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Royal Visit Pakistan: Day 3


Recap of Day Three of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Visit to Pakistan (October 14th-18th): 


Day Three of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour took them to the ‘vibrant and bustling city’ of Lahore! They arrived via their RAF Voyager plane:


They were greeted at the airport by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and other high dignitaries.


First official stop for The Duke and Duchess was to the Government House where they had an official meeting with the Governor of Punjab and the Chief Minister:


From the Government House, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited SOS Children’s Village in the “heart of the city”.


SOS Children’s Village provides a home and family structure to over 150 young girls and boys and promotes the development of children into “happy, confident, and resilient adults.”


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at one point went into a meeting with seven children who live in one of the boarding houses and their ‘house mother’.


They even had a very sweet story time with the children! I love the way The Duke rubs the back of the little boy leaning on him:


Finger puppets and music were also part of the visit!


Three lucky kids got to spend their birthday with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Wishing a very happy birthday to Iman (12), Ibrahim (6), and Daniyal (8)!


The Duchess gave her first speech about the tour where she talked about the importance of other family members helping to raise children and she recognized Family is also not just blood. My favorite quote from the speech:

“Being here in Pakistan this week, William and I have seen on several occasions how family is at the heart of your culture.

‘Parents, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents all play important roles – you have reminded us exactly what family means”.


A video of The Duchess opening her speech with some Urdu!


Her full speech:



An extensive video of their visit:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then headed to the National Cricket Academy where they got to put their SUPER competitive energy to good use!


According to The Telegraph: “While the Duke scored big, the Duchess was caught out twice“.


Quite the hit from The Duke!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played with some children who were part of the British Council’s Dosti program.


I think she was proud of herself haha!


From Chris Ship: “William and Kate were given cricket bats as presents for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. ‘You might apologize to Prince Louis,’ they were told. ‘His bat is bigger than he is.’”


A team photo with some loving looks:


A video of their time at the National Cricket Academy:


For the arrival, meeting with the governor, and visit to the SOS Children’s Village, The Duchess wore a bespoke outfit by Pakistani designer Gurl Ahmed with an embroidered Shawl by Maheem Khan. She wore so JCrew Heels and her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch.


For her engagement at the Cricket Academy, The Duchess removed the shawl, pulled back her hair, and exchanged the sneakers for some new Hampton Canvas Plum (which Prince George and Princess Charlotte both have in mini sizes!).


One of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s most anticipated engagements of the visit happened today. They visited the iconic Badshahi Mosque.


Inside the Mosque, The Duke and Duchess joined a discussion with faith leaders to understand how they are promoting interfaith harmony within their communities.


I love reading tidbits like these because it shows how much work and research both The Duke and Duchess have put into this tour…


“How can one person be so perfect?” you may be asking haha! I think with The Duchess there is just such a genuine light that radiates from within her that makes her outer beauty so different from the rest. (Sorry for the sappy comment…I had too).


When William and Catherine were leaving the Mosque, they were told by TheHonorary Consul Fakir Aijaz Uddin that, “If there’s one word to describe your visit it is ‘joy.’ You have radiated joy wherever you have been.”


Prince William responded:  “We are very happy people.” (I would love to believe this is lowkey shade to all the people who love to act like this couple are unhappy but we all know it’s not. They are genuinely happy).


For her visit to the Mosque, The Duchess of Cambridge wore another custom piece by her favorite Pakistani designer on this tour, Maheen Khan.


I loved the golden embroidering and details in the outfit. It gave it something special:


Another special shoutout to The Duke of Cambridge who didn’t wear another navy suit but stepped out with a nice beige one!


A video of their visit to the Mosque:



For their final engagement of the day, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital in Lahore.


The Duke’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales visited the hospital several times including twice in the 18 months before her death.


The Duke and Duchess met many children including five-year-old Muhammad Samir in the chemotherapy ward. The little boy has Hodgkins Lymphoma and wants to be a soldier one day. The Duke played with his fishing game as the pair “competed to hook fish”.



Some were hoping for a tiara moment on the tour and it came in the most hearts warming way, The Duke and Duchess met Seven-year-old Wafia Rehmani who gave The Duchess a matching tiara and the trio had tea time.


Wafia, who is from Afghanistan, has a kidney tumour. She wants to be a doctor one day and even showed The Duke and Duchess her toy medical set!


A video of their hospital visit:


Another amazing day of the visit! Just one more day unfortunately but I’m sure it’ll also be amazing…


If you’ve missed it: Day One, Day Two


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