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Blogging Hiatus Over (April Recap)


I am so happy to finally say that my Blogging Hiatus is over! My classes are over and thankfully I passed all of them so I’m going back to my regular programming of doing weekly Cambridge Overviews but since I am officially on break I am thinking of doing a post for each engagement! Will let you all know! Here is my final monthly recap! I did one for February and March during my hiatus and here is the one for April! Enjoy!


*Prince George and Princess Charlotte had their end-term break until April 24th which explains The Duke and Duchess’ light schedule. They spent most of it away from London*



April 2nd:

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the day we all have been waiting for finally came! After the news that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would set up their own household, the social media that was shared between the Sussexes and Cambridges was split with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keeping the Kensington Royal Account! Funnily, though some boasted that the account would lose followers after he split, it has actually gained followers after the following count had been dormant for quite a while. They currently are sitting at 7.4 million followers on Instagram, up 200k since the split announcement and since I took the below screenshot.






It was a very good decision and I am extremely happy! Hopefully the toxicity will stop! The Cambridges used the photo that they released for Christmas 2018 of the whole family as their new profile picture!


April 4th:

On April 4th, The Duke of Cambridge joined his father, The Prince of Wales, and his brother, The Duke of Sussex, for a rare joint engagement as they attended the Global Premiere of the Netflix UK Film, “Our Planet”.


The Duke of Cambridge had already seen the film as he attended a screening in January of this year during the Global Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland after he interviewed Sir David Attenborough.


Lovely moment between William and his “Pa”!


Video of the engagement:


April 6th:

On April 6th it was revealed that The Duke of Cambridge spent 3 weeks working with the MI5, MI6, and the GCHQ! I was really happy about this because not only does it show how hands-on he is in preparing for his role as The Prince of Wales and eventually King but also gives a reason for his light weight public schedule in the last 2 weeks of March! He spent a week with each organization starting with the MI5 and then MI6 in London so he was still based at Kensington Palace and was able to be with his family and do the school runs! He then spent the first week of April, which was also the first week of the childrens’ school break, in Cheltenham with the GCHQ. More information about his 3 weeks “undercover” can be found here!


While spending the week in Cheltenham he stayed at his father’s country home, Highgrove House, which makes me think that the whole Cambridge Family spent the week at “Grandpa Wales'” home since the kids were off school! I find it more likely they were all there than at Kensington Palace where they are spotted almost every time they leave the palace or Anmer Hal which is quite far from London and Cheltenham. It is the perfect middle ground: they weren’t far from William and were away from the city and able to to spend time in the country plus with Charles and Camilla!


April 12th:

On April 12th, The Duke of Cambridge’s cousin Zara Tindall and her little family were in town (Norfolk) for the Burnham Market Horse Trials, where she competed, so…William, Kate, George, and Charlotte showed up to show their support!


The Cambridges were of course in Norfolk for the children’s Easter Holiday as they have their country home, Anmer Hall, nearby. Pictures like these are so endearing as we get to see the royals in a more relaxed setting spending time with their family. Below, The Duchess of Cambridge carried Princess Charlotte on her shoulders and The Duke carried Zara’s daughter, Mia, on his shoulders while Zara walked beside them.


Prince George wasn’t far from the fun as he got a ride on Mike Tindall’s shoulders! The only ones missing from the little party were the two youngest of the family: Prince Louis and Lena Tindall!


Growing up, Prince William and Zara (And her brother Peter) were always close and when Kate and Mike came into the equation, both couples became very close. Zara particularly has always known to be very fond of Kate! It’s very sweet to see that the cousin love has passed on to the next generation! Below, Prince William gives his cousin a kiss after she finished competing!


An onlooker said: “They were just like any other family, enjoying a day out and having a lovely time. There were no tantrums thrown by the kids and they all seemed very down to earth. A few people noticed them, but generally everyone just carried on as normal”.


I love these photos so much and will always cherish them! Below we see that Mia Tindall seems to be comparing her height to Prince George’s!


Hopefully Polo season 2019 allows us to see all the cousins (Savannah and Isla Phillips, Mia and Lena Tindall, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis) reunite on the sidelines for some fun!



April 21st:

On Easter Sunday, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined other members of the Royal Family for the annual service eat St. George’s Chapel! Prince William used to attend somewhat regularly when he was a child but stopped until 2017. The Duke and Duchess attended in 2017, 2018, and now 2019 so I think we can assume this will be an annual event for them! Easter Sunday was also The Queen’s birthday!


Other members of the royal family included: The Earl and Countess of Wessex, with Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence, Peter and Autumn Phillips, Mike and Zara Tindall, The Duke of York and Princess Beatrice, and The Duke of Sussex. Given the fact that the Phillips and Tindalls were in attendance, I have no doubt Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and to a certain extent Prince Louis were enjoying some quality time with their cousins!


I’ve talked a bit about this before but I absolutely love the relationship between Zara and Kate. Zara is like the big sister Prince William never had and the two have always bee tremendously close (they are only 11 months apart) so the girl William dated and eventually ended up marrying would have to spend quite a bit of time with Zara and her partner and it’s lovely to see that the girls genuinely  love chatting and have a friendship outside their familial relation! The to have known each other for years! If I’m not mistaken the earliest photo of the two dates back to around 2005/2006. In July 2007, at the concert thrown in memory of Diana, Zara was seated right blow Kate and the two were spotted chatting. Zara was picked as one of Prince George’s godmothers and is actually the only family member that has been chosen as a godparent! Lovely to know they have each other!


The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a fan favorite repeat! She wore an Alexander McQueen coat-dress that she had already worn to an Easter Sunday Service in 2014 while her, William, and George were on tour in Australia! She paired it with the same hat she wore for the coat’s first outing, her Emmy London heels and clutch, her Wedding earrings which had only worn I believe once after her wedding, and finally an Acorn Brooch!


If I’m being totally honest, the coat was never one of my favorite’s and I didn’t really like it the first time she wore it in 2014 but today I loved it! She seemed to have gotten it better tailored and I think her accessories matched up more!

A video of the arrivals and The Queen’s departure:


April 22nd:

On Monday, April 22nd, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a statement to the people of Sri Lanka after the horrible attacks that happened on Easter Sunday which saw 290 people (including tourists and Christians) die and over 500 people injured. Their statement read:

“We have been deeply saddened to learn of the devastating attacks in Sri Lanka this Easter Sunday.Senseless acts like these in places that people would expect to be at their safest are truly horrifying.Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives, to the Christian community, and to the people of Sri Lanka at this tragic time. You are all in our thoughts and prayers”.


April 23rd:

April 23rd was the day we all had been waiting for (and simultaneously dreading)! Prince Louis turned one (how!!!) and for the occasion his parents decided to share three snaps with us! 


The photos were taken at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, by proud mum Kate! The Duchess has taken many of the children’s official portraits including the first pictures of Princess Charlotte, photos released of a 6-month old Princess in November 2015, photos marking both Prince George (2016) and Princess Charlotte’s (2018) first days at their respective nurseries, Princess Charlotte’s first and second birthday photos, Princess Louis’ first photos and now his first birthday! I love that Kate takes the pictures as the children are always more comfortable, relaxed, and natural in her portraits!


This is the “Are we done yet?” face and I love it! Prince Louis is a perfect mix of his two older siblings but I still think he takes after George and the Middleton side of the family the most!


The Cambridge family celebrated privately at Kensington palace. Louis’ birthday marked the last day of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Easter Break and The Duke of Cambridge also took a flight to New Zealand that morning, after some Birthday breakfast, since the flights are 24 hours long and there is an 11 hour time difference! They are thought to have held a little party for Louis at Anmer Hall with guests likely including The Middleton Family, Louis’ godparents, and other friends and family!


April 25th:

After a happy beginning of the week, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both undertook somber engagements on April 25th. The Duke began his 2-Day visit to New Zealand in Auckland where he attended the ANZAC Day Civic Service at the Auckland War memorial Museum with Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern.


The Duke of Cambridge laid a wreath on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.


Below was when he greeted The Prime Minister with the traditional Maori greeting, the Hongi.


While in Auckland, The Duke of Cambridge and Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern made a visit to Starship Children’s Hospital where they got to meet little Alen Alsati who had woken up that week from a coma due to suffering critical injuries from the attack. Prince William had a little chat with Alen about Princess Charlotte!


Prince William and the Prime Minster then got on a flight to Christchurch where William spent the remainder of his visit with survivors of the terrible Mosque terror attacks as well as with first responders and the wider Muslim Community.


Upon landing in Chrischurch, The Duke of Cambridge visited the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct  where he thanked first responders who arrived on the scene quickly.


I love this quote he told the first officers and medics who arrived on the scene:

“A good friend doesn’t pick up the phone when a person i sin need, they travel to their place and put their arms around them”.


His last engagement of his first day in New Zealand, The Duke of Cambridge Muslim community leaders in Christchurch to thank them for their work bringing the community together following the Christchurch mosques terrorist attack.


Videos from Day 1:

Arrival at the Auckland War Memorial Museum


Arrival in Christchurch and first engagements


The Duchess on the other hand was back in London where she attended an ANZAC Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. She was accompanied by The Duke of Sussex:


ANZAC Day is a “national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”. The Duke of Gloucester, The Queen’s cousin, also joined Catherine and Harry at the service:


The Duchess met other guests after the service:


For  the somber event, The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a new teal Catherine Walker coat-dress with a new hat by a new milliner for her, Rosie Olivia. Her accessories included a new Emmy London ‘Natasha’ Clutch and a repeat of her Emmy London ‘Rebecca’ Pumps.


P.s. Harry clearly hates Kate’s guts… (that was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).


A video:


April 26th:

On April 26th, The Duke of Cambridge spent another day in Christchurch with the victims and those affected by the March 15th terrorist attacks. Prince William met with about 160 survivors on his second day in New Zealand. He started off the day visiting patients at a Christchurch Hospitals.


William spent quite a bit of time with the patients and even sat down to help one elderly lady complete her Jigsaw puzzle! People were so eager to meet the prince and he gave them some quality time!

The Duke of Cambridge then headed to Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque which were the two places of worship targeted in the attacks. At the Al Noor Mosque he met Farid Ahmad, who lost his wife in the attack after she had led a group of children to safety from the Al Noor Mosque and died while returning to rescue her husband.


Prince William also gave a very poignant and moving speech where he paid tribute particularly to the Muslim Community and Chirstchurch for showing so much strength as well as praising Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her incredible display of leadership while her country, her people, were in such grief. I personally am in awe of her quick call to action and compassion towards her people! You can watch his full speech below:


The Duke of Cambridge than headed to the Earthquake National Memorial which is a memorial for those killed in the early 2011 earthquakes. Prince William actually also flew to Christchurch in early 2011 after the Earthquakes to meet the injured and community. He clearly has a special connection to them:


To finish off his visit, The Duke of Cambridge went on a walkabout to meet the local members of the community:


A video of his walkabout can be found below:


SO SO Happy My hiatus is finally over! The Royal summer months are generally very busy so I’m excited to be back to blogging!



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