The Duchess of Cambridge Opens a New Hospice


Today, The Duchess of Cambridge visited and officially opened East Anglia Children’s Hospices’ (EACH) new Hospice, ‘The Nook’.


East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) cares for children and young people with “life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk and supports their families”. Below, The Duchess meeting Three-year-old Stanley Harrold who has rare chromosomal disorder, Pallister-Killian syndrome.


A video of that moment:


The Duchess of Cambridge greeted some schoolchildren before heading inside the building!


The little boy at the end wasVERY excited.  Can’t judge.. I’d be the same exact way haha.


The Duchess of Cambridge took a tour of the new building which “contains more areas for clinical care and dedicated therapy rooms, will allow EACH to meet the increased demand for its service and the ever-changing and more complex needs of those it cares for”. Catherine in the sensory room:



She also visited the hospice’s main care area where she met families and children taking part in arts and crafts activities.


She told one of the little girls: “I love your plaits. My little girl Charlotte loves plaits but her hair’s only this long so we have to do them at the top”.


Kate and sweet Isabella:


The Duchess of Cambridge then joined a reception and officially opened the building that has been in the works for the past 5 years!


The official plaque unveiling (btw if you haven’t seen the way Prince Edward does these, please do…):


Group photo with the kids who helped her unveil the plaque!


And of course she gave a speech where she highlighted that EACH’s Hospices are truly a home and family: “I referred to your hospices as being homes. This visit today has only reinforced for me just what is at the heart of what you do here, throughout your work, and that is family.”



EACH was one of The Duchess of Cambridge’s first chosen patronages that were announced in 2012. It was at one of the Hospice that The Duchess gave her first speech as a royal:


The Duchess has been very involved from the beginning with the development and funding for ‘The Nook’. In November 2014, she launched EACH’s ‘Nook Appeal’ for a new Hospice.


That engagement was when we got the photos of Catherine in tears in her car. She had met a mother who lost her baby after just 89 days. Mrs. Smith had sent The Duchess a letter detailing her story and was surprised to get a letter from The Duchess herself back. She told Mrs. Smith when they met: “You’re a very brave lady and I’m just so sorry.”


In February 2015, The Duchess of Cambridge visited Emma Bridge Water Factory to see exclusive mugs designed to aid EACH.


In March 2016, The Duchess opened a new charity shop in Norfolk where she bought some goodies for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


The Duchess of Cambridge, with her Duke, attended a charity gala in aid of EACH at Houghton Hall.


and Finally, in April 2017, The Duchess attended the opening of the Musical 42nd street.



Some very sweet quotes about our Duchess from EACH’s Outgoing CEO published in a PEOPLE Magazine article:  “If you’re a royal having to learn the common touch, is that more difficult than being a commoner having to learn the royal touch? She is so natural when I see her with children and families. This is not someone struggling to stay in character. That is her character.”



“I feel as though we have grown up with her.  I remember how nervous she was. It wasn’t just the 200 people in front of her, but the world’s press and TV and everything there. I’ve noticed how comfortably she has grown into her new position. In the very early days, I remember her coming into a room and her head would be slightly down and the long hair would be across. Now, she comes in with her head held high.  But she hasn’t lost the common touch. She can still empathize with the children and families who we care for. Whenever she comes — and with private visits without the gaze of the press — the feedback we get from families is tremendous.”


 “She’s also made private visits to the hospice. She’s visited at least a couple of families in their own homes, all without publicity, not known etcetera. She likes to get her hands messy, she likes to join in and do things. And it’s not put on, it’s just natural. These parents, they can spot a dud at 100 miles. They know people who are just patronizing…To have someone like that who actually really is interested and empathizes with them is tremendous.”


For today’s engagement, The Duchess  of Cambridge repeated her Oscar de la Renta separates with her black Gianvito Rossi Block Heels and her Asprey x Beulah clutch.


A video of today’s engagement:

P.s. The Duchess travelled from London to Norfolk on the train and was spotted!


Earlier This Week:

On Tuesday, November 11th, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended SHOUT’s Crisis Volunteer celebration event in London.


SHOUT was launched in May by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and the Sussexes). Shout is the UK’s first 24/7 text service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It’s a “place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help”.


The event brought together people from across the UK who volunteer around the clock with Shout to support people in crisis.


During their visit, the Duke and Duchess received a brief update on the scale and impact of Shout.


The heard that: “75 per cent of people who contact Shout are under 25, and that the most frequent subjects raised in those conversations are suicide (37 per cent), depression (36 per cent), relationships (29 per cent), anxiety (31 per cent), isolation (19 per cent) and self-harm (17 per cent)”.


The Duke and Duchess then met mental health campaigners, Shout staff members and supporters. Below, The Duke and Duchess meeting Ian Russell, whose daughter Molly took her own life at the age of 14 in 2017 after viewing graphic material on Instagram.


A video of their chat which Prince William asked if social media companies were doing “enough” to stop what happened to Molly:


To cap off their engagement, William and Kate joined Shout volunteers in the theatre where they watch a special performance.


They also took a group photo with volunteers to encourage everyone to spread the word about Shout.


Some behind the scenes of the photo being taken with…well William being William haha!


A video of their engagement:


For her outfit, The Duchess opted for a gorgeous business casual ensemble. She reword her 2-button Smythe Blazer she debuted last year with a pair of trousers by Joseph and her Gianvito Rossi block heels.


She was glowing the whole engagement!


The next day, The Duke of Cambridge had two engagements related to the 50th anniversary of one of his first patronages, Centrepoint. The Duke became patron in 2005 and has done lots of work with them. A nice video highlighting his involvement:


First up, The Duke of Cambridge visited Centrepoint’s new Apprenticeship House, which aims to support young people in their journey to independent living.


Some info about this house: “As part of a wider ambitious programme developing modular housing solutions in London and Manchester to support young people moving on from supported accommodation and into work, the charity has transformed an existing building in south London into a seven bed shared home for young people on apprenticeship programmes”.


The Duke of Cambridge met and talked to some people who will live in the Apprenticeship House:


And then officially opened the building!


A video of the engagement:


Then in the evening, The Duke of Cambridge attended Centrepoint’s 50th anniversary gala at the Roundhouse.



He sweetly was greeted at the entrance by residents of Apprenticeship House who he met earlier in the day. They all walked in together:


The gala aimed to promote the achievements of individuals supported by Centrepoint, highlight the issues they face and encourage supporters to help change the story for homeless young people. The Duke speaking to singer Rita Ora:


And meeting Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Simon Le Bon of Duran Dura:


The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech at the gala where he mentioned why he became patron back in 2005: “Centrepoint was one of the first charities of which I became Patron, back in 2005. I chose to do that because visiting Centrepoint’s services with my mother made such a lasting impression on me as a child”.


Also attending were two of The Duke’s cousins. Princess Beatrice, eldest daughter of The Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York. She’s engaged and set to married in 2020!


And his maternal cousin, Lady Kitty Spencer, the daughter of his uncle, Earl Spencer. Kitty is also patron of Centrepoint.


The Duke of Cambridge brought his fashion sense that has been hidden…forever. He wore a Green Velvet Jacket from Reiss.















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