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Cambridge Overview: May 13th-19th



Another amazing exciting week in the Cambridge Royal Watching so let’s just jump into this week’s Cambridge Overview!


May 13th:

On Monday, Kensington Palace issued 3 new photos of The Duchess of Cambridge working on the garden she co-designed with Davies and White for the Chelsea Flower Show.


They also revealed:

“Over the past few months, The Duchess and landscape architects Davies White have visited plant nurseries, suppliers and specialist craftspeople who have been growing and building elements of the garden”.


Press day, when The Royal Family attends, will be on Monday, May 20th, so we can expect to The Duchess and other members of the Royal Family!


May 14th:


On May 14th, both The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a pretty busy day! The Duke of Cambridge attended a joint meeting of the United for Wildlife taskforces for the financial and transport sector. The meeting wasthe first time the two groups had come together and to explore what more the 120 members can do to work together to combat illegal wildlife trade.


United for Wildlife is a program run by The Royal Foundation, working to combat the illegal trade in animal products around the world by “bringing together conservation organisations, law enforcement, governments and global corporations”. Since the formation of the Taskforces, they have supported 52 law investigations, contributed to 10 trafficker arrests and assisted in over $500,000 USD of seizures.


The Duke of Cambridge gave the closing speech and met with representatives from member organisations. You can view the speech below and read it here!


The Duke of Cambridge also privately Received Dr. Haruhisa Handa.


The Duchess of Cambridge on the other hand headed to Bletchley Park where she viewed a special D-Day exhibition in the newly restored Teleprinter Building, marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Below she met students who had gathered to meet her!


She also met the “next generation” of code-breakers taking part in one of Bletchley Park Trust’s learning activities.


The workshop is based on the new exhibition and it allows the school children to take on the role of code breakers in June 1944, intercepting and deciphering German communications in order to “understand their order of battle and decide whether the Operation Fortitude deception plans have been successful”.


I love this picture so much!


The Duchess of Cambridge was surprised with two bricks on the Code breakers wall at Bletchley Park dedicated to her paternal grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, and her twin sister Mary!


The sisters both worked at Bletchley Park during the war! Valerie married Peter Middleton and the two of them had 4 sons including Michael Middleton, Catherine’s father. Funnily, Mary also married a Middleton brother! Below is a picture from Valerie and Peter’s wedding with Mary to the right and Peter’s brother Christopher to the left (I’m not sure if this was the brother Mary married).


Catherine last visited Bletchley Park in 2014 specifically to see the type of work her grandmother did! That’s when we got this adorable video of her meeting a woman who had worked with Valerie!


The Duchess of Cambridge then met with Bletchley Park’s Veterans including Rena Stewart, Georgina Rose, Elizabeth Diacon, and Audrey Mather.


Elizabeth was WAAF shift supervisor and Georgia was a teleprinter operator and Morse slip reader!


For the engagement, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Alessandra Rich dress she first wore for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday portraits but this was our first good look at the dress!


She paired it with her Emmy London heels and her Smythson purse/clutch!


Of course she received her traditional bouquet!


A video from the engagement:


It was also reported that on Tuesday, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to Windsor to meet baby Archie!


May 15th:

On May 15th, The Duke of Cambridge announced yet another new campaign! As president of the Football Association, William brought togethr Heads Together and the FA for Heads Up!


Heads Up  will harness the power of football to get more people, particularly men, to feel comfortable talking about their mental health, and feel able to support their friends and families through difficult times.


The Duke of Cambridge attended a launch event for Heads Up at Wembley Stadium where he gave a speech in the Press Conference Room!


The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Royal Horticultural Society to start preparing the garden she co-designed for the Chelsea Flower Show!


May 17th:

On May 17th, The Duchess of Cambridge was at St. Thomas’s Battersea school in her official capacity as…Mummy! Prince George goes to the school and this week they participated in Mental Health Awareness week. They brought in a Mental Health Advocate and Speaker and after the event she tweeted (now deleted): “This morning I spoke at Battersea School and it was absolutely amazing and a real honour to have the Duchess of Cambridge, attend to hear me speak. We had a lovely chat at the end about all the work she is doing on mental health.”

The picture below is from September 2018:


May 17th:

On Friday, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both had separate private engagements. The Duke of Cambridge attended a Lunch at Buckingham Palace for Conservation International and the Elephant Protection Initiative.

Meanwhile, The Duchess of Cambridge once again visited her garden for the second time that week. It is very clear she is/has been very hands on with this project and was visiting this week to see how the building of the garden was coming along! Can’t wait to see the final product!


May 18th:

On Saturday, The Duke of Cambridge, in his capacity as President of the Football Association, attended the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium where he presented the winning team with the trophy!


May 19th:

Today (well yesterday depending on your timezone), Kensington Palace published some more photos from The Duchess working on her garden this week! The garden includes a swing seat, hanging below the garden’s centrepiece, a high platform tree house.


he high platform tree house is inspired by a bird or animal nest and provides a wonderful place to retreat and look out through the trees. The treehouse is made from chestnut, with hazel, stag horn oak and larch nest cladding.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Back to Nature’ Garden is aiming to inspire interaction with the natural environment through its multi-sensory, green and blue plant scheme. The Duchess said: “I believe that spending time outdoors when we are young can play a role in laying the foundations for children to become happy, healthy adults.”

The garden will be filled with incredible edibles, plants for craft activities, forest scents and a diverse range of plants, shrubs and trees of different heights and textures. The flowers below are forget-me-nots, Catherine’s late mother-in-law’s favorite flower.


Tomorrow, May 20th, The Duchess of Cambridge will finally debut the garden she co-designed at the Chelsea Flower Show. The Queen and other members of the Royal Family will be in attendance and of course we are expecting Prince William! The Queen is hosting the second garden party of the season on Tuesday and, although William has an engagement that same day, it is possible that we will see both or just Kate at the garden party! Until next time!


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