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One-Third Through My Blogging Hiatus (February Recap)

Hey guys! I made this February recap with all the engagements I missed while on my Blogging hiatus! I’ll do one of these for each month I miss! So here it is!


February 5th:

It was Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK and of course The Duchess of Cambridge participated in events to mark the week. On Tuesday, February 5th, Catherine visited 2 schools to find out more about the support offered to students, teachers and parents to help with mental wellbeing.


First she visited, Lavender Primary School in support of specifically her patronage Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week.


The Duchess of Cambridge then visited Alperton Community School to find out more about the programmes the school runs to support both students and teachers with their mental wellbeing. Catherine also was there to specifically meet UK’s first winner of the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, Andria Zafirakou.


Videos from the engagements:


While The Duchess of Cambridge was conducting those engagements, The Duke of Cambridge held the second investiture ceremony of the year at Buckingham Palace on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen:


February 6th:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both conducted separate private engagements. The Duke visited Mental Health Innovations at Phoenix Brewery while The Duchess held a dinner at Buckingham Palace for The Royal Foundation.


February 9th

On February 9th, (or the 10th in the UK) Kensington Palace released more details about the garden The Duchess of Cambridge is a co-designer with Andree Davies and Adam White.


The Garden for the Chelsea Flower Show (that will happen from May 21st-25th) is named “Back to Nature Garden” and aims to “inspire families to get outside and explore nature together”. The garden will include a Treehouse,  a Waterfall and Stream, a Rustic Den, a Campfire, and Stepping Stones. Below is a sketch:


Pictures of The Duchess working on the garden:


February 10th:

On Sunday, February 10th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the 72nd Annual British Acadamy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall.


The Duchess of Cambridge looked gorgeous and was described as a “Greek goddess”. She wore a new Bespoke Alexander McQueen Dress, Jimmy Choo Pumps, and an Alexander McQueen clutch.

The Duchess also wore a bracelet on loan from The Queen and a pair of her late mother-in-law’s earrings. She wore the detachable top piece with pearls from another set of Diana’s earrings.


A photo from from the inside when The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their seats:


In his roles as BAFTA’s president, The Duke of Cambridge presented the fellowship award to Thelma Schoonmaker. You can view his full speech below:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving:


And then meeting winners after the ceremony:


February 13th:

Wednesday, February 13th, was a busy day for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

The Duke of Cambridge visited The Passage Charity which on that day was announced as a new patronage for The Duke.


Prince William first visited the charity in 1993 with his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, and has returned many times over the last 25 years. His most recent visit was in December 2018 with The Duchess. Below is a picture of his entry signature in the visitors book to mark his visit in 1993 and a picture of him with his mother and brother on a visit in 1995!


The Duke of Cambridge helped prepare and serve lunch during his visit.


And he met with clients and volunteers from The Passage Charity’s new program “Home For Good” which pairs formerly-homeless clients with local volunteers to help them settle into their new homes and community life. Read more about The Duke of Cambridge’s new patronage here.


Meanwhile, The Duchess of Cambridge attended The Royal Foundation’s “Mental Health in Education” Conference:


The conference was to further her research before she launches her solo initiative focusing on children’s Early year’s. The Duchess of Cambridge stayed at the conference for over 4 hours and had many things on her schedule such as meeting with Head Teachers from a number of schools that are currently piloting The Royal Foundation’s ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’ program and  attending a meeting with teachers and specialists from the sector to further discuss the potential impact of consistent mental health teacher training, as well as the challenges facing its implementation.


The Duchess of Cambridge gave an unplanned speech at the end of her time at the conference. PEOPLE Magazine said: “Moments before she was due to leave, Princess Kate told her staff she had prepared an ‘impromptu speech’ to give the gathered delegates. Kate had been taking notes throughout the discussions and roundtable discussions and told them, ‘I wasn’t planning on making a speech, but I wanted to say a few words on reflection.'” Read more about The Duchess of Cambridge’s time at the conference here plus watch her full speech below:


Later that evening, The Duchess of Cambridge attended the 100 Women in Finance Gala which was in aid of Mentally Healthy schools that The Duchess launched in early 2018. She wore a gorgeous Gucci dress for the event:




And gave a speech:


One more picture of The Duchess because she deserves it:



February 14th:

On February 14th, The Duke of Cambridge visited two programs supporting men’s mental health. He first visited Pall Mall Barbers in Paddington which is “a collective run by barbers who raise awareness for prevention of suicide.


The program he went to see was the “Lions Barber Collective” where they can chat to clients and are able to “recognize the signs of depression and mental health issues”.  Tom Chapman, the founder and CEO of the Lions Barber collective, said of The Duke’s visit:

“He’s genuinely interested in everyone’s story and spent a lot of time talking to the guys. He was talking about the relationships between fathers and sons in general and the importance of himself and us passing it on to the nest generation. He said he’s come across guys who don’t want to talk professionally but when you get a group of men together people are far more comfortable talking. It’s something he’s passionate about and wants to drive forward with. he realizes that we are at the tip of the iceberg with mental health. Although it’s come a long way in the last five to ten years, we have a long way to go. But we’re heading in the right direction”.



The Duke of Cambridge then visited a program called “Future Dads” set  up by the charity Future Men. The charity is “located in London and provides advice and support for fathers, helping to develop their confidence as dads”.


CEO Christopher Muwanguzi said of The Duke of Cambridge’s visit:

“We had a laugh, we talked about parenthood, our partners & more importantly how every dad particularly those that need it most can be reached through our Future Dad course. What a great guy, and what a great father and man that genuinely cares about men in this country”.



Near Kensington Palace, The Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a nice Valentines Day stroll with her littlest man/the cutest date, Prince Louis!


Its been reported that William and Kate take turns walking Princess Charlotte to nursery which is near Kensington Palace so perhaps The Duchess and Louis were on there way back from dropping her off!


The person who posted these pictures also posted a Instagram story video showing The Duchess stopping by the pond to show Prince Louis the geese!



February 18th-22nd

From February 18th-22nd Prince George and Princess Charlotte were both on half-term break from school and nursery so naturally The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took the week off to spend time with their little family.

There was a rumor that they went on a skiing holiday but there was absolutely no proof of that. A story  came out a few days later disproving the rumor with a siting of The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte at a pool in a luxury spa. Obviously we don’t even know if that’s true but my best bet is that they spent time up at Anmer Hall, their country home in Norfolk.


February 26th

February 26th marked one year since The Duchess of Cambridge visit the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to launch the Nursing Now 2020 Campaign which she is patron of. She released a statement on the anniversary saying:


“I am delighted that, at the end of its first year, Nursing Now has grown internationally, with local and national groups in over 60 countries. Nurses play a vital role in health teams all around the world, and this campaign is doing an important job of raising their status and profile globally.  The dedication and professionalism of nurses is awe-inspiring.  It is wonderful news that the World Health Organization Executive Board has announced that 2020 will be the ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’. This is a fitting celebration of the 20 million nurses worldwide and we hope that more young people will be attracted into nursing careers to ensure that the principle that health is for everyone, everywhere, becomes a reality.”


Here is one of my all time favorite video of The Duchess visit to the RCOB in 2018. She was leaving when she spotted Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, who helped deliver both Prince George and Princess Charlotte:



February 27-28th The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Northern Ireland. I have a full blog post on their visist here.


That’s all for February! The Duke of Cambridge completed 14 engagements bringing his yearly total to 32 engagements while The Duchess completed 12 engagements bringing her yearly total to 20 engagements. You can find William’s full engagement count page here and Kate’s here.

As I mentioned you can expect one of these for March and maybe April if I’m not back by then! See you all then but make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I am actively updating!


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