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Royal Foundation Split


This morning it was announced that the current structure of The Royal Foundation will change. I have lots of thoughts but let’s start with the facts:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to split their Royal Foundation which was the umbrella where all their initiatives worked out of.


The Royal Foundation was founded by Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009 when they started to break away from their father and begin their own charitable work. It became fully operational in 2011 which was the same year The Duchess of Cambridge joined them.


The official reasoning given by the palaces is the diverging roles between the two couples which will also see more restrictions put on William and Catherine.


As for the future of the new Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the full press release states: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wish to build on The Foundation’s past successes, continuing programmes such as ‘Heads Up’, the new mental health campaign delivered in partnership with the FA, ‘United for Wildlife’ which runs a global taskforce tackling the illegal wildlife trade, and ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’ which supports teachers and staff improve child mental health. They are also developing new initiatives on the environment and support for children and families which The Foundation expects to announce in the coming year”.


The Sussexes will be setting up their own foundation. They will decide how things get transferred to their foundation. The only thing I, in my opinion, think they will be taking is all the stuff from Meghan’s cookbook and the work Harry has done with the Endeavor Fund.


Now for my thoughts:


First off the “official” reasoning for the split…it kind of makes sense because it is true, they have continuously diverging roles and different restrictions on what is deemed appropriate for each of their roles. If you don’t think they have different roles and restrictions, that’s on you for not getting how Royalty works. That being said I don’t think it is the full story.


A year ago, when their roles were really beginning to actually change with William taking on more ‘heir’ duties, they were up on a stage vowing to work together and “make a difference together”. Now the tune has changed. Perhaps they did work together and noticed their approaches were different? Which brings me to the next point: The pros and cons of the split.


Pros: Both couples will be able to forge their own paths and be able to do their work the way they want to. And selfishly the more they are separate publicly, the more the fans would hopefully be separate (although there are a few who just can’t seem to keep the Cambridges out of their mouths even though they hate them).


Cons: It does come off as super hypocritical and I don’t think it was totally necessary. The whole point of the foundation was to get things under one umbrella to avoid charities competing to get funds and with a whole new foundation, that’s exactly what they’d be doing. Also, all four of them are patrons. It’s not like they run the ins and outs of the foundation. They all focus on their own initiatives so I don’t totally get why they’d have to split.


Finally the personal part of this whole thing: It would be totally unfair to say that the Cambridges and Sussexes hate each other, don’t ever talk or see each other, and have blocked each other out of their lives. We have no proof or really anything that genuinely suggests that. But it is apparent that things aren’t the same and of course that would somewhat happen as it’s a whole new dynamic. I think working together has put on extra pressure and tension. The Royal Family is a family but as royals they are also a business first and foremost. They are called the “firm” for a reason. So hopefully now that they aren’t working together, they could go back to being a regular family and focus on their relationships.


Its all down now and they’ve split. I may not agree with everything and how it all has been handle but there’s nothing we can do. Now we just wait for the exciting projects and initiatives coming in the near future for the Cambridges!


Its a New Era, a New Chapter and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come nor more proud to be a supporter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Lots to come and we’ll be here watching and admiring these two…


  • Mia

    Look how arrogant William is in the photo of the four of them. He’s a pompous prick isn’t he? Poor Kate. She looks completely lost and out of her depth. She is stuck in a public service job to a cheater and with the eyes of the world on her. I feel so sad for her.

    • adminAllyssa

      I feel so sad for you! How gullible and how much hatred can you have to but on little glasses and see what you want. None of what you said was true.

  • Tausi

    Yes! I am so excited for William and Kate!

    They have shown so much class, grace and authenticity on their work. I can’t wait to see all their upcoming initiatives!!

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