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The Cambridges in 2019

Now that we have already taken a look at all the excited things that have happened in 2018 (click here to read full Year In Review post), lets take a glimpse as to what 2019 has in store for our favorite little family!



On January 9th, 2019 and June 21st, 2019 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will both turn 37 years old. They don’t usually release photos so I would not expect any to be released.


On April 23rd, 2019, Prince Louis will turn a whole year old! When Princess Charlotte turned 1 in 2016, four photos were released to mark the occasion:


And in 2014 when Prince George turned 1, they released 3 photos:


So I would expect 3-4 pictures to mark Prince Louis’ first birthday!


On May 2nd, 2019, Princess Charlotte will turn 4 years old (cries forever). When Prince George turned 4 they released one official portrait but I hope, considering we did not get any official photos for her third birthday, they decide to release more than one.


And on July 22, 2019, our first little Cambridge baby will turn 6 years old. As more time goes by we really realize he isn’t a baby anymore.



In 2019, I expect maybe 2-3 tours. One in Spring, the other in the Summer, and the last in the Fall. If I were to guess, I think the tours will be largely European based due to Brexit. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been two of the royals most used for the whole Brexit Charm deal to strengthen ties between the UK and European countries. I would love  for them to go to Spain or Italy. Two counties on the top of my tour wish list!

I’ve been asked if there is a possibility next year we will see the first tour of the family of five and I think it is a possible! It would have to be in the summer though as in Spring and Fall Prince George and Princess Charlotte have school.

In the fall of 2016, The Cambridges went on their first tour as a family of four to Canada when Princess Charlotte was around 16 month old and the pictures we got were priceless.


Summer 2019 would put Prince Louis around the same age as Princess Charlotte on her first tour! Let’s hope for the best!


I would also love to see an Asia or a South America tour for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge next year. In Spring of 2016 they toured India and Bhutan and that tour is honestly one of my favorites. Tours like those are usually so different and much more fun to follow than the usual  Australia or Canada tours that The Royal Family do way to often.


In 2019 I also expect The Duchess of Cambridge to do 1 or 2 solo overseas trips. In her 7 years of marriage she has done two. In 2014, she was scheduled for a two-day trip to Malta but was replaced by The Duke of Cambridge when she became pregnant with Princess Charlotte and was effected by Hyperemisis Gravidarum. The Duchess of Cambridge made her first official overseas solo trip to the Netherlands in 2016 and her second solo trip to Luxembourg in 2017.


Official Work

I have no doubt 2019 will see an increase in The Duke of Cambridge, but especially, The Duchess of Cambridge’s workload. 2019 will be the first full year where The Duchess of Cambridge will be a full time royal. Reporters have said that her new initiative on ‘Early Years’ will be launched early this year. It will be so much fun and eventful to see how things change!

I also see in 2019, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both taking on more events on behalf of The Queen and even with her!



Since January 2018 Princess Charlotte has been attending Willcocks Nursery School in London but in the fall of 2019 she will officially begin “big girl school”. Prince George was announced to be attending Thomas’s Battersea in March 2017 so I would expect the announcement for Charlotte’s schooling sometime around then.

Princess Charlotte can attend Thomas’s Battersea but there is a possibility she will attend another school. Many people thought she would go the nursery school at Thomas’s but she did not as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pick schooling that caters to their children’s individual needs. We have to wait and see!

On Prince George’s first day of school, he was accompanied only by his father as his mother was suffering from Hypremisus Gravidarum during her third pregnancy. We got photos and videos of shy little George and The Duke arriving for his big day.



Later after Prince George wrapped up his first day of school, we got an official photo taken by Chris Jackson at Kensington Palace before leaving for School.


I would expect about the same thing for Princess Charlotte’s first day!


Princess Diana Statue Unveiling


It was announced in 2017 that a statue of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, would be erected in the grounds of Kensington Palace. A few months later, in December 2017, they announced that Ian Rank-Broadley would be sculpting the statue and it would be unveiled in 2019. We have had no updates since then but we can most likely expect it to be done next year. I hope that for the unveiling, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to bring at least Prince George and Princess Charlotte to it.


Trooping the Color 2019


In 2016, at the age of 13 months, Princess Charlotte made her balcony debut during The Queen’s official birthday parade, Trooping the Color. I think in 2019 (June 8th) we can expect Prince Louis to make his debut as he will be almost 14 months old! It’ll be lovely to see the family of five all together!


I am also hoping that next year Prince George (and maybe Princess Charlotte) ride in the carriage during the parade and not just appear in the balcony. Prince William was 5 when he began to ride in the carriage so maybe we can expect George to finally do it!


Princess Charlotte’s First UK Engagement


Princess Charlotte has accompanied her parents on two royal tours and takes her royal duties very seriously. But the Little Princess has yet to have her first official engagement in the UK. In 2016, Prince George was days away from turning 3 when he had his first engagement but Princess Charlotte is already 3 (closer to 4) years old! I hope they can find something to take her too!


Family Events 


In 2019 two christenings will most likely take place. The first being Arthur Matthews’, son of Pippa and James Matthews. Arthur is George, Charlotte, and Louis’ first little cousin (maternal) and they will undoubtedly be close just like their parents. I suspect a christening will happen in January or February. I do not know how it’ll work. Like if there will be photographers or what. No matter what, I hope the kids get to attend. And basically the same thing for the child of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He or She will probably be christened in the summer and I think the kids will go.

Another “family event” is Catherine taking the kids to go watch their pops play polo. She did this year in June and it was George’s 3rd time but Charlotte’s first. I really hope mummy Cambridge decides to take them and we can get adorable photos like we did this year.


First Appearance of 2019


I would expect for Kensington Palace to start announcing engagements in early January as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have started to resume to royal duties much earlier than they used to.


Our first spotting of the Cambridges will most likely be on the first Sunday of the year where we would see them arriving and departing church on the Sandringham Estate. The below photo is from January  2018:


I think that is all for this half of the post! Those are things I am pretty sure will happen! Now onto some Predictions!


  • Prince George will attend some engagements with his parents.
  • There will be 2 state visits and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will participate in both.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge will get a new tiara loaned to her.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge will get the Royal Victorian Order.
  • KP Team will split smoothly.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge to get another Military appointment.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take on more patronages from The Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge’s New initiative will be a huge success.
  • Princess Charlotte will attend Thomas’s Battersea
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend their first State Opening of Parliament.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will go on at least 2 tours and the kids will go on one of them (summer)
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the new Emperor of Japan’s coronation in 2019


Other “Royals”:

  • Baby Sussex is a boy.
  • Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will announce a pregnancy mid-end year.
  • Princess Eugenie and Jack brooksbank will announce a pregnancy.
  • Princess Madeleine and family move full-time back to Sweden
  • Pippa Middleton will be pregnant with her second child by the end of the year.
  • James Middleton will get engaged.


That is all for this post. It will be fun to see how many of these I get right haha! I would love to hear all of your predictions so leave them down below! Happy New Years Everyone! I hope 2019 treats you well!


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