Cambridge Overview: September 5th-14th


Back to our regular ‘Cambridge Overview’ programming! On my Instagram a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would try my hardest to do separate posts for each engagement. With my class schedule, that’s just nearly impossible so you’ll see a bit of a mix on my blog! Let’s jump right in!


September 5th:

On Thursday, September 5th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accompanied their little kiddos, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to their first day of the new school year! Because it was specifically Princess Charlotte’s first day at her new school, a small media pool was allowed to capture her arrival! Full post here:


While the kids were at school, The Duke of Cambridge had two meetings with Jason Knauf, their current Head Advisor and the incoming CEO of The Royal Foundation, and Sir Keith Mills, a chairman of The Royal Foundation.


September 6th:

On Friday, September 6th, The Duke of Cambridge returned back to work after the summer break with a visit to Hendon Football Club to learn more about the club’s mental health outreach initiatives, as part of the Heads Up campaign.


The Duke of Cambridge also talked about the ‘outrageous’ racism of That’s part of sport and said that Heads Up will address it: “Heads Up is about mental health, but we are going to start doing stuff on racism as well because it is affecting mental health. Not just the players but also fans.”


Heads Up is a campaign spearheaded by The Duke of Cambridge and launched by The Royal Foundation and Heads Together. The aim is to “harness the influence and popularity of football to help show the nation that we all have mental health and it is just as important as physical health”. Heads Up is for everyone but they are specifically trying to reach Men and have them talk more openly about their Mental Health.


In May 2019, The Duke of Cambridge participated in a Documentary with England Football players and their manager called ‘A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health’.


The documentary was such such a success that BBC One commissioned another one! It was announced in August that a new documentary, ‘A Royal Road To Wembley: Talking Mental Health’  will premiere next year. This film will follow the 19/20 FA Cup Season And will include exclusive access to The Duke of Cambridge as he undertakes his engagements.


Film Cameras were spotted at this engagement so get ready to watch some exclusive content next year!


A video of his engagement:


September 9th:

On Monday, September 9th, The Duke of Cambridge marked 999 Day with a visit to the Fire Fighter Charity’s Harcombe House centre in Devon where he heard about the support that it provides to members of the UK’s fire and rescue services and their families.


The Fire Fighter’s Charity offers specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community, empowering individuals to achieve mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout their lives.


999 Day is the Official Emergency Services Day in the U.K. and is marked to “promote the work of the emergency services, promote efficiency, educate the public, and promote volunteering opportunities”. It’s starts every year at 9 a.m. on September 9th (the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month).


A quick group photo taken by KPs personal photographer, Adam:


And a sweet shot of William and two giggly boys…


During his visit, he dropped in on an Art Therapy session where he met two little girls and revealed that Princess Charlotte LOVES unicorns:


I think we could’ve guess that from the fact we saw her carrying around a Unicorn purse during her father’s polo match…


And she had a sweet glittery pink Unicorn attached to her backpack which we saw on the first day of school:


The Duke of Cambridge’s Visit came the day that SHOUT launched a 24/7 support service for emergency services workers, who can connect with trained volunteers by texting BLUELIGHT to 85258. Prince William even said he is looking to start volunteering for SHOUT saying: “I’m aiming to set myself up for it, I really want to do it. Even if I can only do an hour on my laptop. I want to do the training and be able to help.”


If you needed a reminder, Shout is a Crisis Text Line developed by The Royal Foundation and spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They launched it back in May and it has only been going from strength to strength!


On the fashion front (wow we are talking William fashion!), Prince William opted for a red sweater which was a notable departure his usual different blue ones haha:


A video from his engagement:


After this engagement, The Duke of Cambridge stayed in Devon and had a private engagement at Pipers Farm.


September 10th:

The Duchess of Cambridge attended the ‘Back To Nature’ Festival to wrap her garden collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society. Full post here.


September 11th:

On Wednesday morning, The Duchess of Cambridge had a private meeting with the screenwriter of Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, and About Time, Richard Curtis. According to Royal Reporters, Richard is developing something to do with Mental Health and William and Catherine will some have contribute but there’s aren’t any details! Richard and Kate in 2013:


September 12th:

On Thursday, The Duke of Cambridge had a very busy day of engagements! In the morning, he attended a Duchy of Cornwall meeting. Then he met with Richard Curtis, the same man Catherine met with the day before. Next, he received the Lord Hague of Richmond, chairman of the United For Wildlife Transport and Finance Taskforces. And Finally, he received Mr. Xiangmin Lie, president of the Financial Action Task Force. (Picture below is from that meeting)


September 13th:

On Friday afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jointly “received” Sir Keith Mills, chairman of The Royal Foundation and the man who handed Kate the big wooden spoon at the King’s Cup haha, and Ms. Lorraine Heggessey, the current Chief Executive. Lorraine will step down from her position on October 1st and it will then be filled by Jason Knauf, the Cambridges current Senior Advisor.


Although we only saw The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge publicly once this week, they clearly had a busy few days with engagements behind palace walls. Truly shows we really don’t know what they’re getting up to…

As for next week, we will see The Duke one the Monday, The 16th, as he visits BAFTA Piccadilly to officially open their new public venue, and launch BAFTA: Behind the Screens, a public exhibition celebrating the craft and work behind BAFTA-winning and nominated productions. Nothing has been announced for the Duchess but I’m sure we’ll see her! Until next weekend!

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