The Duchess Has Finally Made Her Return!

On October 2nd, The Duchess of Cambridge made her official return to public engagements with a visit to Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden after a 6-month maternity leave. She has been out and about since Prince Louis’ birth, mainly for family events and events extremely close to her heart like the RAF one in July, but this event has marked the actual end of her maternity leave.



Catherine looked completely in her element as this engagement was an outdoors one with children and she always seems more at ease in situations like those. Engagements like these are some of my favorites for Kate in particular as she always come out of her shell and is much more comfortable.

The children are the most entertaining to watch during these engagements as we have no idea what they are going to do or say! Neverthless we got some extremely adorable moments of Kate and the kiddos!


This adorable video shows Kate arriving to the engagement and being given flowers and many hugs from the 4&5 year old children fromthe school!

Kate also participated in a mini “beast hunt” and revealed that she frequently goes out into the backyard with George and Charlotte to hunt for spiders! I love seeing Kate getting down and dirty with the kids and participating!

The Duchess of Cambridge then joined kids and even helped them make their own leaf crowns!

When it was time to leave, The Duchess got an abundance of handshakes and a few hugs from the little kiddos of the school!


As I mentioned before, Kate was definitely in her element playing with the kids in the garden and you can tell she completely does this at home with her own kiddos! By far, my two favorite photos from the day are the two below of her holding the hands of two little ones she had just met. They are absolutely adorable and you can tell that Kate puts them at ease and comforts them!




During her visit Kate got to walk through a park and meet a little boy named Romi who is 7 months old and remarked that the little boy was very “chatty” and almost the same age as her little boy Louis!

The engagement was overall amazing and so fun to watch! We have all been waiting for this return for so long and I was definitely not disappointed (there was no way that would have even happened haha)!

Now lets talk Fashion! By the way, quick shout to all the blogs and people on twitter who do all of the IDing because you all are amazing!

Kate’s outfit today was obviously very casual because of the nature (not a pun haha) of the engagement. Here are the details:


Fjallraven ‘Stina” Jacket in Green

Fjallraven ‘Ovik’ Wool Sweater in Frost Green

 Joseph ‘Rainer’ Bud Print Blouse

Zara Biker Trousers in Khaki 

Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots

Monica Vinader Siren Wire Green Onyx Earings



I just wanted to take this time to talk about what a busy month October is shaping up to be!

Kensington Palace has already announced another engagement for October 9th!

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and William and Kate have had engagements on that day to celebrate every single year for the pat 3 or 4 years so I would not be surprised if we got another engagement announcement tomorrow or Thursday. Next week is also the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference which The Duke of Cambridge is already confirmed to be attending!

Next Friday, the 12th, is of course the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Broosbank and William and Kate are both expected to attend. Some think George and Charlotte will be part of the bridal party (I don’t) but we should be getting that news either later this week or early next week. ITV has confirmed they will be providing full coverage of the wedding but as of right now, I am unsure if they will broadcast it in the US. I hope a link pops up somewhere for us to join in and watch!

October 23rd and 24th will see some exciting foreign visits! The Netherlands’ King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be in the U.K. for a sate visit which means we will see Kate in a tiara! I full expect William and Kate to heavily be involved in the visit considering all of the times they’ve crossed passed the Dutch Royals! I am extremely excited especially since Maxima is one of my favorite consorts and she always delivers on the fashion front!

At the end of October, there will be two events marking the official beginning of the 70th birthday celebrations for The Prince of Wales. It is unconfirmed but William and Kate are rumored to be attending both!

Pippa Middleton’s baby is rumored to be due this month! It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out and how it becomes public!

And finally on the 23rd our little Prince Louis will be turning 6 months old! The Duke and Duchess may release photos of the little prince (they did with Charlotte) but they may not. Some (including myself haha) are expecting the Cambridge kids to take part in the official portraits for their grandfather Charles’ big 70 and William and Kate may do either or. But I hope they decide to release pictures of Louis solo!


That is all for today’s blog post! See you all soon!


  • Anon

    She is fantastic and the real deal. I am looking forward to her many events now that she is back from maternity leave! Thank you for your blog– I love it.

  • Amy

    It is great to see Kate back. She looks wonderful. Also very excited for all the upcoming events in October and November that Kate will be attending.

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