The Duchess of Cambridge 2020 Engagement Count

Here at Tea Time With The Cambridges, I keep a tally on the amount of engagements that appear in the Court Circular, the official record of The Royal Family’s work, for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. These numbers are mainly only for me to compare as the years go on and they are in no way a measure of all the work the royals do. Many bloggers keep count but everyone does it differently and their own way. For 2020, I counted that The Duchess of Cambridge undertook 128 engagements. Note: The Duchess did not travel abroad this year. Full breakdown below:


•January 2020 (14)
1/8/20 1.      Held and Early years Meeting
1/10/20 2.      Received Mr. Jason Knauf
1/15/20 3.      Visited Bradford City Hall4.      Visited MyLahore British Asian Kitchen

5.      Visted the Kidmat Center

1/20/20 6.      Gave a UK-Africa Investment Summit Reception
1/21/20 7.      Visited Birmingham Science Museum
1/22/20 8.      Visited Ely and Caerau Children’s Center9.      Visited the forward Trust at HM Prison Send
1/24/20 10.   Heald an Early Years Meeting
1/27/20 11.   Attended a Holocaust Memorial Day Service
1/28/20 12.   Visited Evelina London’s Children’s Hospital13.   Held a Royal Foundation Reception
1/29/20 14.   Visited Stockwell Gardens Nursery


•February 2020 (11)
2/2/20 1.     Attended the BAFTAs
2/4/20 2.      Visited the Royal National Lifeboat Institution3.      Visited Joe’s Icecream parlour

4.      Visited Tata Steel Strip Products

5.     Visited Bulldogs Boxing

2/11/20 6.      Visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Center Stanford Hall
2/12/20 7.      Visited the Ark Open Farm8.      Visited Social Bite Cafe
2/25/20 9.      Attended a performance of “Dear Evan Hansen”
2/26/20 10.   Visited The London Stadium for Sportsaid11.   Held an Early Years Meeting


•March 2020 (16)
3/3/20 1.      Received by The President of Ireland and Mrs. Higgins2.      Laid a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance

3.      Called upon Mr. Leo Varadkar

4.     Attended a reception given by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ireland

3/4/20 5.      Visited Jigsaw Dublin City6.      Visited Extern, Savanah House

7.      Visited Teagasc Grange

8.      Visited Howth Cliffs

9.      Attended a reception at the Museum of Literature

3/5/20 10.   Attended a Galway European Capital of Culture Reception at Tribeton11.   Visited Tig Coili

12.   Visited Salthill Knocknacarra

3/9/20 13.   Attended the Commonwealth Day Service14.   Held a Gala Dinner to mark the 25th Anniversary of Place2Be
3/10/20 15.   Held an Early Years Meeting
3/19/20 16.   Visited the London Ambulance National Health Service


•April 2020 (6)
4/1/20 1.      Talked to staff at Queen’s Hospital Burton2.      Talked to Staff at University Hospital Monklands
4/8/20 3.      Held a conference call with teachers and pupils from Casterton Primary Academy4.      Held a Mental Health Meeting via Video Link
4/22/20 5.      Held a conference call with members of staff at Kingston Hospital
4/29/20 6.      Particpated in a roundtable discussion with charities and organizations supporting pregnant women and new mother via video link


•May 2020 (12)
5/1/20 1.      Held a meeting with Mr Jason Knauf
5/6/20 2.      Talked to residents and staff at Royal British Legion Care Home, Mais house
5/7/20 3.      Held a meeting with Dr Nicholas Cullinan
5/11/20 4.      Talked to nurses from LV Prasad Eye Institute and Apollo Hospitals5.      Talked to nurses from Gigdee Healing

6.      Talked to nurses from Phalombe District Hospital

7.      Talked to nurses from the cops in Cyprus

8.      Talked to nurses from Aberdeen Women’s Center

9.      Talked to nursed from Evelina London Children’s Hospital

10.   Talked to nurses from Sandilands Rehabilitation Center

5/13/20 11.   Spoke to volunteers from SHOUT
5/20/20 12.   Talked to staff and residents from Shire Hall Care Home


•June 2020 (9)
6/3/20 1.      Spoke to volunteers from Conscious Youth2.      Spoke to volunteers from Machynlleth Community Corona Response Team
6/4/20 3.      Spoke to clients and staff at Clouds House
6/10/20 4.      Spoke to pupils from Waterloo Primary Academy
6/17/20 5.      Held a meeting with David Holmes6.      Attended a meeting for Children’s Hospice Week
6/18/20 7.      Visited Fakenham Garden Center
6/23/20 8.      Spoke to members of staff from Surrey Memorial Hospital
6/25/20 9.      Visited The Nook


•July 2020 (3)
7/3/20 1.      Spoke to students from Bond Primary School
7/6/20 2.      Visited The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
7/15/20 3.      Held a Meeting with Dr Nicholas Cullinan


•August 2020 (3)
8/4/20 1.      Launched a Baby Banks Initiative
8/5/20 2.      Visited Barry Island Promenade3.      Visited Shire Hall Care Home


•September 2020 (16)
9/11/20 1.     Received Mr. Jason Knauf
9/15/20 2.     Visited London Bridge Jobcenter Plus3.     Visited East London Mosque and London Muslim Center

4.     Visited Beigel Bake Brick

9/16/20 5.     Held a meeting with Sir Keith Mills and Mr. Jason Knauf6.     Held an Early years Meeting

7.     Held a meeting with Sir Benedict Ainslie

9/22/20 8.     Held a meeting with organizations relating to parent peer support network9.     Met participants from Home-Start UK, the National Childbirth Trust, and Mush Peer

10.  Received Ms Zeinab Badawi

11.  Held a meeting with Mrs. Alice Webb

12.  Held a meeting with Mr Peter Fonagy

9/23/20 13.  Held a meeting with Sir Michael Dixon
9/25/20 14.  Spoke to residents of Kangaroo Island
9/29/20 15.  Visited 12th Northolt Scout Group
9/30/29 16.  Held a meeting with members of Thrive@Five and the director of Stoke-on-trent city council


•October 2020 (14)
10/2/20 1.     Held an Early Years Meeting
10/6/20 2.     Visited the University of Derby
10/7/20 3.     Held a meeting with SOS Children’s Village4.     Spoke to pupils from Islamabad Model College for Girls

5.     Held an Audience with The President of Ukraine and Mrs. Zelenska

6.     Attended a meeting with Ms Fiona McWilliams

10/13/20 7.     Received Dr Lemn Sissay
10/14/20 8.     Received the Lorde Hague of Richmond9.     Held a meeting with Mr. Simon Patterson and Ms Claire Wills

10.  Visited Tommy’s National Miscarriage Research Center

10/16/20 11.  Held an Early Years Meeting
10/20/20 12.  Viewed images from “Hold Still” outside Waterloo Railway Station13.  Visited St. Bartholomew’s Hospital
10/21/20 14.  Held an Early Years Meeting



•November 2020 (11)
11/4/20 1.     Held an Early Years Meeting
11/8/20 2.     Attended Remembrance Sunday Event
11/9/20 3.     Held a meeting with families supported by the Royal British Legion
11/11/20 4.     Held an early years meeting
11/13/20 5.     Held a meeting with Mr. Jason Knauf
11/17/20 6.     Spoke to fathers who have been supported by Future Men
11/20/20 7.     Received Mr. Jason Knauf
11/24/20 8.     Held a meeting with Ms Kelly Beaver9.     Held an Early Years Meeting
11/25/20 10.  Received Mr. Jason Knauf
11/27/20 11.  Gave the keynote speech at an Early Years Online Forum

•December 2020 (13)
12/1/20 1.     Held an Early Years Meeting
12/2/20 2.     Held a meeting with the Lord Hague of Richmond and Jason Knauf
12/6/20 3.     Met members of staff from Network Rail and Transport for London at London Euston Railway Station
12/7/20 4.     Visited Scottish Ambulance Service5.     Visited Holy Trinity Church of England First School

6.     Visited Batley Community

7.     Visited New Smithfield Market

12/8/20 8.     Met students from Universities across Cardiff at Cardiff Castle9.     Visited Cleeve Court Residential Care

10.  Visited the Royal Berkshire Hospital

11.  Attended a Carol Concert at Windsor Castle

12/11/20 12.   Attended a special performance of “Pantoland” at the London Palladium
12/18/20 13.  Held a Meeting with Ms Isha ambani and Mr Darshan Mehta

Make sure to go read my Year in Review: 2020 Parts One and Two to see pictures from these engagements! 

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