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Cambridge Homes: St. Andrews


In the 6th post of our Cambridge Homes series, let’s take a look at all the homes William and Kate shared while they were still students at St. Andrews plus their life together during those University Day!


St. Salvatore’s Hall:

William and Kate first met while they were both living at one of the University of St. Andrew’s halls of residence, St. Salvatore’s or, commonly known as, Sallies.


Unsurprisingly, Prince William had his own room, that was security proofed to the max, while Kate shared a room with a roommate.


Sallies is home to “276 undergraduate students and about a third of the residents are returning students, with the remaining two-thirds first year students”.


William arrived at University a little later, for security, reason so he missed freshers’ week. Kate is pictured here below at the end of freshers’ week!


This is one one of my all time favorite photos of our gorgeous Duchess outside her room at Sallies.


Someone who supposedly lived at Sallies at the same time as William and Kate said: “They were instant companions. Kate is genuinely a very nice person. I actually felt bad for her having to deal with all of those other two-faced chicks. It’s easy to see why a graceful person like Kate would charm Will”.


2002 class photo:


13A Hope Street:

In the middle of William’s first year at St. Andrew’s, he began to feel homesick and didn’t really like his Art History so he was contemplating transferring to another Uni. It’s been widely said that Kate, along with others, convinced him to stay and switch to Geography. One of the things he asked for if he went back was to live off campus so in his second year, he, Kate, and two other friends moved into 13A Hope Street.


All four of them paid £100 pounds per week and would share the cleaning duties for the two-story home.


They would frequently hold dinner parties for their other friends and classmates:


This was the kitchen William would frequently try to impress Kate in but by his own admittance, it didn’t go to well and Kate had to save him more often then not.


William and Kate’s flatmates were Fergus Boyd….


And Olivia Bleasdale.


13A Hope Street was walking distance away from St. Andrews:


Balgove House:

In their third year, William and Kate were reportedly already dating and, although the media didn’t know, it was already an open secret at the University. So, they decided, with some roommates (who exactly is up for debate), to move into Balgrove House.


Balgove House is located well into the Strathtyrum Estate and it provided the couple with the privacy they craved. They would go on long walks and have picnics in their backyard.


The cottage had 4-bedrooms and is largely hidden behind a wall. As you can see it’s a little further from St. Andrew than Hope Street was but is still in close proximity.


Cambridges At Home:

During William’s time at St. Andrews, there was a media blackout around him, which means the media weren’t allowed to buy paparazzi pictures of him or write stories. So he and Kate were allowed to develop their relationship in private.


They both said that they were just really good friends at first but then they moved in together and started seeing each other even more and their romantic relationship developed.


Because of the media blackout, their relationship was pretty normal. They would go out for breakfast together, go to parties, and take long walks along the beach. When William was forced to miss lectures do to royal duties and other things, Kate would write his notes for him.


Photo of Kate eating while watching William compete in a rugby match in April 2005!


William and Kate made lots of friends during their time at St. Andrews but Oliver Baker is undoubtedly their closest and the trio are still friends today. In 2013, Oliver became one of Prince George’s godfathers and in Early 2014, Kate became his son’s godmother.


You can see Oliver in between William and Kate below in 2002:


Kate and Oliver in 2007, 2 years after they both graduated from St. Andrews:


William and Oliver at the same event:


Oliver with Carole and James Middleton walking to church in Norfolk in January 2016…


And Finally, William and Kate at Oliver’s May 2010 wedding which actually took place in St. Andrews! This was shortly before they got engaged and of course Oliver attended their wedding in 2011!


Kate is also a founding member of the Lumsden Club which aims to “support women and children’s charities and the arts, both locally and abroad”. The club, which is named after the University’s first female warden Louisa Lumsden, was created because they thought it was unfair and sexist the men had their own similar club.


They both graduated in 2005. Kate graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Art History and William obtained his Master of Arts Degree in Geography.


William and Kate returned to St. Andrews University in 2011 shortly before their wedding as part of their pre-marriage “tour” of the United Kingdom.


In his speech, William mentioned his love for the university and how it felt like coming home.


In this video at a gala dinner for St. Andrews, William remarked how lucky he was that the University brought them together.



After their final classes each Friday, William and Kate would head to the Queen’s Balmoral Estate in Scotland and spend time at Tam-na-Ghar, a cottage given to him by his Great-grandmother.

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