The Duke of Cambridge 2019 Engagement Count


Here at Tea Time With The Cambridges, I keep a tally on the amount of engagements that appear in the Court Circular, the official record of The Royal Family’s work, for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. These numbers are mainly only for me to compare as the years go on and they are in no way a measure of all the work the royals do. Many bloggers keep count but everyone does it differently and their own way. For 2019, I counted that The Duke of Cambridge undertook 217 engagements at home and abroad (Switzerland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Oman). He was just 5 engagements short from beating his all-time record total of 221 in 2018. A full break down of numbers below:


•January 2019 (18)
1/9/19 1.      Visited London’s Air Ambulance Charity2.      Received Sir Timothy Clark
1/10/19 3.      Received The Lord Hague of Richmond
1/11/19 4.      Received Sir Keith Mills
1/16/19 5.      Received Sir David Attenborough6.      Received the Rt Hon David Mundell
1/22/19 7.      Received Professor Klaus Schwab8.      Attended a Meeting on Global Governance

9.      Received Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

10.   Interviewed Sir David Attenborough

11.   Attended a screening of “Our Planet”

1/23/19 12.   Received the Hon Al Gore13.   Meeting on Illegal Wildlife Trade

14.   Panel Discussion on “Mental Health Matters”

1/29/19 15.   Officially open V&A Dundee16.   Met Employees of the Dundee Michelin Factory

17.   Attended a meeting of the Michelin Dundee Action Group

1/31/19 18.   Held an investiture on behalf of The Queen



February 2019 (14)
2/5/19 1.      Held an investiture on behalf of The Queen
2/6/19 2.      Visited Mental Health Innovations at Phoenix Brewery
2/10/19 3.      Attended the 72nd BAFTAs
2/12/19 4.      Held a Duchy of Cornwall meeting5.      Received Mr. Harry Kane
2/13/19 6.      Visited The Passage Charity
2/14/19 7.      Visited Pall Mall Barbers8.      Visited Future Men’s Expectant Fathers Programme
2/29/19 9.      Visited the Irish Football Association National Football Stadium10.   Visited Extern at Roscor Youth Village

11.   Attended a reception at Belfast Empire Music Hall

2/31/19 12.   Received Representatives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland13.   Visited Cinemagic

14.   Visited Sure Start



•March 2019 (21)
3/1/19 1.      Called upon The Crown Prince of Jordan2.      Received Sir Keith Mills
3/4/19 3.      Officially opened the Mayhew Theater
3/5/19 4.      Attended a Reception for the PoW’s Investiture Anniversary5.      Received the President of Cyprus
3/6/19 6.      Visited Blackpool tower7.      Visited properties on Kirby Road

8.      Attended roundtable meetings at Blackpool Library

9.      Visited Blackpool Better Start Program at Revoe Park

3/7/19 10.   Held a Duchy of Cornwall meeting11.   Received a briefing on United for Wildlife Transport and Financial Taskforces
3/8/19 12.   Received Ms. Lorraine Heggessey
3/11/19 13.   Attended the Commonwealth Day Service
3/12/19 14.   Received Rear Admiral John Weale15.   Received Ms Lynne Owns
3/13/19 16.   Held a Royal Foundation Trustees Meeting
3/16/19 17.   Officially opened Brains Brewery18.   Attended the Wales vs. Ireland Game
3/17/19 19.   Attended the annual St. Patricks Day Parade
3/19/19 20.   Conducted an Investiture on Behalf of The Queen
3/28/19 21.   Conducted an Investiture on Behalf of The Queen



•April 2019 (11)
4/4/19 1.      Attended the “Our” Planet World Premiere
4/25/19 2.      Attended ANZAC Day Service in Auckland3.      Visited Starship Hospital in Auckland

4.      Visited Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services

5.      Received leaders of the Christchurch Muslim Community

4/26/19 6.      Visited Christchurch Hospital in Christchurch7.      Visited Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch

8.      Visited Burwood Hospital in Christchurch

9.      Visited Linwood Mosque in Christchurch

10.   Laid a wreath at the Oi Manawa Canterbury

11.   Received the Governor General of New Zealand




•May 2019 (20)
5/2/19 1.      Held an Investiture at Buckingham Palace
5/3/19 2.      Attended a service at Westminster Abbey to recognize 50 years of at sea deterrent3.      Attended a Reception
5/7/19 4.      Received Mr. Mark Rose5.      Launched the King’s Cup Regetta
5/8/19 6.      Visited Caernarfon Search and Rescue Base7.      Visited Halen Mon

8.      Visited members of the 1st Menai Bridge Scouts Group

5/9/19 9.      Held an Investiture at Buckingham Palace
5/14/19 10.   Received Dr. Haruhisa Handa11.   Attended a United For Wildlife taskforce Meeting
5/15/19 12.   Attended the launch of a new Mental Health Campaign at Wembley Stadium13.   Received Mr. Mark Bullingham
5/17/19 14.   Attended a Lunch at Buckingham Palace for Conservation International and the Elephant Protection Initiative
5/18/19 15.   Attended the FA Cup Final
5/19/19 16.   Visited the Back to Nature Garden
5/20/19 17.   Attended the Chelsea Flower Show
5/21/19 18.   Attended the launch of the Tidal James Strategy19.   Attended a Garden Party
5/22/19 20.   Held a Duchy of Cornwall Meeting



•June 2019 (14)
6/3/19 1.      Attended the U.S.A State Banquet
6/4/19 2.      Received Sir Keith Mills and Ms Lorraine Heggessey
6/6/19 3.      Attended 75th D-Day Anniversary Service
6/7/19 4.      Attended Colonel’s Dinner and Conference
6/8/19 5.      Attended Trooping the color
6/10/19 6.      Attended Child Bereavement UK Gala Dinner
6/11/119 7.      Visited Market Square in Keswick8.      Visited Deepdale Hall
6/12/19 9.      Held an investiture10.   Joined Her Majesty to receive The Governor-General designate of the Commonwealth of Australia
6/17/19 11.   Attended the Order of the Garter Service
6/19/19 12.   Attended a Royal Foundation Trustees Meeting
6/26/19 13.   Visited the Albert Kennedy Trust
6/27/19 14.   Visited Duchy of Cornwall properties n Somerset



•July 2019 (8)
7/1/19 1.      Received Mr. Martin Glenn
7/2/19 2.      Visited Woodberry Wetlands3.      Visited Sir John Cass Foundation Primary School
7/3/19 4.      Held Royal Foundation meetings
7/4/19 5.      Visited the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea
7/10/19 6.      Played in a Polo Match
7/11/19 7.      Held a Royal Foundation Meeting at Kensington Palace
7/14/19 8.      Attended Day Thirteen of Wimbledon



•August 2019 (1)
7/1/19 1.      Attended and Competed in the King’s Cup Regatta



•September 2019 (14)
9/5/19 1.      Received Jason Knauf2.      Received Sir Keith Mills
9/6/19 3.      Visited Hendon Football Club
9/9/19 4.      Visited The Fire Fighter’s Charity in Devon5.      Visited Pipers Farm in Devon
9/12/19 6.      Attended a Duchy of Cornwall Meeting7.      Received Sir Richard Curtis

8.      Received the Lord Hague of Richmond

9.      Received Mr. Xiangmin Liu

9/13/19 10.   Received Sir Keith Mills and Lorraine Heggessey
9/16/19 11.   Officially Opened Bafta Picadilly12.   Received Ms Amanda Berry
9/25/19 13.   Held a Royal Foundation Reception
9/26/19 14.   Visited Cammell Laird Shipyad



•October 2019 (41)
10/1/19 1.      Held a Royal Foundation Meeting2.      Held a Royal Foundation Reception

3.      Gave a reception for BBC One’s Teen Heroes

4.      Held a Royal Foundation Meeting

10/2/19 5.      Called upon the Aga Khan6.      Attended a reception at the Aga Khan Center

7.      Received the High Commissioner from Pakistan

8.      Received Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Pakistan

9.      Received Sir Nicholas Carter

10/3/19 10.   Officially opened the new H B Allen Center11.   Visited Royal Air Force Brize Norton
10/8/19 12.   Received Mr. Bill Gates13.   Received Mr. Jason Knauf
10/9/19 14.   Received Ms Dean Jevans15.   Received Mr. Richard Master

16.   Received Mr. Mark Bullingham

10/10/19 17.   Held a Royal Foundation Meeting18.   Held a Royal Foundation Meeting
10/15/19 19.   Visited Islamabad Model College for Girls20.   Visited the Margalla Hills

21.   Called upon the President and First Lady of Pakistan

22.   Called upon Prime Minister Imran Khan

23.   Attended a Reception at the Pakistan Monument

10/16/19 24.   Visited a Glacier in Broghil Park25.   Visited a Flood site in Bumburet

26.   Viewed a First Aid drill in Bumburet

27.   Visited the Kalash Minority Village

28.   Received the Chief of Army Staff and Mrs Bajwa.

10/17/19 29.   Attended a Meeting with the Governor of Punjab30.   Visited the SOS Children’s Village

31.   Visited the National Cricket Academy

32.   Visited the Badsashi Mosque

33.   Attended a meeting with Faith Leaders at the Mosque

34.   Visited Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

10/18/19 35.   Visited SOS Children’s Village36.   Held an Investiture in Pakistan

37.   Visited an Army Canine Unit

10/21/19 38.   Held a Duchy of Cornwall Meeting
10/22/19 39.   Was “visited” by the President of the Seychelles40.   Held an Investiture at Buckhingham Palace
10/23/19 41.   Visited Sand United Football Club



•November 2019 (31)
11/5/19 1.      Held an Investiture2.      Received Mrs. Ann Chalmers

3.      Held a Royal Foundation meeting

11/6/19 4.      Presented The Duke of Cambridge Prize5.      Received Ms Lorraine Heggessey
11/7/19 6.      Attended the launch of the National Emergencies Trust7.      Attended London Air Ambulance Charity Gala
11/9/19 8.      Attended the Festival of Remembrance
11/10/19 9.      Attended Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph
11/11/19 10.   Received Dr. A Clements
11/12/19 11.   Attended Shout’s Crisis Volunteer Workshop12.   Received Ms Teresa Dent
11/13/19 13.   Officially opened Apprenticeship House14.   Received Hillary Clinton

15.   Attended Centrepoint 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

11/14/19 16.   Attended a Premiere League Shareholder’s Meeting
11/15/19 17.   Visited St.Vincent’s Center
11/18/19 18.   Attended the Royal Variety Performance
11/19/19 19.   Held an Investiture
11/20/19 20.   Received General Mark Carleton-Smith21.   Was visited by the King and Queen of Bhutan
11/21/19 22.   Received Tusk Conservation Award Winners23.   Attended the Tusk Conservation Awards

24.   Attended the Tusk Dinner

11/22/19 25.   Received Sir Keith Mills and Mr. Jason Knauf
11/25/19 26.   Attended a Giants Club Dinner at Syon House
11/26/19 27.   Held an Investiture28.   Received Ms Jo Lynn Allen

29.   Received Global Winners of the Legacy Award

11/28/19 30.   Visited West Bromwich Albion Training Ground31.   Attended a Premiere League Shareholder’s Meeting



•December 2019 (24)
12/2/19 1.      Visited Jahra Nature Reserve

2.      Attended a luncheon given by the Amir of Kuwait

3.      Visited the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center

4.      Attended a reception given by Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah

12/3/19 5.      Attended a reception given by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Kuwait

6.      Called upon Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah

7.      Viewed Exercise Desert Warrior

8.      Received Sheikh Salem Ali

9.      Visited Oman Royal Navy Base

10.   Visited the Omani Royal Naval Ship RNOV RASIKH

11.   Called upon Abdullah bin Khamis Al Raisi

12.   Welcomed to Muscat by His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimur Al Said

12/4/19 13.   Visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Marine Science Center

14.   Held an Investiture at the Residence in Muscat

15.   Visited Suwaih village

16.   Visited Outward Bound Oman at Wadi al Arba’een

17.   Was received by The Sultan of Oman

12/9/9 18.   Received Sir Keith Mills and Mr. Jason Knauf

19.   Received Lord Hague of Richmond

12/10/19 20.   Attended a Royal Foundation Trustees Meeting

21.   Held a Reception for Charities and Organizations that support their work

12/11/19 22.   Attended a Service of Thanksgiving for the live of Vice Admiral Sir Donald Gosling

23.   Attended the Diplomatic Corps Reception

12/19/19 24.   Held and Investiture at Buckingham Palace


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