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Royal Visit Pakistan: Day 2


Recap of Day Two of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Visit to Pakistan (October 14th-18th):


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent their second full day of their Visit in the Northern region of Pakistan to see the beauty of the country and focus on the climate change! The Duke and Duchess arrived in Chitral via a helicopter from Islamabad:


I agree….Prince George, who he and his siblings are being looked after by Nanny Maria and his doting (Middleton) Grandparents, will be very jealous haha! But mummy and Papa will have lots of stories to tell I’m sure…


Upon their arrival, The Duke and Duchess  of Cambridge were given some traditional outfitting. The Duchess was given a traditional Chitral hat with a gorgeous Shawl:


The Duke also got a Chitral hat with a beautiful embroidered coat:


The couple with their traditional outfit:


The Duke and Duchess then headed up the Hindu Kush Mountain Range where they witnessed a glacier melting due to Climate Change.


William and Kate with their explorer faces on:


Up in the mountain, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave an interview about the tour and climate change:


Next, The Duke and Duchess headed to Bumburet where they saw several inspiring community-led initiatives that aim to equip local society with the tools they need to adjust to the changing landscape and weather patterns of the area.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited a village that had been affected by floods due to the glacial melting.


A video of The Duke and Duchess in the village:


Still in the mountain range, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited the settlement of the Kalash people.


From Chris Ship: “The Kalash people are a non-Muslim minority population. In fact, their religion pre-dates Islam. They are culturally and ethnically distinct, descendants of Indo-Aryan tribes. This village was in Northern Pakistan in the Hindu Kush”.


This is gorgeous…


They certainly gave The Duke and Duchess a very warm welcome!


The Duchess of Cambridge talking to some of the women in the village:


A behind the scenes look of that photo!



The Duchess learned how to speak a bit of Kalasha with the women! She later introduced them to William and said she was sorry he didn’t dance with them haha!

A video of their visit to the village:


The Duchess of Cambridge brought along her camera and took lots of pictures! I hope she decides to publish them like they did after the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Tour!


An amazing second full day for The Duke and Duchess! Can’t wait for the final two day!


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