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A Royal Summer Vacation


As the Cambridges are just beginning their summer holidays, lets take a look at their past summer vacations !


2005: Kenya

Their very first vacation as an official couple was thought to be to Kenya, the country they would get engaged in 5 years later, after their graduation in June 2005. Prince William has long had a love affair with the continent of Africa and was clearly eager to “introduce” it to his then girlfriend!


According to Vanity Fair, they stayed in a “Masai-owned Il Ngwesi Lodge, in the Mukogodo Hills of central Kenya” and in the  “evenings he and Kate would sip cocktails and dine alfresco”.


2006 and 2007: Ibiza

In September 2006, William and Kate enjoyed their second summer trip to the Spanish Island of Ibiza!


William and Kate enjoyed some time on a rented yacht with the rest of the Middletons and some other friends!


While in Ibiza, the couple stayed at Kate’s now somewhat estranged uncle’s property called, Le Mansion de Bang Bang:


The home boasts an infinity pool (one of my dreams!) and a tennis court along with a plethora of other fun things!


Kate went back to Ibiza in June 2007 with her family and some of her closest friends, including Emilia Jardine-Patterson who is now Prince George’s godmother, and family sans William during their breakup (although her “aunt” allegedly said the two had been talking on the phone the whole time):


2006, 2008, and 2018: Mustique

Mustique is undoubtedly The Middleton Family’s favorite vacation destination. The private island has been the location for most of their winter holidays but occasionally they go in the summer. William and Kate’s first time together to Mustique was in 2006:


For their first trip to Mustique, they stayed in the gorgeous 6-bedroom, Villa Hibiscus:


The view is just absolutely glorious!


The couple returned two years later with the rest of the Middleton Family in 2008 and were spotted enjoying some time together on a yacht:


This time they stayed in the 4-bedroom, Villa Rocina:


Their latest summer trip was said to be in July 2018 with all 3 of the kids. There have been no pictures published but many people spotted them out-and-about. Prince George supposedly celebrated his 5th birthday in Mustique!


Nowadays their main home-away-from home on the island is the equally gorgeous, Villa Aurora! This Villa is supposedly their favorite as it has multiple little cottages which would be great if the families want some privacy:


As I mentioned, Mustique used to be their destination for their annual winter holiday but they didn’t go last winter, opting to go in the summer. Perhaps since they also didn’t go this past winter, they’ll now be making it an annual summer holiday? Who knows! We’ll find out soon! Below pictures from their winter holidays:


*Bonus*: Princess Margaret used to have a Villa on Mustique and would spend lots of time there!

2007 and 2011: Seychelles

After William and Kate got back together in 2007, they wanted some alone time so they headed to the Seychelles that August. Lots of this trip has been kept underwraps. They arrived and departed the island separately and adorably used the names Martin and Rosemary to check in to their hotel. Below is Kate arriving at the airport on the island:


Some reporter say that it was in the Seychelles that they made a “marriage pact” and promised to get married when the time was right. If that is true, it’s quite fitting that they returned for their honeymoon less than 4 years later!


They were said to have stayed at the North Island Resort where there are only 11 Villas. It’s been suggested they stayed in Villa 11 which boasts its own pool and private access to the beach.


2012 and 2016: France

In 2012, William and Kate decided to relax a bit in Provence before they embarked on their Diamond Jubile Tour about a month later. They stayed in the Earl of Snowdon’s, The Queen’s nephew, Château d’Autet. This was when the photographers disgustingly violated Kate’s privacy. An article of David Linley talking about the home can be read here:


In 2016, they visited France once again but this time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte! They were said to have been visiting some of Kate’s family privately but they also took some time away and stayed at the Palais in Biarritz on the French coast.


Where will the Cambridges be heading this year? Perhaps a trip to Mustique? Or maybe they’ll spend some time on the Isle of Cowes where they’ll be in August for the King’s cup? Who knows! But I hope they have fun and enjoy this time together!

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