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Take a look at all the people who work behind the scenes to make sure William and Kate’s public and personal lives run without a hitch!


Personal Staff:


Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is nanny to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. She is the family’s first nanny and began working for the family in 2014, shortly before George embarked on his first tour of Australia and New Zealand with his parent, and has been their only nanny since.


Nanny Maria lives with them at Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall but has her own little corner at their homes.


Natasha Archer has been described by the Media as Kate’s stylist but she is officially the Personal Assistant to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She takes care of their day to day schedules and yes I imagine to a certain extent that means ordering Kate’s clothes (which is probably where the “stylist” narrative came in to play).


Natasha is married to, in my opinion, one of the best Royal Photographers, who has also been entrusted with taking some personal and official photos, Chris Jackson. They coincidentally share an anniversary weekend with The Duke and Duchess!


In May 2019, Natasha became a Member of the Royal Victorian Order and was officially invested by The Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace!


Amanda Cook Tucker 
is The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair-stylist. She doesn’t do her hair for all her engagements just usually for big events and on tours. Fun Fact: Amanda used to cut Prince William’s hair when he was a little boy!


Amanda and Natasha were two of the first people to be spotted arriving at the hospital after Prince George’s birth.


This photo of Natasha leaving the hospital on April 23rd, 2018 made people realize that, although it hadn’t been officially announced, a new royal baby had been born! (There are no pictures of either after Charlotte’s birth but I assume either or both were there).


The Duke and Duchess have always kept their staff to a minimum and love doing lots themselves but it’s unrealistic to believe they only have one housekeeper especially for the 21-room Kensington Palace. That being said, their only housekeeper known by name is Antonella Fresolone. Ms. Fresolone had worked for the Queen for 13 years before she began working for the Cambridges in 2013, shortly before Prince George was born.


In November 2019, Antonella was awarded an Honorary Royal Victorian Medal by The Duke of Cambridge himself at an investiture at Buckingham Palace.


Official Staff: 

Dr. Simon Case is The Duke of Cambridge’s Private Secretary. He began working for The Duke in September 2018 (although I believe he was also present for William’s Middle-East Tour in June 2018 but that may be wrong…).


Catherine Quinn is The Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary and she took up her position in September 2017.


Fun Fact: Catherine and Catherine (hahah) had already met in 2012 at Middle Temple where Catherine Quinn had previously worked at.


Love this photos of Catherine in December 2018 throwing a fake snow ball at a Christmas Party for families with with family members serving over seas!


Simon and Catherine don’t usually accompany William and Kate to most public engagements. They are mainly spotted at bigger events or “more important” ones. The people who accompany The Duke and Duchess in most engagements are their Assistant Private Secretaries…


The Duke of Cambridge has two Assistant Private Secretaries. Laura Baker is his first and can be spotted in between Princes William and Harry in the picture below.


His other Assistant PS is Zoë Ware and I have personally seen her with him the most recently.


The Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary is Natalie Barrows. She (the one on the left) is always looming in the background with a smile!


The Duke of Cambridge also has an equerry, which is a “officer of the British royal household who attends or assists members of the royal family, Luitenant Commander David Brannighan. He accompanies William on most his Military related engagements (seen here next to Natalie on St. Patrick’s Day 2019).


Jason Knauf was The Duke and Duchess of Cambridges’  Head Communication Secretary but after the spilt, he is now their Senior Advisor. It was announced in July 2019 that he will also become the CEO of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (I don’t know what this means for his role as Senior Advisor but I don’t expect anything to change)


In the background, you can see Lieutenant David, Simon, Jason, and Catherine!


The position of Head Communications Secretary now belongs to Christian Jones (pictured below in the back next to Catherine Quinn). Laura King is a ‏Deputy Communications Secretary (no pictures of her).


Charlotte Pool is another Deputy Communications Secretary and can be seen here in the bottom left corner:


Charlotte and Christian in the back right corner:


Adam Vallance is described as the Digital Communications Lead. If you ever see a photo that isn’t credited to anyone in specific, that was taken by Adam (pictured behind William below).


This is the magnificent photo he captured of the history making moment William stepped foot in Israel.


In October 2019 he captured a similar photo of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Pakistan for their royal tour!



Hope you all enjoyed this post! Special thanks to my friend Emma for all her staff detective work!







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