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Prince William Goes Solo: Visit to Kuwait and Oman 2019


From December 1st-4th, The Duke of Cambridge went solo on a visit to Kuwait and Oman.


December 1st: Arrival in Kuwait

On Sunday, December 1st, The Duke of Cambridge arrived in Kuwait on a Kuwait Airways commercial flight hence why there was no airport arrival photos.


Prince William was welcomed by Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, minister of the Amiri Diwan, the Amir’s court.


A quick video of his “arrival”:


After his arrival in the country and before he got some rest, The Duke of Cambridge and Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabahsat down for a meeting:



December 2nd: Kuwait, Day Two

The Duke of Cambridge spent his first full day of his visit in Kuwait City’s wetlands  to discover more about the countries ambitious plans to protect its natural environment.


His first stop of the day was a visit to Jahra Nature Reserve.


Kensington Palace says: “Kuwait is working to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution through a combination of raising public awareness, recycling, education and organising beach cleans.” The Duke joined a beach clean:


Then The Duke of Cambridge did some bird watching! Identifying some of the 300 species of birds seen at the Jahra Nature Reserve — a regionally important stopover for migratory and overwintering bird species.


Funny moment between Prince William and the press pack! He tells them: “Ah a lesser spotted media pack! Well known in these parts.”


A video of the full engagement:


The Duke then met with His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at his Bayan Palace before they had a 5-course lunch together.


Prince William was also introduced to dozens of dignitaries including members of the ruling royal family, government ministers, ambassadors and religious leaders from the Muslim and Christian faiths.


The Emir of Kuwait joked that William had brought the “British weather with you”. The Duke laughed and told the Emir, “I know. I brought all of my summer clothes as well.”


A video that includes The Duke’s arrival and first meeting with Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah on Sunday and his visit to Jahra Nature Reverse and second meeting:


After lunch, The Duke of Cambridge visited the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre to learn how the newly established museum seeks to educate and engage young Kuwaitis in innovative ways across a range of areas, from space exploration and robotics to natural history and human biology.


At the major cultural center, Prince William met young Kuwaitis and accompanied the primary school children as they explored a number of the attraction’s interactive zones.


Love this photo of Prince William watching a little girl run off:


Prince William, as usual, talked about Aston Villa with a group of young boys and a game they drew the day before when he arrived in Kuwait.


Shooting some “hoops”:


Loved this photo of William in front of an aquarium! Makes his eye color “pop”.


And a goodbye from two adorable little girls in their Pink school uniform:


To end off his day, The Duke of Cambridge joined young leaders, entrepreneurs and university students in the Kuwaiti desert in a tent where he experienced some of the country’s rural traditions.


William was shown He was also shown a traditional hunting falcon and “chatted about previous trips his father, the Prince of Wales, has made to the county”.


A lovely camel grunting in the back as William spoke haha!


Beautiful shot of the camels:


The Duke of Cambridge was once again hosted by the Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah and the two of them, along with other dignitaries, dined together.


December 3rd: Kuwait and Oman Day One

The Duke of Cambridge began his 3rd day of tour by wrapping up his visit to Kuwait. His last engagement in the country was a visit to Sheik Salim Al-Ali National Guard camp.


The Duke of Cambridge visited the camp to view the bi-annual Exercise Desert Warrior. William joined UK and Kuwait troops for the exercise.


Exercise Desert Warrior, sees a company of UK troops train alongside Kuwaiti forces and share expertise.


From a Royal Reporter: “Military co-operation is one of the cornerstones of the UK-Kuwaiti relationship and William viewed a demonstration of urban tactics and close quarter battle techniques first hand.”


A video of his last engagement in Kuwait:


From there, The Duke of Cambridge immediately travelled to Oman. He was welcomed at the Khasab Airport by Sayyid Ibrahim bin Said al Busaidy, State Minister and Governor of Musandam, and Ambassador Hamish Cowell, UK Ambassador to the Sultanate.


A video of his arrival:


The Duke of Cambridge’s first stop in Oman was to visit the Ras Musandam Naval Base which he arrived at by military boat.


The Duke’s visit was specifically to hear more about the Royal Navy of Oman’s responsibilities and role in monitoring the Strait of Hormuz maritime traffic separation scheme, which at its narrowest point is just 21 miles wide.


After taking a tour of the base, Prince William had the opportunity to meet members of the Royal Navy of Oman and British Royal Navy on an Omani warship undertaking flight deck operations training.


To end off day three of his visit to the Middle East, The Duke of Cambridge travelled from Musandam to Muscat on a Hercules of the Oman Royal Flight.

He was welcomed at the airport by His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al Said:


The two then sat down for a meeting to cap off the day:


December 3rd: Oman, Day Two

To start off his very last day on his visit to the Middle East, Dr. William reported for duty as he visited the Marine Science Centre in Muscat!


The Marine Science Center is working with UK executive agency Cefas which is looking at ways of creating more sustainable fishing.


The Duke of Cambridge learned how particularly the UK is supporting Oman aquaculture and fisheries to become more sustainable.


The Duke of Cambridge then headed right outside of the Marine Science Center to meet some of the local fisherman.


Prince William heard about how they fish, the challenges to sustainability, and actions being taken to conserve Oman’s marine environment.


Wide shot of William on the beach:


And this photo looks like a band photo haha!


The Duke of Cambridge then was invited to a tent for some tea!


This will be my new reaction photo for “sipping tea”:


The Duke of Cambridge ended off his visit to Oman by walking through the gorgeous Wadi al Arbaeen!


The Duke joined Outward Bound Oman young people to see how the organization is inspiring and helping them.


A group photo:


They built a bridge together (very symbolic)..

A video of that moment:


The Duke of Cambridge also visited the mountain village of Suwaih near the Wadi al Arbaeen!



The Duke then sat down with some of the village’s elders at an outdoor majlis seating area to learn more about life and challenges in the village today.


The Duke of Cambridge finished his visit by having an official meeting with His Majesty The Sultan of Oman at the Bait Al Barakah Palace.


The end of a successful end of the year trip for The Duke! Now it’s time to head home to see the family and complete a few more engagements to end the year!

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