Summer Break News + What Fall 2019 Has In Store!


We made it through Royal Summer Break Drought 2019! Things should be getting back to normal very soon but before that, here’s a post with a quick run down with the news that probably made it onto my Instagram but not my blog (so skip the first section if you want or don’t for a recap) and a full look at what we have to expect from now until the end of the year!


Summer Break News

After their last engagements before heading on break, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with their children and the Middletons headed to what now seems to be their annual summer destination: Mustique. They celebrated Prince George’s 6th birthday there and we got one photo part of his birthday set from the island.


Kensington Palace released three photos taken by mummy Kate of the little Prince. The other two photos in the set showcase Prince George’s love for football (soccer) as he was photographed with the England National Team Jersey.


The fan favorite:


After their holiday on the private island, The Cambridges returned to the UK to prepare for the inaugural King’s Cup Regatta in Cowes. The sailing race aimed to raise funds and awareness for 8 of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s patronages.


It was truly a family event with Prince George and Princess Charlotte cheering on their parents under the watchful eye of their Grandpa and Granny Middleton. The Duke and Duchess aim to make this an annual event and I truly hope that wish comes into fruition. Full post on the King’s Cup here.


On August 22nd, it was announced by BBC One that they will be teaming up with The Duke of Cambridge for a new film called ‘A Royal Road to Wembley: Talking Mental Health’. The film will follow the 19/20 FA Cup Season plus exclusive access to The Duke of Cambridge over the course of a year! This is such an amazing idea which will do amazing things I’m sure of! This will likely be released in mid-2020.


After about two weeks laying low, likely spending time at their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk or time with the Middletons in Bucklebury, The Cambridges were spotted arriving in Scotland for their annual stay with The Queen at Balmoral Castle.


Kate holding baby Louis while walking alongside Nanny Maria below. Although a faction of fans have tried to make it out as one, this was in no way a PR “stunt” to undermine the controversy that had been going on. The two photos are in fact screenshots of a 13-second video taken by a passenger onboard.


The video:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were then spotted the next day (August 23rd) having lunch at a cottage with The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, and Sir Timothy Laurence.


I love Kate’s natural hair!


On August 25th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accompanied Her Majesty The Queen to a church service that they attend annually while staying in Scotland!


The Duchess recycled a Michael Kors Peacock dress she debuted earlier this year in Blackpool with one of her all-time favorite Lock and Co. Hats. She wore a new coat by the brand Guinea London (it was her first time wearing this brand).


They returned to London on Tuesday afternoon with Prince George and Princess Charlotte wearing the same clothes they arrived in Aberdeen with! I love Charlotte holding her PaPa’s hand:


A photo of them boarding their flight… Prince Louis looks a bit bigger than he did last time we saw him in July but he looks so much blonder!


Prince George has always had blonde hair but it was never this light! Little Louis got it from his PaPa:


Fall 2019:

This fall, The Duchess of Cambridge’s garden crusade will (sadly) come to an end. The third version of the ‘Back To Nature Garden’, jointly designed by The Duchess and Davies and White, will be on display at the RHS Wisley Garden Show from September 3rd-8th.


Although no official confirmation from Kensington Palace pertaining to whether she will have some sort of engagement related to the garden, I am 99.9% sure she will do something. I will say that her attendance was practically confirmed during her appearance on ‘Blue Peter’ where she announced a contest for kids and mentioned she will meet the winner at the garden.


This Thursday will undoubtedly be exciting as we see the kids return to school! It will be Princess Charlotte’s first day at big brother Prince George’s school, Thomas’s Battersea.


Kensington Palace has confirmed that a small media pool will be present to capture Princess Charlotte’s arrival for her big day! We might also get an official photo like the one below.


They also confirmed that Charlotte will be accompanied by her parents and big brother. It will be particularly lovely to see The Duchess of Cambridge accompanying her kiddos since she was unable to attend in 2017 due to suffering from extreme morning sickness while pregnant with Prince Louis.


Next, this fall will mark the beginning of The Roya Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (finally)! Legal documents have already been filed to split and it’s already solely theirs but this fall we will be able to see it totally functioning. And I’m super excited for The undoubtedly bright future of the Foundation! Lots to come…


We also have what will undoubtedly be an amazing Royal Tour of Pakistan in October. There were some fears that the tour may be cancelled due to the growing tensions between Pakistan and India but it was revealed 2-weeks ago that the tour will go ahead as planned and the final details are being made and they will be announced sometime soon!


Something else that is not confirmed but what we may be looking forward to, TIARA EVENTS! Although it hasn’t happened in recent years, The Queen used to host 2 heads of states for a state visit each year. We had the first State visit in June when the the President of The United States visited so perhaps we’ll see another incoming state visit?


Even if there is no second state visit, I am 99.9% certain that The Duchess of Cambridge will be seen with a tiara at the annual Diplomatic Reception in early December (below was last year):


I think we’re all just generally waiting for MORE ENGAGEMENTS. After any drought I always hope for the Royal Diary to be full so I hope that the last 4-months will be busy for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


and Finally I’m looking forward to anything and everything that has to with Christmas! Last year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held a Christmas party for the children and families of those deployed during Christmas time and they then visited Cyprus to hand-deliver messages from those families! I hope that something like this becomes annual or they do something similar.


We’ll maybe get a picture released for The Cambridge’s Christmas card! The only years we didn’t get photos since George was born was 2013 and 2016. So I think it’s likely but there is a chance they might decide not to! I really hope they do!


One of my (weird) favorite annual events is the Christmas luncheon that The Queen holds for her immediate and extended family that don’t get an invite spend Christmas at Sandringham with her. I have no idea why I love it since we always only get car photos but it’s something I look forward to! It’s usually held on the last Wednesday before Christmas meaning it’ll likely be December 18th this year:


And then we have what is usually their last public appearance of the year, the Christmas morning walk to church! The Cambridges always walk to church on Christmas morning no matter their location. They have spent two Christmases with The Middletons in 2012 & 2016 but I personally believe they won’t be doing that again for awhile! Although it would be a pleasant surprise:


Hole you all enjoyed this post! We have lots to look forward to! 



  • Amy McIntyre

    Great post. Looking forward to Kate being back from summer break. I’m hoping she will have her first engagement next week. Can’t wait to see the itinerary for their royal tour in October.

  • Anne

    Always the go to place to find out the latest and greatest news on our favourite royal family!!! Can’t wait to see Charlotte at school.

  • Vee

    This is amazing post! Thanks for telling all this. Do you think Pakistan’s head of state will hold a state bouquet to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

    • adminAllyssa

      Thank You So Much for the lovely words! I think of course it’s highly possible! The itinerary definitely will be interesting so I can’t wait to find out more.

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