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Last night rumors surfaced that the Dutch Media were reporting that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be taking part in the State Banquet that happened this evening. My gut feeling was telling me that they would attend but of course we needed confirmation before we started getting to excited! For me, it became very apparent they would be attending when a video surfaced of William and Catherine arriving by helicopter to Kensington Palace with their youngest child, Prince Louis (who turned six months old today and we have not properly seen since his christening in early July). My theory is that they were coming from Norfolk, where their country and weekend residence Anmer Hall resided, as they are spending some family time there since Prince George and Princess Charlotte are both on half-term break until October 26th.

Sure enough, a few hours later, pictures surfaced showing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at Buckingham Palace for the banquet.


Unsurprisingly,our beautiful Duchess was wearing Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara (also known as The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara), which she has worn to all her tiara events since December 2015. The Queen loaned a new necklace to The Duchess of Cambridge which is from Queen Alexandra’s wedding Parure set. Coincidentally, the last time this necklace was worn was by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in 1982 during a state visit from The Netherlands! Catherine finished of her sparkly (more like pearly!) ensemble with pearl drop earrings that used to belong to her late mother-in-law, Diana.

We all thought the jewels, tiaras, and pageantry would be the best part about this night we were wrong! A few minutes later pictures from inside the Palace began to surface and we saw a yellow thing on Kate’s right (her left) shoulder! It was in fact Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Family Order.



Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Family Order is Her Majesty’s personal honor given female members of the Royal Family. Here is a description of the order:

“The Royal Family Order depicts a young Queen Elizabeth II in evening dress wearing the ribbon and star of the Order of the Garter. The miniature, painted on ivory (glass since 2017), is bordered by diamonds and surmounted by a Tudor Crown in diamonds and red enamel. The reverse, in silver-gilt, is patterned with rays and depicts the royal cypher and St Edward’s Crown in gold and enamel. The watered silk ribbon is chartreuse yellow and formed into a bow. It is worn pinned to the dress of the recipient on the left shoulder.”


Majesty Magazine on twitter revealed that The Duchess of Cambridge has in fact had the order since last year and first wore it to the Diplomatic Reception in December (we do not get pictures for this event so it explains why we did not really see it).

Catherine now is one of the 7 living recipients of this order. The full list of the royal ladies who have the order right now:

1952: Princess Alexandra, The Ho Lady Ogilvy (cousin of The Queen)

1961: Katherine, The Duchess of Kent (wife of The Queen’s cousin)

1969: Princess Anne, The Princess Royal (Daughter of The Queen)

1973: Birgette, The Duchess of Gloucester  (wife of The Queen’s cousin)

2004: Sophie, The Countess of Wessex (daughter-in-law of The Queen)

2007: Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall (daughter-in-law of The Queen)

2017: Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (granddaughter-in-law of The Queen)


Royal Musings on twitter remarked that The Duchess of Cambridge is only the second granddaughter-in-law in history to recieve a family order. The only other one was Mary, The Duchess of York (future Queen Mary).

One of reasons some royal watchers thought The Duchess of Cambridge did not have the order yet was because the portrait was originally painted on ivory and The Duke of Cambridge is very anti-ivory. Sure enough it did seem to be a factor as her Order is the first to be painted in glass! I hope they continue to do it like that and get rid of the ivory once and for all!

The Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a blue gown from her go to brand, Alexander McQueen. This is probably my least favorite dress worn by Catherine but as I said on my Instagram, I don’t even care because I am on cloud line over the Royal Family Order haha!


The Duke of Cambridge was also there of course. He walked in side-by-side with the Prime Minster of the UK, Theresa May. Prince William was decked out in his medals, Order of the Thistle and Order f the Garter and other regalia.


That is it for this quick post! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and enjoyed the event!




  • JZM

    Do you happen to know how the jewelry is borrowed from the Queen? How do the choose the pieces they wish to borrow? Do they go through Angela Kelly?

    • adminAllyssa

      No one really knows but I assume The Queen gives them options and they choose from that. There are clearly things that are saved for the “Top Dogs” (ie. Camilla and Kate) which highlight their positions!

  • Muriel

    Thank you so much for the information regarding the new Order Catherine was wearing. I had no idea what you were saying when you first posted the pictures! It’s very interesting indeed! So Catherine is the first grand daughter in law to receive the Order…probably because she is the future Queen Consort?

    • adminAllyssa

      She is actually the second granddaughter-in-law to receive order! The first was Mary, The Duchess of York who would also later become a Queen Consort so maybe it was because of that!

  • JanMarie Harmony

    Love your page and insight to The Cambridge’s. I have adored the Duke and Duchess for many years and now the children.. Thank You from across the pond 🇺🇸

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