Cambridge Overview

Cambridge Overview: October 8th-13th


It has been another joyous week as a royal watcher! Join me as I recap all the exciting events that took place!


Monday, October 8th

On Monday, information about the upcoming Dutch Stat Visit was released but I was a little bit disappointed that William and Kate weren’t listed for any engagements with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima! The program shows The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall taking the lead on day one and The Earl and Countess of Wessex accompanying the Dutch Royals on many engagements on Day 2! I was quite disappointed since I thought The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take part quite a bit in the visit but I guess not and there are clearly reasons! One reason may be because George and Charlotte have half-term break from the 18th-26th and we all know William and Catherine like to take that time off to be with them! This does not however mean that William and Kate will not attend the welcoming lunch  or the state banquet. Attendance at those things are announced on the day of so we just have to hope for the best! You can find information on the visit here.


Monday afternoon, The Duke of Cambridge privately received the Rt Honorable Michael Gov MP, who is the Secretary of State for Environment food and Rural Affairs. It is unclear what the visit was for but it was most likely connected to the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference that happened this week.


Tuesday, October 9th

Tuesday saw the return of the Dynamic Duo that is The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they made their first joint engagement since Catherine had officially returned to maternity. The Duke and Duchess attended the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit, which aims to promote better mental health for all!


The Summit is hosting a showcase of different mental health organisations, such as Time to Change Global where The Duke and Duchess met global anti-stigma champions Victor, Samuel and Sanchana.


At the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a workstream on ‘Children, Young People and the Next Generation’ where they heard presentations on two case studies of active mental health programmes from Slovenia and the USA. This workstream reflects one of the six key themes being discussed at the summit.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited the exhibition area and met with representatives from a number of organisations to hear more about their mental health campaigns and programmes. William and Catherine also viewed the work of Dairo Vargas, a contemporary fine artist from Colombia who was painting an original piece of art at the Summit, inspired by the day’s events.
Dairo gave William and Catherine the chance to put their mark on the painting and William pointed to Kate and exclaimed “My wife, she’s the arty one!”. William then stepped up and placed his mark on the painting and said, “This is how you properly ruin a picture”! I love engagements like these when we can see them joking together!


And their final stop at the summit was to visit the Friendship Bench, which is part of an innovative programme from Zimbabwe which has taught elderly Zimbabwean women the skills to become city lay health workers. The were in a fit of giggles as photographers told them to sit and act natural haha!


The Duchess of Cambridge wore a beautiful Lilac Emilia Wickstead which she first debuted during the Germany tour in July 2017. She paired it with her Gianvito Rossi “105” Suede Pumps in Praline paired with a brand new bag from Aspinal of London.



The Duke of Cambridge also that evening privately attended the Interpol Wildlife Crime Working Group Annual Conference at Lancaster House.

Wednesday, October 10th


The day started out fantastically when Buckingham Palace released the news of who would be part of Princess Eugenie’s bridal party. I was pleasantly surprised to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s names on the list! I honestly did not expect it as we don’t really know how close Eugenie is to them but they are clearly close enough that they will be in her big day! Also on the list were Savannah and Isla Philips, the daughters of Peter and Autumn Philips, and Mia Tindall, the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall, and Maud Windsor, who is Princess Eugenie’s goddaughter and Lord Frederick Windsor and Sophie Winkleman’s daughter. Maud is also one of Prince George’s classmates at Thomas’ Battersea! Princess Eugenie even found a way to incorporate Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn, the children of The Earl and Countess of Wessex. It was very sweet of Eugenie to find something for them to participate in as they are always stick in the middle. They aren’t as old as their adult cousins but not as young as their much younger first cousins once removed. If you all do not remember, Lady Louise was a bridesmaid at William and Kate’s 2011 wedding. You can check out the full bridal party here!


During the day, The Duke of Cambridge took part in a few unannounced engagements in relation to the Wildlife Illegal Trade Conference. In the morning he launched a major new United For Wildlife Taskforce.

The Duke of Cambridge talked about his experience during his recent trip to Tanzania where he was given the opportunity to view a ivory stockpile, including thousands of seized tusks, and see first-hand the scale of the global criminal trade that leads to the killing of thousands of elephants every year. The Duke of Cambridge said:

“When you visualize how many elephants were attacked for these tusks, it’s scary. We must make ivory undesirable, and leave it in an elephant and not in a warehouse.”

Later, global financial organisations signed the ‘Mansion House Declaration’ as part of United For Wildlife’s Financial Taskforce, joining together in the fight to End Wildlife Crime.

Earlier that day, The Duke of Cambridge met with President of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba for a bilateral meeting at Buckingham Palace.

Later that evening, The Duke of Cambridge, along with The Duke of Sussex, hosted a reception at St. James’ Palace to welcome dignitaries that arrived in London for the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.


The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech to officially open and start the conference. The Prince of Wales sent a video message in support of the event and even sent some praise to his son saying, “I can only say here how proud I am of the roll my elder son, William, has played as a leader in this area, helping to raise the issue higher up the global agenda, including working with the Chinese Government on the introduction of the ivory ban.”


The Duchess of Cambridge on the other hand, payed her first official visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum since becoming their patron back in March of this year. Kensington Palace had announced her patronage about a week or two after she had gone on maternity leave.


The Duchess was there to open their new photography center. Catherine is always in her element when she makes visits to these art and photography galleries as we know she has a degree in History of Art and she is a keen photographer herself. Many of the official photos of George, Charlotte, and Louis were taken by the Duchess.


Tristram Hunt, the museum’s director, showed Catherine around the new photography center and even showed her a Jewelry exhibition where she got to see Queen Victoria’s famous coronet. Mr. Hunt said she was taken back to her College days where she studied:

‘She talked about her undergraduate dissertation on photography so we looked at some of the Alice photographs,’ he says. ‘She was very knowledgeable about the history of photography and interested in the galleries. We were delighted to host her. One of our curators had done a doctorate on the same lines and they had a very scholarly conversation . She said she worked incredibly hard on it.’  –Daily Mail

At the photography exhibit, Kate used stereoscopic viewer to see photographs to taken by women in the 1860s and she saw some  historical prints and contemporary photography the center is showcasing and met the curators.


The Duchess of Cambridge then unveiled a plaque to mark the official opening of the new exhibition!

Now time for some outfit talk! When we first got the videos of her arriving I could barely see her dress because of all the flashes but the reporters were saying it was Erdem and I automatically hoped for the best. Erdem is always Hit or Miss for me and there is no in between especially when it comes to Kate but I am happy to say that this outfit was a HUGE Hit for me!


The Duchess of Cambridge wore a gorgeous Erdem “Iman” Check Dress paired with new Jimmy Choo ‘Romy 100’ Burgundy Velvet Pumps and a Jimmy Choo ‘J Box’ Clutch in Burgundy Velvet. Catherine is usually very reserved when it comes to her jewelry so it was nice to see hr try something new! She wore new gorgeous Floral Hoop Drop Earrings from Erdem.


It was an amazing engagement  and a gorgeous outfit!


Thursday, October 11th


On Thursday, as The Duchess of Cambridge was getting the kiddos ready to head to Windsor, The Duke of Cambridge was attending the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference where he gave an amazing speech to mark the official start of the two-day conference.

In his speech The Duke of Cambridge spoke about the achievements that had already been made in four years:

“Since we first gathered here in London four years ago we have achieved a great deal.

  • Governments around the world, particularly China, the US and UK, have taken unprecedented steps to legislate against the ivory trade.
  • The price of ivory has fallen by a staggering 75%.
  • 19 African Range States now stand united through the Elephant Protection Initiative to protect their elephant populations and put ivory beyond economic use.  
  • Over 100 representatives of the transport sector have signed the Buckingham Palace Declaration, committing to disrupt the flow of illegal wildlife products passing through their trucks, their ships and their planes.
  • More illegally trafficked wildlife products are being seized in Asia;  
  • Communities are being given greater control and benefits from their wildlife, improving their incentives to keep endangered species safe;
  • And committed, brave people all around the world continue to put their lives on the line to protect wildlife and bring criminals to justice.”


But he also highlighted the more negative things and things they have yet to work on:

“But despite the progress we have made over recent years, we know that this is no time for complacency:

  • Over a thousand rangers have been killed in the line of duty in the last decade;
  • Poaching levels may well be decreasing in some areas, but overall they remain too high;
  • As the ivory market is closing down in some countries, it is being displaced elsewhere;
  • Pangolin scales, rhino horns and body parts of big cats are still easy to find in street stalls all around the world;
  • We are not yet seeing enough criminal convictions for wildlife offences, and all too often punishments are too lenient;
  • And all this means that thousands of local communities are being deprived of their most valuable natural resources and a route out of poverty”


The Duke of Cambridge spoke about how heartbreaking it is to think that when his children are in their twenties, some of the animals that are so normal for us today will be extinct:

“It is heart-breaking to think that by the time my children George, Charlotte and Louis are in their twenties, elephants, rhinos and tigers might well be extinct in the wild. I for one am not willing to look my children in the eye and say that we were the generation that let this happen on our watch.”


He ended off his wonderful speech on an extremely high note and a powerful statement:

“We must inspire the next generation of young leaders to care about nature, value it as an economic asset and help us live better, together, side by side. I feel it is my duty, and our collective responsibility, to leave our planet in a stronger position for our children.”


Prince William is extremely passionate about this cause and the affect and influence he has made is immeasurable. He is very much against Ivory and has been in talks with Her Majesty The Queen and The Prince of Wales to get ready of all the ivory or at least stop using it in the Palace. The Duke of Cambridge even traveled all the way to China a few years back to convince them to join the Ivory ban and they did! There is a theory that because William is super against anything with ivory, may be a reason The Duchess of Cambridge has not received a family order from Her Majesty as the Picture of the monarch is painted on ivory.


The Duke of Cambridge is highly praised in this area. A representative of the UN said of The Duke:

“[He] is a new kind of leader. He is not just passionate and emotional about it, but is also talking about the conomics of this”


At the beginning of the conference, they debuted an extremely gorgeous video of highlights from The Duke of Cambridge’s visit to Tanzania, Kenya, and Namibia late last month. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already!


Friday, October 12th


Friday was just an overall amazing day for royal watchers! It was of course the wedding of Princess Eugenie, daughter of The Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, to her longtime love Jack Brooksbank! Before I get into the Cambridges I want to talk about the Gorgeous bride and the beautiful wedding:


I didn’t know what to expect because I am not an avid follower of Eugenie but my guesses were a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and I was almost sure she would wear her mother’s wedding tiara but…I was wrong for both! Her gorgeous dress was designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos and the tiara was the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara which Princess Eugenie borrowed from her grandmother, The Queen. This gorgeous tiara has not been seen in over seven decades and really makes you wonder what other beauties Her Majesty has hidden away in the vault’s!

My favorite thing about the dress and really the sentiment, is that Princess Eugenie requested her dress with a low back so that her scar, that she got from a surgery to correct her scoliosis at 12 years old, can be visible! Needless to say, this dress has definitely gone on my favorites list!



The groom was adorably flustered! Jack Brooksbank was clearly nervous but he did his part without a hitch! One moment that melted my heart was when he first saw Eugenie and said:

“Eugenie…Oh Break My Heart.”


Because of the rain and all of the wind, that blew so many hats and fascinators off, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank opted for a covered carriage for their procession. They used the Scottish State Coach which coincidentally used to be known as the Cambridge Coach!



Of course we have to talk about that adorable bridal party! As I mentioned before earlier in this post, the bridal party consisted of Five of the great-grandchildren of The Queen (Savannah Philips, Isla Philips, Prince George, Mia Tindall, and Princess Charlotte), a distant relative of the Cambridge kids who is also Princess Eugenie’s goddaughter, Maud Windsor, and Theodora Williams and Louis de Givenchy who are children of Eugenie’s friends!


Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived in a car with Lady Louise Windsor, who helped the kids up the stairs and organized them

Of course Princess Charlotte came ready to wave! She is already such a little pro-Royal and it is honestly the cutest thing!


Prince George always seems more shy than his younger sister while in public but recently he has come out of his shell! He definitely looked more comfortable here than at Harry’s wedding and I think that has to do with the fact that he had his close cousins and classmate (Maud Windsor) by his side! Prince George and Princess Charlotte walked into the wedding holding Savannah Philips’ hand and of course they got up to some adorably naughty business!


The kids were watched over by George, Charlotte, and Louis’ nanny, Maria. She was seen arriving in the same car as the mother and father of the groom and then again handing out the flowers to the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids and pageboys wore outfits from Amaia Kids, a brand that George and Charlotte frequently wear.  The design incorporates the Mark Bradford artwork included in the Order of Service. Honestly, these clothes aren’t my favorite bridal outfits George and Charlotte have worn!


And here is one last picture of Prince George with his second cousins Isla Philips and Mia Tindall and with his classmate Maude Windsor!

A video of all of the children’s cute antics today:


There were many guests there that I was surprised to see, mostly the celebrities, but the couple I was the most surprised to see was Pippa and James Matthews! Pippa is currently expecting her James’ first child and is in her last few days of the pregnancy. She was spotted at St. Mary’s Hospital just last week for what was either a false alarm or her last check up! I did not think she would show up but she did! She wore what is thought to be a custom Emilia Wickstead dress. James Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger brother, was also in attendance while her parents, Michael and Carol, were not. Probably watching Prince Louis!


Now onto The Cambridge couple: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Harry and Meghan, arrived by car as opposed to the other members of the royal family who arrived by foot. I think this was mainly to take off some attention from themselves and allow them to have less camera time!


As mentioned before, it was extremely windy in windsor and that caused many women to be holding on to their dresses and hats!


The Duchess of Cambridge wore a new bespoke Alexander McQueen Magenta Dress which had many similarities to a bubblegum pink dress by McQueen that she wore to Trooping the Color in 2016. I don’t think they are the same dress but they are very similar. She paired it with new Prada Velvet Pumps, Prada Red Velvet Clutch, and a Philip Treacy Hat. The Duchess wore the hat in a different way than the model is using it but both ways are gorgeous! I loved the color of this outfit and it was a huge win for me!


Of course the moment everyone was talking about was the moment the cameras caught William and Kate holding hands and it made us all swoon! I’ll be honest, I feel the media and certain fans love to say how completely “rare” it is to see William and Kate hold hands or show affection and if you really think about it, it really is not that rare. They just refrain from holding hands during official public engagements but you will basically always see William with a hand on Kate’s back or even sometimes vice-versa! They usually hold hands and show more PDA at less official and formal events like this wedding, sporting events, and Christmas day church service. Anyway, it was an absolutely adorable moment!

Later another video surfaced which showed they did in fact hold hands a second time! (My heart could not handle the cuteness)

View this post on Instagram

(Sorry for the horrible quality but it’s from the TV😬) Be still my heart The hand holding happened twice actually! The first one happened, that everyone was talking about, before the service and before HM, Philip, and Charles arrived. This second one happened during the service and it was a full on hand hold 😭 These two were in some type of mood yesterday. The things you catch when you rewatch and pay attention! 💕 Edit: I am appalled by some of the comments by people on this post. They are absolutely immature and childish. No one is jealous of anyone here and not everything is a competition. If you have that type of mindset please leave my account because you are not welcomed here. None of this is fake 😂 They did not even know the camera was on them at that moment so how can any of this be fake 🤔. Just move on —————————————————————- #britishroyalfamily #princewilliam #dukeofcambridge #duchessofcambridge #katemiddleton #princegeorge #princesscharlotte #princelouis

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did seem more relaxed at this wedding then they did in May and I think that has to do with the fatc that neither of them had any official roles at this wedding nor did they need to wrangle the kids haha! Oh and also the fact that at Harry and Meghan’s wedding Kate had given birth basically 3 weeks before which was not the case at this wedding!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the service by foot to make their way to the morning reception that was hosted by The Queen. They walked right by Zara and Mike Tindall, who welcomed their second child in June! I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about how much I love William and Kate’s relationship with Zara, Mike, Autumn, and Peter Philips! William was very close to his cousins Zara and Peter while they were growing up and Kate became very close to them too as they were all frequently spotted out together during William and Kate’s dating days. We know Peter and Autumn have two daughters, Savannah and Isla, born in 2011 and 2012 while Zara and Mike also have two daughters, Mia and Lena, born in 2014 and 2018. Clearly the girls are all pretty close to George and Charlotte and it is lovely to see how William, Peter, and Zara’s relationship has carried on to the next generation!

The Royal Family released four gorgeous official photographs taken by Alex Bramall at Windsor Castle after the ceremony. Alex Bramaall, who had previously photographed Princess Eugenie for Harper’s Bazaar US in 2016, released a statement expressing his joy and thankfulness for being chosen shoot this special day:

“It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to photograph Princess Eugenie and Jack on this most special of days. I look forward with great excitement to capturing this significant occasion and wish them both a happy future together.”


The first photo in the set features the family of the groom, the family of the bride, and the bridal party. This photo is the first time in 26 years, since 1992, that Prince Philip, the bride’s grandfather, and Sarah Ferguson, the bride’s mother, have been pictured together! If you don’t know the history between these two I suggest you look it up haha! It is also interesting to not that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are elevated on a seat to mirror The Queen and Prince Philip!

Back row: Mr Thomas Brooksbank; Mrs Nicola Brooksbank; Mr George Brooksbank; Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York; Sarah, Duchess of York; His Royal Highness The Duke of York
Middle row: His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge; Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge; Her Majesty The Queen; His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh; Miss Maud Windsor; Master Louis De Givenchy;
Front row: Miss Theodora Williams; Miss Mia Tindall; Miss Isla Phillips; Miss Savannah Phillips


The next photo released features the bride and groom with their adorable bridesmaids and pageboys! My favorite thing about this photo is George’s photo ready grin and Charlotte sitting like the little Princess she is!

Back row: His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge; Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge; Miss Theodora Williams; Miss Isla Phillips; Master Louis De Givenchy
Front row: Miss Mia Tindall; Miss Savannah Phillips; Miss Maud Windsor


The third photo released features the newly married couple arriving back at Windsor Castle after their carriage ride! This is a gorgeous shot and possibly on of my favorites!

The last photo released on Saturday by the royal family is of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank leaving for their evening reception! Princess Eugenie wore a second dress by Zac Posen for  her second reception held at the Royal Lodge by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. I am have mixed feelings about the dress but she looks gorgeous! More on the inspiration for the dress:

“Mr Posen was inspired by the beauty of Windsor and the surrounding countryside. The choice of colour reflects the blush of an English rose. Mr Posen took his inspiration from the White Rose of York.”


Days later, Princess Eugenie shared a beautiful unplanned snap of her and Jack sharing a joke with their bridal party. Princess Charlotte, of course, was in the center giggling and the whole bridal party joined in with her for the laugh! I love more natural pictures like these as you can see how nicely everyone gets along! The way Eugenie and Jack are looking at Charlotte kills me! This became my favorite photo from the day!

It was an absolutely lovely day and I wish all the joy, happiness, and many years to come for the gorgeous bride and adorable groom!




Wow! What an eventful week! October is not over yet and we still have so much more to look forward to! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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