Cambridge Homes

Cambridge Homes: a.k.a Middleton Homes


For Part Five of the Cambridge Homes series, we’ll be taking a look at the village of Buckelbury and all the homes Kate grew up in!


West View:

In 1979, just about a year before they got married, Michael and Carole Middleton bought their first home: West View.


The home was cozy and featured 4 bedrooms, 2 on the first floor and 2 on the second. The bedroom below was Kate’s first bedroom:


When she grew up a bit and her siblings were born she moved into this larger bedroom:


This was their living room/playing room. The man who was selling the house, and got to know the Middletons pretty well said: “They had a wood-burning stove in the fireplace and a big table where the youngsters did their drawing and all that. Next door is the front sitting room which was kept as a bit of grown-up sanity for Mike and Carole when the children went to bed”.


One of three bathrooms:


The kitchen which is quite small:


This was technically another playroom which led out to backyard…


That part of the home is semi detached and has its own front door:


The backyard is quite large and I can imagine little Kate, Pippa, and James just running around!


And finally, the shed which The Middletons built and started their company, ‘Party Pieces’. It’s remarkable to think a multi-million dollar company was born in this shed!


A video tour of the home when it was being sold in 2011… a.ka. Royal Wedding year!


Oak Acre:

In 1995, when Kate was 13 years old and the Middleton Family’s wealth shot up thanks to their business, they decided to upgrade their home. They moved into the 3-bathroom, 5-bedroom, and 3-reception room home, Oak Acre.


The home can only be accessed via a private road which would prove to be very convenient for the future!


There are no pictures of the interior but it has been said that before they moved in, they knocked down a few walls to make the space more open. Kate supposedly painted her room an understated satin cream color while Pippa, who’s room was across the hall, had hers painted a vibrant red. The garage in the garden (circled in red below) was used as a games and party room for their children.


The most remarkable story that came from this is home is the time Prince William landed a helicopter in their backyard (he got lots of backlash for that). Michael Middleton reportedly joked in his speech at the Royal Wedding now he didn’t know how William would top that romantic gesture!


This was the home that Michael and Carole stepped out of to give their statement on the Royal Engagement in November 2010!


Buckelbury Manor:

In 2012, Michael and Carole Middleton decided they needed even more privacy after the Royal Wedding in 2011 and, after a bidding war, bought Buckelbury Manor.


The home has 7 bedrooms, 5 reception rooms, and includes a library, swimming pool, tennis court, and extensive gardens. Below is the dining room:


Circled in yellow is the swimming area and in red, the tennis court:


One of the living rooms:


A sitting room:


Another sitting room…


…which also seems to be a garden room! You can see this part of the home to the side:


These pictures are all from before the Middletons moved in but in December 2018, we got another look inside and it looks significantly different! This seems to be one of the sitting rooms:


And a dining room:


Buckelbury Manor has lots of grass and land and I’m sure now that they have grandchildren coming over, it’s been put to good use!


An overview of the property:


Cambridges At Home:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have always enjoyed their time in Buckelbury with the Middletons. During their time at University, they would frequently make the weekend trips down from Scotland.


2-days after Prince George was born in 2013, William and Kate took him up to Buckelbury for the first few weeks of his life.


Their favorite pub in the village was the Old Boot Inn, where they would get a table for two, some wine, and just chat (sounds like a lovely date night!). The owner even got an invite to the royal wedding!


They also enjoyed going to the Pot Kiln (pictures below on Valentine’s Day in 2010):


Nowadays, one of their favorite locations to go with the children is Buckelbury Farm Park. Pictures below are Kate and George, with one of their main protection officers, in June 2014:


Kate heavily pregnant with Princess Charlotte and carrying George in April 2015:


A kiss for her little prince…


George and his Granny in summer 2015 at Buckelbury Farm Park. Pictures have now been banned from being taken at the park.


In 2012, they broke with tradition and spent Christmas in Buckelbury with the Middletons. The reasoning given was that she wanted to spend her last Christmas before motherhood with her family but she was also still not feeling great after her pregnancy announcement.


They also spent Christmas 2016 with the Middletons:


There have been quite a few times where William and Kate would go on tour without the children and they would stay with their grandparents in Buckelbury! The children are frequently spotted out with their grandparents but the locals are very protective of them and there have been barely any pictures published!


A video of Buckelbury villagers celebrating the Royal Wedding in 2011:


Bonus: Chelsea Flat

In 2002, Michael and Carole Middleton bought a flat for £780,000 in Chelsea for them and their family whenever they were in the city.


Kate moved into the 3-bedroom and 3-story flat in 2005 after she graduated from University and was later joined by her sister Pippa in 2007.


One of the bedrooms:


Another view of this bedroom:


This bathroom is connected to the bedroom above:


The second bedroom:


Another much-larger bathroom:


The kitchen:


Dining Room:


And the living room:


These pictures were put up on December 2018 by The Middletons themselves since they are selling the flat (not sure if it’s already sold), so these pictures are of the actual furniture and design that were in while Kate was living there. This is another view of the Living Room:


Most of the Paparazzi pictures of Kate during the dating years was taken outside this flat (the paparazzi basically lived there…). Funny story: The Picture below was apparently when Kate locked herself out of her flat and had to call William since he had a spare key haha!


Extra Bonus: The Matthews Residence

Although The Duchess of Cambridge’s parents live a bit further away in Buckelbury (about an hour-and-a-half to be exact), her younger sister, Pippa, lives in London with her husband James and son Arthur! The home is 5-stories but only has 6 bedrooms:


James Matthews bought the home in 2014 and Pippa moved in 2016, shortly before their May 2017 wedding. Below is a living room (all the photos are from before they moved in):


In November 2017, Pippa and James began extensive renovations on their home to add first-floor extension to include a new bathroom, two separate dressing rooms off the master suite, and new air conditioning. Renovations were complete at the end of August 2018, less than 2 months before the birth of Arthur in October.


The kitchen which leads out the backyard:


The Dining room:


The master bedroom:


This is the basement which it’s previous owners also used as a baby play room. Perhaps Pippa and James did the same for Arthur!


This is the backyard yard which can be accessed from the Kitchen and the basement:


It is quite large for a London home!


James and Pippa, but mainly Pippa, are frequently spotted walking with Arthur outside of their home with their two pups!


The Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed at her sisters flat a few times but I have no doubt she visits more often then people know. Below her and William are pictured leaving the flat after having dinner and meeting Pippa’s then to-be in-laws:


And here Kate is pictured leaving shortly before Pippa’s wedding for some preparations!


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