Back to School for our Prince and Princess!


This morning The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accompanied their little kiddos, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to their first day of the new school year.


Today was specifically Princess Charlotte’s first day at her new school, Thomas’s Battersea where she has joined big brother George!


The Cambridges arrived a little after 8:30 am, about 30 minutes before classes start, and were greeted by the Head of the Lower School, Helen Haslem.


Of course royal fans remember her because she is the same teacher that greeted George back in 2017:


Princess Charlotte looked equally excited and nervous for her big day! Here Charlotte is in her sweet little uniform:


She sweetly had a pink-glittered unicorn attached to her backpack:


I know it’s Charlotte’s day but I had to make a comparison of George’s first day in 2017 to now, in 2019! He looked a bit more at ease then he did in 2017 since he is already a seasoned pro at this whole school thing!


It must have been extra special for The Duchess since she was not able to attend Prince George’s first day of school back in 2017 due to suffering from her Severe Morning Sickness while pregnant with Prince Louis.



A video from the arrival below! It’s very sweet. You can hear Kate telling Charlotte that George will show her the way while Prince William says his little daughter is “very excited” (she’ll get less excited in a few weeks trust me haha). Also, I wanted to note how Kate warmly greets Helen and asks her how her summer was. Just shows how familiar they are around the school!


As always, little Charlotte was trending!


Kensington Palace later released the most adorable photo of the royal siblings taken on the steps of Kensington Palace earlier in the morning before they left for school!



2017 and 2019:


Thomas’s Battersea “is a busy, thriving, purposeful school, educating 560 boys and girls between the ages of four and 13”. Their most important school rule is ‘Be Kind’. They are located about 16 minutes away from Kensington Palace:


Charlotte Cambridge, as she is known in school, is starting Reception (Preschool for my fellow Americans) and is expected to learn the usual Maths, English, and Science along with PE and French.


Big Brother George Cambridge will begin Year 2 (1st Grade) and will undoubtedly enjoy becoming the ‘Head of the Lower School’ with his other classmates. His curriculum will pick up with him studying “Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Topic (History and Geography), RS, French, PSHCE, Art, Computing, Music, Swimming, Ballet, PE and Games”. He’ll also be expected to read 10+ minutes each week and go over his spelling lists.


A mum who’s kids go to Thomas’s Battersea told me that Charlotte used to frequently accompany her parents to pick up Prince George and was already familiar with the teachers! Although the first day may be nerve wracking, I’m sure she’ll settle in just fine!


Today must have been emotional for both The Duke and Duchess…Their little girl has grown up way to fast! I mean I’m emotional so I truly don’t know how they’re feeling! This little girl is now 4 and in school…


I  hope George and Charlotte had a great day at school! I’ll see you all soon!


  • Antonia

    An education about the English education system (Scotland and Wales are slightly different again) Charlotte is beginning formal school not preschool, Reception is the year children begin primary (elementary) school. They are taught to read, write, basic math, children in the UK begin formal school the September after their 4th birthday. Charlotte has already completed preschool (called Nursery) in England, children normally begin Nursery aged 2 and a half. George is in the equivalent of 2nd grade in the US education system not 1st, he’s already completed 2 full school years. Formal school in England begins a lot earlier than the US, but then it ends earlier as well. GCSE exams which mark the end of secondary school are taken at age 16 (in England) then the next 2 years (A-levels) are the university entrance exam study years. Many students finish secondary school and do these years at a senior college, not the US version of college but a senior school that is run more like a tertiary institution. (Private schools have A-levels inhouse so the royals all stayed on at their schools for A-levels)

    • adminAllyssa

      So it’s confusing but no. Here school also starts at the age of 4 and we call it pre-school which is the equivalent of Reception. George is six and in Year 2 but in the US It’s 1st grade

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