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Royal Visit Pakistan: Day 1


Recap of the first FULL day of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Visit to Pakistan (October 14th-18th):


Evening of October 14th:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived yesterday evening in Pakistan on board the RAF Voyager to begin their 4- day visit to the country! Their arrival in the evening was partly due to the kids since they did the school run in the morning before flying!


They were welcomed at the airport by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan along with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and his wife.


The Duke and Duchess are traveling with an entourage of 14 which includes: Catherine Quinn and Simon Case, who is pictured behind them below, (the Private Secretaries), Zoe Ware and Natalie Barrows (the Assistant Private Secretaries), Christian Jones (Head of Communications) with three other Team Members, Adam Vallance (their own Photographer), 2 Program Coordinators, Amanda Cook Tucker (privately funded hair dresser), and Orderly for William, and Natasha Archer (Personal Assistant).


They were both (I’m pretty sure William is happy haha!)  given some flowers by two adorable kiddos!


For her arrival, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a bespoke outfit by Catherine Walker paired with her Rupert Sanderson Malory Heels. She carried a new clutch by Pakistani brand Zeen as well as some of their earrings.


Closer look at those gorgeous Zeen earrings:


Kensington Palace published this jaw-dropping photo below on their Instagram and it was taken by their own photographer, Adam Vallance. The Duke and Duchess travelled on the RAF Voyager which is a military jet used by politicians, ambassadors, and the royals. So far, only William, Catherine, and The Prince of Wales have travelled on the plane.


A video of their arrival:


Day 1 (October 15th):

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their first full, jam-packed day of the Royal Visit by focusing on the importance of Education for girls and young women. They first visited Model College for girls in Islamabad!


Model College is a government run school for disadvantaged 4 to 18-year-olds benefitting from the Teach for Pakistan programme based on the UK’s Teach First scheme.


Their first stop at the school was to visit a class of Kindergarteners who were learning about numbers and counting! The Duke and Duchess also saw a science class which prompted Prince William to say:  “Do you remember the periodic table ? I know that a long time ago, but Catherine you remember it well, don’t you?”.


The Duchess asked some of the kids: “This is the science class, yes? Some of the girls were saying that science is their favourite subject at school.”


I Love this sign in the children’s classroom, “Work Hard, Be Smart”.


Kensington Palace shared that “49% of girls are out of school in Pakistan” which is why education for them is a top priority for the U.K. in Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess then moved onto a class room with some older girls and they were both delighted to hear that some of the girls wanted to be “a brain surgeon, poets, lawyers, army officers, teachers, and a famous cricketeer”!


Prince William even talked about what his career goals were growing up: “Actually I changed a lot as I got older but I always wanted to learn to fly. I was flying for a while a actually. I love flying, I feel very free [and) I like learning a skill, I enjoy that. I can relate the science of what you do”.


The Duchess added: “This part of the visit is really important to us, the issue of girls and education.”


The Duke of Cambridge shared a sweet moment with a young girl who had told him she was a big fan of his mother and he replied he was a big fan of hers as well!

Video of their school visit:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then moved onto their next big subject on the tour, Conservation. They headed to Magalla Hills where they joined 4 local schools to do activities surrounding Conservation.

From the Telegraph: “More than 50 children sat at tables in small groups working on working on different activities.”


I found this a very sad comment between The Duchess and a young boy:

“Do you think lots of children care about the environment and care about nature?” the Duchess asked one little boy.

“Very few,” the boy replied through an interpreter.

“Is that because they haven’t learned about it and haven’t seen what you’ve seen?” she asked.

“Even if they are educated, they just don’t care. They will throw trash,” he explained.


The Duke and Duchess stopped at a visitor centre nestled at the foot of the hills to ”hear about the park’s conservation work and to meet schoolchildren learning about environmental protection”.


They were also shown a camera trap strapped to a tree “designed to take pictures of some of the animals mentioned, including leopards”.


Margallah Hills National Park is absolutely gorgeous and the photos were spectacular:


For her first two engagements of the Day, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a traditional outfit designed by Maheen Khan. For the first engagement, the Duchess for new ASOS Block Heels with the outfit:


For the second engagement, The Duchess wore some flats from Russell and Bromley she debuted in India 2016.


The Duchess wore the same earring, by the Pakistani brand Zeen, she wore for the arrival:


After a quick change of clothes, it was time for the official business! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.


The Duke and Duchess had lunch with the Prime Minister and an official meeting:


Imran Khan’s former wife was a close friend of The Duke of Cambridge’s mother and royal reporters have said that William would play cricket with the Prime Minister when he was little!


After their meeting with The Prime Minister, The Duke and Duchess headed to the Presidential Palace for a meeting with The President and The First Lady of Pakistan.


The Foreign Minister and his wife, who greeted William and Kate at the airport yesterday, were also present for the official meeting:


After their meeting with the President, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge privately met with staff from the British High Commission.


For her official meetings, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Catherine Walker coat-dress with trousers also my Maheen Khan. She paired her outfit with a gorgeous with a gorgeous free Dupatta by Satrangi.


The Duchess also rewore the Zeen earrings she debuted earlier this month in London at the Pakistani Reception!


A good videos of both their morning engagements and meetings:


Meeting with the president:

Edit (10/21):

It has been revealed that before their evening engagement, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a reception reception held at the British High Commission.


They met with the staff of the British High commission:


We have very few images as it was a private event. These got posted and then eventually taken down.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge topped off day one with a glamorous reception agistes at the Pakistan Monument by the British High Commissioner!


The Pakistan monument is just exceptional! It is shaped as a lotus flower with petals representing each province of Pakistan!


The Duke and Duchess arrived via a specially designed rickshaw for the Visit!


A video of the arrival! Love that William waits for her and they both thank the driver:


The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech where he celebrated the British and Pakistani ties! A clip of the speech from Kensington Palace with some clips of the reception:

View this post on Instagram

It is our great pleasure to join you here this evening on our first official visit to Pakistan. I would like to begin by saying bahut shukria to you all for making us so welcome in your country. Stood here with this magnificent monument behind me, I am struck by the great strides Pakistan has made since its birth seventy-two years ago. The view from this hill would have been quite different when my grandmother, The Queen, first visited over half a century ago. Looking out, one would have seen the beginnings of a city under construction, yet to become the great capital that it is today. And with successive visits by my mother and my father, this view has continued to change, with the city constantly growing and with it my family’s affection for Pakistan. Take a look at our Stories📱to see more from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first full day of their visit to Pakistan.

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Loved this rendition of ‘God Save The Queen’:

The Duke and Duchess met many guests from all over Pakistan at the reception:



The Duchess of Cambridge wore a gorgeous new Jenny Packham gown with a new pair of Jimmy Choo sandals:


And a new pair of earrings from Pakistani brand, Onitaa. They were made exclusively for her!


and The Duke of Cambridge also looked amazing in a traditional Sherwani by Naushemian and some lack velvet shoes!


What an amazing start to the Visit! Can’t wait for the rest!


An amazing video recap of the day!