The Duchess Backs A New Nature Initiative


Today it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge, an avid supporter of children and families spending time together in the outdoors, will be backing a brand new initiative to encourage others to get outside.


In a statement, The Duchess said:

“Spending time in nature can play a pivotal role in helping children grow up to become happy, healthy adults.

The great outdoors provides an open playground for children to have fun and learn life-long skills – from balance and coordination to empathy and creativity – with their friends, their parents, their carers, or their family members.

I hope the Backyard Nature campaign inspires children, families and communities to get outside and engage with nature, wherever they live.”


The Backyard Nature program is “pledging to help children across the UK spend one million hours outside by inspiring them to protect the wildlife on their doorstep”.


The Initiative began with a group of young environmentalists, the Eco Emeralds, from Liverpool contacting the Director (Richard Walker)  of Iceland Foods. From their website:

“They met with Richard to share their ideas and ask for his help. Richard brought in Semble, the UK’s leading organisation for grassroots community projects, and the Backyard Nature campaign was born. Semble, with a collective of charitable partners and the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation, is now making this grassroots vision a reality”.


Families are encouraged to sign up online to become ‘guardians’ for their area and find conservation events nearby.


A ‘source’ told the Daily Mail:

“­When she [Kate] heard about the initiative, the duchess was very impressed. Particularly as it came from the children themselves. It is exactly the kind of thing she has been working to encourage.”


All part of The Duchess of Cambridge’s ongoing work in early childhood development  and the involvement spending time outside has to do with it! The last showing of her ‘Back To Nature Garden’ is in September!





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