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Cambridge Overview: January 21st-26th

This week was quite a busy one for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Prince William flew off to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum while The Duchess stayed in the UK gathering more information for her new Early Year’s Initiative (more on that below). Let’s go over all of the events that occurred this week!



January 22nd: Legacy and Family Action


On Tuesday, The Duke of Cambridge spent his first of two days in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. As previously announced, The Duke interviewed Sir David Attenborough about his legacy and the importance of wildlife and the environment.


The interview was live and I had the privilege to watch it live. It was very insightful and i recommend it! The full interview can be viewed below:


On Prince William’s first day in Davos Switzerland, he also met up with the current Prime Minster of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.


According to the Court Circular, The Duke of Cambridge also attended a meeting on Global Governance, recieved Professor Klaus Schwab, and a screening of Sir David Attenboroughs “Out Planet”.


Meanwhile, in South London, The Duchess of Cambridge viewed Family Action to launch their new support line, “Family Line”, and to further The Duchess’s research and work focusing on the support available for children in their earliest years.



The Duchess of Cambridge has visited Family Action before in November 2017. The 2017 visit was one apparently scheduled in September of that year but Catherine was suffering from Hyperemisus Gravidarum because of her third pregnancy so it was rescheduled.


The visit today was hosted by the chief executive of Family Action, David Holmes (the man on the left) who is a member of the steering group Catherine convened in March 2018.  I’m hoping we get some news soon about her initiative!


Family Actions’ new service, “Family Line”, uses a network of volunteers from across the country to support parents & carers through phone calls, email and texts. The Duchess of Cambridge was able to listen to an expert training session.


The Duchess of Cambridge also spoke to to young caretakers at family action about the pressures of balancing school and caring for their families.


Catherine also viewed a short video from Family Action for their 150th anniversary. The theme is “Every Family has it’s monsters”. You can view it below:


And a video of Catherine during the engagement:


At the end of the engagement, The Duchess was presented with flowers by 13-year old Helena who takes care of her mother:


For her engagement, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a belt (that she has worn a few times but it remains hnidentified) with a dress from one her favorite brands (that she has worn multiple times), Beulah London. The company donates money to organizations for human trafficking victims as well as employing some victims.



Coincidentally, one of the brand’s founders is Lady Natasha Rufuus Isaccs, who is the wife of Rupert Finch aka Kate’s boyfriend at St. Andrews before William!


The Duchess also wore her Gianvito Rossi Olive Pumps:


And to bring it all together she carried her LK Bennet Clutch:



January 23rd: Switzerland Day 2


On his 2nd in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, The Duke of Cambridge took part in a Mental Health panel discussion with New Zealand’s Prime Minsted, Jacinda Ardern, Becky Quick, John Flint, Bernard J. Tyson.



A full full video of the panel can be found below:


The Duke also met with former US Vice President Al Gore to talk about environmental issues.


And with Her Majesty Queen Maxima of The Netherlands (one of my favorite royals!) and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel:


He also attended a meeting on Illagal Wildlife Trade according to the Court Circular.


That’s all for this week! Rumor has it that Next week on January 29th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or the Earl and Countess of Strathearn as they’re known in Scotland) will be in Dundee for a series of seems to be embargoed was accidentally announced by a reporter. That’s all for now on the schedule but we’ll probably see some private engagements pop up in the Court Circular!


And to end this post a bring to you two photo of The Duke of Cambridge leaving or arriving in Davos, Switzerland with his cute little “Dad” Sweater! See you next week!



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