The Duchess of Cambridge 2018 Engagement Count



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The Duchess of Cambridge this year completed 77 Engagements by my count. She undertook one tour to Sweden and Norway at the end of January/beginning of February. The Duchess was on maternity leave from the end of March to the end of September after giving birth to her third child in April.


Tim O’Donovan who has been counting engagements for decades for The times and is one of the most reliable sources said The Duchess of Cambridge completed 87 engagements.


My count is below:


January 2018 (20)

-January 10th: Reach Academy Feltham

-January 11th: Head Start Learning Conference

-January 16th: •Coventry Cathedral

                            •Coventry University’s Science and Health Building

                            •Positive Youth Foundation


-January 17th: •Mittal Children’s Medical Center

                            •Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative


-January 23rd: Launch of the Mentally Healthy Schools Website at Green Junior School

-January 24th: •Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute

                            •Perinatal Service

-January 30th: •Brandy Hockey at Vasaparken

                                •Luncheon with the Swedish Royal Family

                                •Nobel Peace Prize Museum

                                •ArkDes,Sweden’s National Center for Architecture and Design

                                •Black-Tie Dinner at the British Ambassador’s home in Sweden

                                •Meeting with the Swedish Prime Minister


-January 31st: •Karolinska Institute


•NK Department Store Opening

•Fotografika Gallery

• February 2018 (18)

-Febrary 1st: •Meeting with the Swedish Armed Forces

                         •Luncheon with The King and Queen of Norway

                         •Tour of the Princess Ingrid Alexandra Park


                          •Dinner at the Royal Palace in Norway

-February 2nd: •Hartvig Nissen School

                             •Tea with The Crown Prince Couple

                             •Hollmenkolen Ski Jump

                              •Norwegian Ski Federation

-February 7th: Action on Addiction opening in Essex

-February 18th: BAFTAs 2018

-February 19th: Commonwealth Fashion Exchange


-February 20th: •Sunderland Fire Station

•Sunderland Northern Spire Bridge


-February 27th:  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

                                •Nursing Now Launch

   -February 28th:  •Royal Foundation Forum

                                   •Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art


•March 2018 (9)

-March 6th: Pegasus Primary School to see Family Links UK

-March 7th: Opening of a new Place2be Headquarters in London


-March 12th: CommonWealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey

-March 13th: •A meeting to discuss children’s tennis initiatives in the UK 

                         •Received the Rt. Hon. Nicolas Gibb MP

-March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

-March 21st: Conducted a Symposium on early interventions at Royal Society of Medicine

-March 22nd: •Meeting with athletes who intend to compete in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

                          •Preparing a Big Lunch at St.Luke’s Trust

April-May 2018 (0)


*Maternity Leave*


•June 2018 (1)

-June 9th: Trooping the Color


•July 2018 (4)

-July 10th: •Centenary of the RAF at Westminster Abbey

                     •RAF Flypast on the balcony of Buckingham Palace


-July 14th: Attended Wimbledon’s Women’ Singles Final

-July 15th: Attended Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles Final


August 2018:

*Maternity Leave*


September 2018 (1):

-September 12th: Received Mr. Miguel Head upon officially relinquishing him of his position as The Duke of Cambridge’s private secretary


•October 2018 (8)

-October 2nd: visited Sayers Croft Wildlife Garden and Forest School at Paddington Recreation Ground

-October 9th: Attended the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit

-October 10th: Officially opened a new Photography Center at the Victoria and Albert Museum

-October 16th: held a meeting of experts convened by the Royal Foundation to inform Her Royal Highness charitable “Early Years” initiative.

-October 17th: held a Reception at Kensington Palace for the finalists of BBC Radio One’s Teen Hero Awards.

-October 23rd: Attended State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in honor of the Dutch State Visit

-October 30th: Visited Coach Core in Essex

-October 31st: Visited the Imperial War Museum


•November 2018 (12)

-November 8th: Attended the Tusk Conservation Awards

-November 10th: Attended the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall


-November 11th: •Attended Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph

•Attended a service at Westminster Abbey to mark a 100 years since the Armistice was signed.


-November 14th: • Officially opened McLaren Composites Technology Center

• Visited Centrepoint Barnsley


-November 15th: • Visited BBC Broadcasting House

• Attended a Dinner at Victoria House


-November 20th: held a meeting of the steering group convened by the Royal Foundation

-November 21st: visited the Development Risk and Resilience Unit at the University College London


-November 28th: •visited Leicester City Football Club

•visited Leicester University


•December 2018 (5)

-December 4th: •Hosted a Christmas Party at the Orangery in Kensington Gardens for the children and families of deployed RAF personnel

•Attended Evening Reception at Buckingham Palace for the Diplomatic Corps


-December 5th: Visited Royal Air Force Akrotiri within the Sovereign Base Area

-December 11th: •Visited Evelina London Children’s Hospital

•Visited The Passage Charity

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