day.

  • Cheryl S

    Excellent post! I always tell people that both Royal ladies are at very different places in their lives both personally and have varying Royal roles. Kate will be Queen consort one day so I believe that is why she comes across as more traditional.

  • LaVerne Mars

    Thank you! You said everything that I have been saying for months. Kate and Meghan are two different women with different passions. I love both these women and admire both their contributions to the world. Well said!!!

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