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Ever wondered who is part of “Team Cambridge”? Well today is your lucky day! Here is what we know about The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s current staff!
Personal Staff


•Maria Teresa Borrallo

Maria Teresa is the Cambridge’s nanny for all three of their young children. She began working for the family in 2014 when Prince George was about 8 months old and the little family of three were getting ready to embark on their extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand. It was thought back in 2015, when Princess Charlotte was born, and even this year, when Prince Louis was born, that William and Catherine would seek out more help but till this day Nanny Maria remains their only nanny. She works full-time for the family but unlike royal nannies before lives in her own quarters with other members of the staff. You can find out more about Nanny Maria and the royal nannies before in this blog post I made a few months ago.

Antonella Fresolone and Emma Boyce
 Antonella and Emma are the only known housekeepers for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Not much information or pictures is known about these two ladies. Antonella started working for William and Catherine around 2012 and Emma began working for them last year after working for Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Emma reportedly has two young children who get along greatly with George and Charlotte. Antonella and Emma shop, clean, and cook for the family when needed. I’m not completely sure but apparently Emma works in Norfolk when The Cambridges take up residence at Anmer Hall and Antonella mainly works at Kensington Palace.
Emma Probert and Mystery Guards
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have an abundance of personal security guards that look after them when they are on official duties. But when they are not in the public eye, they have a few personal officers that are spotted with them when they are out and about. The Duke of Cambridge doesn’t seem to have one set person when he goes out and is seen usually with whoever is available. However, The Duchess of Cambridge has 2 specific protection officers who are usually seen out and about with her.

Emma Probert and the Mystery Guard have been seen with The Duchess since her engagement. She entered St. James’ Palace as a normal person and left with Emma by her side and she has been with Catherine ever since. The Mystery Guard was first spotted end of 2011 and has most recently been spotted with The Duchess shopping at Waitrose in Norfolk.

Official Staff

•Catherine Quinn and Simon Case

Catherine Quinn is the current Private Secretary of The Duchess of Cambridge and Simon Case is the current Private Secretary of The Duke of Cambridge. They are both new additions to Team Cambridge. The Duchess of Cambridge’s previous private secretary, Rebecca Deacon, stepped down in the summer of 2017 with Catherine Quinn taking up her current position in the fall of 2018. The Duke of Cambridge’s previous private secretary, Miguel Head, stepped down from his position summer of 2018 with Simon Case immediately took up his current position.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Catherine Quinn

•Natalie Barrow and Natasha Archer-Jackson

The Duchess of Cambridge followed by Laura Baker

Natasha Archer

Natalie Barrows and Natasha Archer are both The Duchess of Cambridge’s private assistants.

Natalie has recently been spotted frequently with The Duchess of Cambridge on official engagements when her private secretary, Catherine Quinn, is not with her. I don’t know exactly when she began working for The Cambridges but it has been a few years that she pops up here and there.

Natasha Archer is also a Private Assistant to the Duchess. She is also said to be her stylist but we don’t really know i she is. I think maybe she just deals with her clothes. Natasha was one of the first people to meet Baby Prince Louis this year and her departure from the hospital was the first sign to me that the little prince had already been born. She also was one of the first to meet George and Charlotte when they were born!

Natasha with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Australia 2014

•Amanda Cook Tucker

Amanda Cook Tucker is The Duchess of Cambridge’s hairstylist. She has been working for Catherine since around 2012 and travels with her on tours. She was spotted at the Lindo Wing in 2013 to get The Duchess ready to present George. I have no doubt she was also there in 2015 and this year!

The Duchess of Cambridge clearly has more (known) staff than The Duke of Cambridge for obvious reasons. This is just a post on theirregular staff as they have a more extensive staff when they travel and go own tour! I hope you all enjoyed my post!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their Poland Tour staff (2017)


  • Anne-Christine

    This is a beautiful post! I’m sure the staff is so happy to work for William and Catherine. I’m so glad I found your blog, as I’m a fan of Duchess Catherine and I think she has brought so much to the royal family. Keep the posts coming!

    • adminAllyssa

      I think so too! They are obviously also formal considering this is work but William and Catherine reportedly call their staff by their first names (or nicknames) and of course we have Maria who is an extended part of their family!

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