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Take a look at all the Royal Tours and Visits The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have undertaken! (Note: This Post doesn’t include all the engagements they undertook on their tours! Just the highlights.)


1983: Australia and New Zealand

In 1983, Prince William became the first royal baby to join his parents on an official overseas tour. The Prince and Princess of Wales were weary to leave their 9-month old son at home while they travelled Australia and New Zealand for 6-weeks so The Queen gave permission for her grandson to Travel with his family!


Little William spent most of his time with his Nannies during the tour but especially on the Australian leg. He stayed at a Farm away from his parents but they would try to visit him and did so a few times during their 4-weeks in Australia


New Zealand was a bit better as the young family were able to stay together! Perhaps the most iconic and shared images from the Tour are the ones from a planned photo op on the grounds of Government House, where they were staying.


A video of the photo op:


Prince William is pictured below arriving back in London after the tour with his Head nanny, Barbara Barnes or BaBa, and the Deputy Nanny, Olga Powell. Both ladies worked for the Family as soon as William was born but Barbara Barnes was dismissed in 1986 while Olga stayed until Diana’s death in 1997. William stayed close with both of them and they were invited to the wedding in 2011 and in 2012 William cancelled a day of engagements to attend Olga’s funeral.


1991: Ontario

It would be another 8 years before Prince William would go on another official trip with his parents. In October 1991, William, along with his younger brother Harry, spent 6-Days in Ontario, Canada.


The Royal Brothers spent most of their time on the Royal Yacht, Britannia, but would head down to go out with their Nanny.


They did however attend a few official engagements with their parents such as a Church Service in Toronto at St. James Cathedral…


And a visit to Niagara Falls!


This tour provided The now famous video of Diana rushing to greet her children on board the yacht. The video is usually cute nowadays but the full thing shows the Prince of Wales greeting William and Harry with an equal amount of excitement.


The Wales Family waving goodbye. It would be their first and last time on an official trip together.


1998: Vancouver

7 years after his trip to Ontario with his family, Prince William returned to Canada for a two-day visit to Vancouver with his father and brother.


The tour is mainly remembered for being the moment that everyone realized 16-year-old Prince William had become an international heart-throb. Teenage girls were going crazy over him! Prince Harry teased his brother multiple times on the tour telling him to give the girls one last wave so that he could hear the cheers!


When I say they were fangirling over him…I mean it! I mean look at this:


The video is is even funnier haha:


2005: New Zealand

Shortly after his graduation from the University of St. Andrews, Prince William embarked on his first solo tour to New Zealand.


The main reason for his 11-Day Visit was to support the British and Irish Lions Rugby Team on their Tour of New Zealand. He was invited by their coach:


He attended to events on Behalf of The Queen to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War.


He also visited Auckland’s Children’s Hospital:


Prince William was accompanied by a small entourage which included one of his Best friends, Thomas Van Straubenzee. Thomas is now one of Princess Charlotte’s godfathers:


2010: New Zealand and Australia 

In 2010, Prince William payed an official visit to New Zealand and then an unofficial visit to Australia. In New Zealand, he opened the Supreme Court on behalf of Her Majesty:


Here he is having a Barbecue with New Zealand’s then Prime Minister!


Prince William in Australia:


2010: Botswana, South Africa, and Lesotho

Prince William and Prince Harry had their first joint tour to the Continent of Africa. Their visit to Botswana was on Behalf of William’s patronage, Tusk Trust.


In South Africa, they supported England’s bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup (which they obviously didn’t). William is president of the Football Association:


Finally, in Lesotho they visited the charity that Prince Harry founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho:


2011: New Zealand and Australia 

A year later, William made another last minute trip to New Zealand and Australia shortly before his wedding. In New Zealand, he first recognized the Christchurch earthquakes which had happened a month earlier. William attended a service and visited the damaged areas of Christchurch.


He then visited Greymouth near the Pike Mine Disaster:


In Australia, Prince William visited Queensland and Victoria to see the flood damages areas.


2011: Canada and California

Shortly after their wedding in April 2011, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada on the first official tour and made a stop in California on their way home. The theme for the Canada leg of the tour was “‘Moving Forward Together’ from Past Accomplishments to Current Service to Future Achievements”.


They commemorated Canada Day and The Duchess wore a now iconic outfit that showcased her “diplomatic” dressing! The colors were red and white to represent the Canadian Flag.


On Prince Edward Island, they took part in a boat race and the aftermath brought an all-time fan favorite moment!


One remarkable moment was when they took time off from their day off to make a surprise visit to Slave Lake where they viewed the town which had been almost completely destroyed by a forest fire.


As they arrived in Calagary, they were greeted by  Diamon Marshall who had submitted a request to meet “Princess Kate”. Diamond has sadly since passed away.


After 8 days in Canada, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed for their 3-day visit to California. The evening of their arrival in the state, they attended a reception at the Consular General’s Home on behalf of United Kingdom Trade and Investment, a government department that looks after British business interests and start-ups overseas.


The next day, Prince William has payed in a polo match to aide American Friends of the Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


In the evening, they attended a dinner for BAFTAs which The Duke of Cambridge is President of! The focus was to spotlight “up and coming” British talent.


On their last day, they visited  Inner-City Arts School. It’s described as an “an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row.”


2011: Denmark

In November 2011, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a short visit to Denmark to visit UNICEF with the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark:


2012:  Diamon Jubilee Tour

In September 2012, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on their multiple country tour on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen who was commemorating her Diamond Jubilee! Their first stop was Singapore where they visited the Botanical Gardens and viewed orchids dedicated to them.


They attended a State Dinner given in their honor by the President of Singapore.


The Duke and Duchess then headed to Malaysia where they visited a Hospice and The Duchess of Cambridge have her first Overseas speech. She met 15-year old Leukemia patient Zakwan Anuar who postponed a blood transfusion to meet The Duchess. His mother said after they met that her son was normally very sleepy and in pain, crying, but during the visit it was if “the leukaemia had gone”.  He passed away less than a month later.


They also met and attended a dinner with the King and Queen of  Malaysia:


Next up were the Solomon Islands! They arrived in the capital, Honiara, and received an official welcome.


They attended a dinner wearing some traditional clothes. Fun Fact: The Duchess of Cambridge was planning on wearing another dress but was given the dress and decided to wear it instead!


During her time on the Solomon Islands, The Duches of Cambridge attended A Women’s Reception at the Leaf House, Commonwealth Youth South Pacific  Centre.


Their Final stop was in Tuvalu where they were also given an official welcome by the people.


In the evening they joined in some dancing at an event at the Vaiku Falekaupule for an entertainment programme:


The very next day, they paid a final farewell to their highly successful Diamond Jubilee Tour!


2014: New Zealand and Australia

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking, “New Zealand and Australia again?”. Yep! William has visited many many times but this tour was extra special as he was able to introduce his wife and baby son, Prince George, to Australia and New Zealand! It was their very first family tour (below is them arriving in NZ):


In New Zealand, they participated in a boat race where The Duchess of Cambridge won! According to The Duke, he let her win because he wanted a “quiet night” haha.


And they participated in some rugby training!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also attended some memorial events on Behalf of Her Majesty The Queen:


Prince George participated in his very first official engagement where he had a play date with some of his future subjects! The picture below was from the play date and The Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite from the whole tour! The photographer gave her a framed version of it.


They headed to Australia where they were officially greeted. They were to stay at the Government House and Prince George was able to get in on all the grown up talk haha!


In Australia, William and Kate saw some National Landmarks such as the Opera House…

And Uluru Rock:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also visited a Hospice together but The Duke broke away and spent some time privately chatting with the parents while The Duchess spent time with the children before giving a speech.


In Australia, Prince George got to meet a Bilby that was named after him and we got some of the cutest family photos of the whole tour!


We also got some adorable off-duty moments! Like when William and Kate had a date night after a packed day of engagements and went to watch rugby.


William and Kate were spotted strolling hand-in-hand on the ground of Government House, where they were staying, on their day off.


And Kate was spotted playing with little George in the gardens:


After 3 long weeks of nonstop engagements, the little family finally waved goodbye!


2014: Malta

In September 2014, The Duchess of Cambridge was set to make her first solo overseas trip to Malta but earlier that month she was once again forced to announce her second pregnancy early (she was less than 12-weeks) because she was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. By her doctors advice she didn’t travel and Prince William took her place.


The two-day visit was specifically to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Malta’s independence.


2014: New York and Washington D.C.

In December 2014, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on an official visit to New York. As soon as they arrived in the evening, that attended a private dinner for their Royal Foundation.


On the first full day of their trip, The Duchess of Cambridge went solo in New York while The Duke flew to Washington D.C.. The Duchess was joined by the First Lady of New York to visit  the Northside Center for Child Development. This is where the children thought Elsa was coming!


In Washington D.C., The Duke of Cambridge first headed straight to the World Bank where he promoted his United for Wildlife Initiative and made a speech on Illegal wildlife trade.


Afterwards, he was given a private tour of the White House by the then Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife before he headed to the Oval Office for a meeting with President Obama. It was here that William revealed he was so excited about George’s arrival that he forgot to ask what gender the baby was!


The couple were later reunited in New York for a United for Wildlife reception with Hillary Clinton and her family….


And their final task of the day was to watch an NBA Basketball Game!


On their final day in New York City, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a visit to the 9/11 Memorial in memory of all those killed in the September 1, 2001 terrorist attacks.


In the evening, they attended the St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That was their last engagement of the visit and one of the ones that stuck in my mind the most!


2015: Japan and China

In early 2015, The Duke of Cambridge embarked on a week long visit to Japan and China alone as The Duchess was 2-months away from giving birth to their second child. Upon his arrival in Japan, he traveled to Tokyo city on a cruise boat and was given a tour of the city which included where the 2020  Summer Olympics will be held.


The Duke visited the Hodogaya British Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, Yokohama, where he laid a wreath and toured the cemetery.


During his time in the country Prince William also visited the areas devastated by a 2011 tsunami in Ishinomaki, Japan and met with some survivors.


In Japan, he also got to have a meeting with the Emperor and Empress of Japan!


After 4 days in Japan, The Duke of Cambridge headed to China! His first stop was to Shijia Hutong where he visited a number of charities that support vulnerable young people in China.


The Duke of Cambridge also attended official opening of the British Center in Shanghai:


On his last day of his visit, Prince William visited the Asian Elephant Rehabilitation Sanctuary.


The Duke of Cambridge also had a meeting with the President of China who he would reunite with later that year while the President was in the UK for a state visit!


He ended his tour with by attending the Regional Wildlife and Conservation Conference:


2016: India and Bhutan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on their tour of India and Bhutan in April 2016. Their first engagement upon arrival was a visit to Taj Palace Hotel, which was one of the scenes of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008. They laid a wreath at the hotel’s memorial, and met members of staff who helped protect guests during the attack.


The Duke and Duchess visited Banganga Water Tank where they visited a local slum and met representatives SMILE, a charity which seeks to help disadvantaged people focuses on skills and opportunities.


That evening, William and Kate attended a reception and dinner, hosted by The British High Commission in partnership with The British Asian Trust, to honor Mumbai’s film and creative industries.


On Day Two, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to New Dehli where they visited Old Birla House, the home where Ghandi spent the last few years of his life.


They traveled to the residence of the British High Commissioner where they attended a Garden Party to celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday. The Duke of Cambridge also gave a speech.


The Duke and Duchess visited Kaziranga National Park on Day Three of their tour.


On Day 4 they mainly focused on Conservation which is a huge part of The Duke of Cambridge’ work. They got up early and went for an open top drive around Kaziranga National Park and met with some rangers.


They then visited Kaziranga Discovery Centre where they got to feed some adorable elephants!


The Duke and Duchess also met with the Prime Minister of India:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then headed to Bhutan for a two-day visit. Upon their arrival, they traveled to Thimphu Dzong and took part in a Chipdrel which is a traditional welcome procession.


Next, they had a private audience with the King and Queen of Bhutan:


They tried some Archery, Bhutan’s National sport, before heading for a private dinner with the King and Queen.


Their second day in Bhutan was primarily reserved for hiking as they spent 6-hours hiking to Paro Taktsang, the Tiger’s Nest monastery.


Later in the afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception British nationals in Bhutan:


On their final day of the tour, they headed back to India and visited the Taj Mahal on their very last stop!



2016: Canada

5 years after their very first tour as a married couple in Canada, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned but this time as a family of four! Prince George, then three years old, joined his parents for his second international tour while Princess Charlotte, then 16-months old, joined them for her first.


After dropping the children off at Government House, the family’s base for the tour, they headed to Parliament Buildings for an official welcome.


On their first full day of the tour, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to Vancouver. Their first engagement was a visit to Shelway charity, which helps vulnerable mothers battling addiction and other issues.


Next, and quite controversially, William and Kate visited the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia with the Prime Minister of Canada and his wife. They met refugees from Syria taken in by Canada:


The next day, the royal couple headed to the Great Bear Rainforest, the world’s largest temperate rainforest. They then went to Heiltsuk First Nations community, where William and Kate watched a youth performance at a center.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge afterwards traveled back to Victoria to attend a reception at Government House.


On Day 4 of the tour, they traveled to Yukon. They stopped at BC Government’s ‘Taste of British Columbia’ festival at Mission Hill Winery…


Before heading to Whitehorse, Yukon they watched a performance at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Center.



The Duke and Duchess’ last stop in Whitehorse was Montana Mountain, a popular mountain biking spot.


On Day 6 of the tour, they had some downtime with their children but the whole family attended a party for military families in the gardens of Government House.


Day 7 took the couple to Haida Gwaii where they enjoyed paddling in a canoe to the beach at the Haida Heritage Center and Museum in Skidegate.


On their final day in Canada, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge  began their day with a visit to Cridge Centre for the Family, one of Victoria’s best-known charities supporting abused women and helping young people.


They then headed home with their little ones after waving goodbye!


2016: The Netherlands

As I mentioned, The Duchess of Cambridge’s first solo overseas trip was scheduled for September 2014 but she didn’t go because she was still sick. Her first official solo overseas visit came in October 2016 as she visited The Netherlands. Her first engagement was meeting and lunch with the Dutch King Willem-Alexander.


Next she visited the Mauritshuis Art Museum to view the “At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection” exhibit.


After spending some time at the museum, The Duchess of Cambridge headed to the British Ambassador’s Residence where she convened a  roundtable discussion on addiction, intervention, family and mental health.


Her final engagement was to Bouwkeet, a market place:


2016: Vietnam

In November 2016, The Duke of Cambridge spent two-days in Vietnam focused on Wildlife Conservation. He attended the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference where he gave a speech.


2017: Paris

In March 2017, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a two-day visit of Paris. As soon as they arrived, the couple traveled to Elysee Palace to meet with the French President.


They then headed to the British Embassy for a reception to launch “Les Voisins”, which celebrates the connections between the United Kingdom and France.


In the evening, they attended a dinner hosted by the Ambassador at the British Embassy Paris.


The next day, they visited Les Invalides  and met survivors and first responders of the Bataclan and Nice attacks.


They stopped by and made a quick visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s final engagement was to attend a Wales vs France RBS Six Nations match at the Stade du France.


2017: Luxembourg

The Duchess of Cambridge embarked on her second solo overseas trip to Luxembourg with a focus on celebrating cultural and historic ties between the UK and Luxembourg. Her first stop was to Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art ( where she toured exhibits by British artists.


Afterwards. Kate visited Place Clairefontaine which celebrates the shared UK and Luxembourg passion for cycling.


Next she headed to the Grand Ducal Palace where she “called upon” the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg as well as other members of their family:


Then she traveled to the Luxembourg City Museum where she joined the official commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London. She was accompanied by the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess (ie the heir and his wife).


Her final stop was to Dräi Eechelen Museum, where the main event was being held:


2017: Poland and Germany

The Cambridges embarked on their second tour as a family of four in July 2017 as they traveled to Poland and Germany.


Upon their arrival to Poland, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met and had lunch with the President and First Lady.


In the evening they visited the Orangery in Łazienki Park, where the British Ambassador hosted a Queen’s Birthday Party.


On Day Two, they visited the Nazi Germany Concentration Camp, Stutthof, which was the first camp set up outside German borders, in September 1939.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also visited the Gdansk Shakespeare theater.


After Two Days in Poland, The Royal couple, along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, headed to Germany.


Upon their arrival, they met privately with Chancellor Merkel:


After their meeting, The Duke and Duchess visited Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s most famous landmark.


Later on they visited Strassenkinder, a charity which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including homeless children. This was the first time The Duchess was dubbed “The Children’s Princess”:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then headed to Bellevue Palace to meet Steinmeier.


In the evening they once again attended The Queen’s “birthday party” at the British Ambassador’s residence.


On Day Four of the Visit, they headed to Heidelberg where their first stop was to the German Cancer Research Center.


William and Kate then headed to central market square where they participated in a rowing race (which the Duke won).


In the evening they attended a reception in the vintage mirrored hall of Clärchens Ballhaus.


On their final day of the tour, they headed to Hamburg where they visited Elbphilharmonie. The Duchess joined in some orchestrating!


They ended off their visit and headed back home to London!


2017: Finland

In Fall 2017, a full Scandinavia tour was planned but The Duchess of Cambridge once again had Hyperemisis Gravidarum. They postponed part of the trip but The Duke of Cambridge went solo to Helinski, Finland for a two-day visit. Upon his arrival, he was welcomed by the President of the Republic.


One of the most memorable things from the trip was when he handed “Father Christmas” a list Prince George had written himself!


2018: Sweden and Norway

Sweden and Norway were the two other countries that were originally part of the fall Scandinavia tour but were postponed. The Duke and Duchess arrived in the Sweden the night before they began their official duties! The first engagement was a bandy hockey event at Vasaparken.


They then headed to The Royal Palace of Stockholm for lunch with the King and Queen of Sweden as well as the Crown Princess Couple of Sweden.


After lunch, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, went to the Nobel Museum where they met number of Nobel Laureates, and heard more from the Museum’s curator about Science in Sweden and the Nobel Laureate system.


In the evening, they attended a Black-Tie Dinner at The British Ambassador’s home:


They began day 2 by visiting Karolinska Institute, which accounts for over “40 per cent of the medical academic research conducted in Sweden”.


In the afternoon, The Duke and Duchess had tea with The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel at their private residence, Haga Palace, and they got to meet their two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar!


In the evening, both royal couples attended an event at the Fotografiska Gallery, which was in celebration of contemporary culture.


On Day Three of the Royal Tour, The Duke and Duchess departed Sweden for Norway where they were welcomed by Crown Prince Haakon And Crown Princess Mette-Marrit.


From they airport, they headed to the Royal Palace for an official luncheon and were officially (and sweetly) welcomed by The King and Queen of Norway.


After the luncheon, the Royal couples, along with Queen Soja and The Crown Prince Couple’s daughter, Princess Ingrid-Alexandra, visited the Princess Ingrid Alexandra Sculpture Park within the Palace Gardens.


In the evening, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a dinner in their honor at the Royal Palace and we saw gorgeous Kate, who was pregnant with Prince Louis, in a cape dress:


The final day began at Hartvig Nissen School, which was the location for the hugely successful Norwegian television program ‘Skam’.


The Duke and Duchess also had a private lunch with the Crown Prince Couple at their private residence, Skaugum.


The final engagement of the tour, was to Holmenkollen’s most iconic landmark – the Holmenkollen Ski Jump.


2018: Middle East

In June 2018, The Duke of Cambridge embarked on a History making tour of the Middle East. It was a tour that could go wrong in so many ways but The Duke was ever the diplomat and did amazingly! He began his tour in Jordan where he was welcomed by The Crown Prince.


While Prince William was traveling, England had been competing in the World Cup. The Crown Prince was so thoughtful that he recorded it for William and they watched it together!


Prince William started his first full day Jerash, a first century Roman city. The Duchess used to live close by the site when she was a young girl.


The Duke visited the Na’mah Centre – a project of the Princess Taghrid Institute. The institute is a charity set up by Princess Taghrid to support women of all ages to develop their own livelihoods and thereby support their families and communities.


In the evening, The Duke of Cambridge arrived in Israel becoming the first British Royal to pay an official visit.


His first engagement in Israel was a visit to Yad Vashem – Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.


The Duke met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was officially welcomed by him and his wife:


He also met with the President President Reuven Rivlin of Israel.


On Day Four of the tour, The Duke of Cambridge traveled to Ramallah where he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.


The Duke of Cambridge was able to pay his respects at the tomb of his great-grandmother, Princess Alice The mother of The Duke of Edinburgh.


Prince William visited Islam’s Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque:


And the Western Wall where he ended a very successful and historical tour!


2019: Pakistan

In October 2019, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to Pakistan for a 5-Day Visit! They arrived on the evening of October 14th:



This photo was taken from inside the plane by Kensington Palace’s personal photographer, Adam.


Day One of their Visit to Pakistan was jam-packed. They first visited Model College for girls in Islamabad. Model College is a government run school for disadvantaged 4 to 18-year-olds benefitting from the Teach for Pakistan programme based on the UK’s Teach First scheme.



The Duchess of Cambridge said of their first stop: “This part of the visit is really important to us, the issue of girls and education.”


They next headed Magalla Hills where they joined 4 local schools to do activities surrounding Conservation.


The Duke and Duchess stopped at a visitor centre nestled at the foot of the hills to “hear about the park’s conservation work and to meet schoolchildren learning about environmental protection”.



Next up was an official meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan:


They also has lunch with the Prime Minister of Pakistan who was also a good friend of Prince William’s late mother.


After that, they met with the President and First Lady of the Republic of Pakistan:


After this they had a private engagement at the British High Commission where they met the staff. Only a few photos were published a week later.


In the evening they attended a reception at the Pakistan Monument.


They arrived in a rickshaw and it was absolutely iconic:

Day 2 
saw The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge focus on Climate Change. They visited Chitral where upon their arrival they received traditional outfits.

They headed up the Hindu Kush Mountain Range where they witnessed a glacier melting due to Climate Change.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited a village that had been horribly affected with flooding due to the glacial melting.


The Duke and Duchess topped off Day 2 with a visit to the settlement of the Kalash people.


They are very vibrant people and warmly welcomed our Duke and Duchess!


Day 3 was my personal favorite day of their Royal Visit to Pakistan. They spend the day in Lahore, Pakistan. They started off the day with a visit to SOS Children’s Village. The village provides a home and family structure to over 150 young girls and boys and promotes the development of children into “happy, confident, and resilient adults.”


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were able to celebrate birthdays with three of the children! The Duchess even gave a speech with some Urdu in it!


From their, The Duke and Duchess visited the National Cricket Academy where they played cricket with children who are apart of the British Council’s Dosti program.



You can tell they’re pretty competitive…


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then headed to the iconic Badshahi Mosque.


Inside the mosque, The Duke and Duchess joined a discussion with faith leaders to understand how they are promoting interfaith harmony within their communities.


Oh these two…


They ended off their day with a visit to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital where they met Seven-year-old Wafia Rehmani for tiaras and tea.


Hands-down one of the sweetest moments on tour! Look at our Duke drinking the tea:


The Final day of their tour did not go as expected. The previous night their were supposed to return to Islamabad from Lahore but due to some travel problems, they ended up spending the night in Lahore. That meant that some engagements had to be cancelled. Instead of sitting around waiting for their plane, The Duke and Duchess decided to once again visit SOS Children’s Village.


The Duke and Duchess has both been so impacted by their first visit that they decided to return. They played cricket with the children and then sat down to paint and color.



The Duke and Duchess both got bracelets made by the dm children! Prince William did not take his off at all! He wore it the whole day.


A group photo from a day they will undoubtedly never forget.


After their impromptu visit, The Duke and Duchess hopped back on their plane to had to Islamabad for their last engagement of the visit.

For their final engagement, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited an Army Canine Unit and they got to play with some of the cutest puppies.



The Army Canine Unit in Islamabad is where they train all the dogs and puppies for military use. The unit works with the “U.K. defence animal training centre in Melton Mowbray”.

Tell me this isn’t just the cutest thing!

After their encounter with the puppies, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waved goodbye to Pakistan and a very successful tour.


So Many tours with much more to come! I can’t wait to follow them all..




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    Sorry for write it in Spanish but it’s because I don’t know well the English-language.
    All the royal tours with the duke and duchess are my favorites, more if the kids accompanied.
    Mis favoritos son los Tours donde los acompañan los niños, el de Canadá de 2016, fue mi primer Tour como su fan. Pero le guardo mucho cariño también al de Buthan, cuando caminaron por el bosque tomados de la mano, fue cuando me volví su fan.
    Pero mi momento favorito fue en el Tour de Alemania del 2017, cuando Kate le dice a William que deberían tener otro hijo. Y poco más de un mes después anunciaron el embarazo número 3.

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