Tea Time With The Cambridges is a Blog dedicated to documenting the charitable work and work on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take on as well as their lives with their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.



Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, now The Duke of Cambridge, was born on June 21st, 1982 to The Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. He was automatically second-in-line to the throne and is a future King. For his schooling, Prince William attended Jane Mynor’s Nursery, Wetherby School (pre-Prep), Ludgrove School, and Eton College. He later attended University of St. Andrew’s, where he met his future wife, in Scotland and studied Geography. Prince William graduated with Honors in Geography (2:1) in 2005.


After Univeristy, Prince William embarked on an extensive military career. He first was admitted to the Royal Military Academt Sandhurst in January 2006 and became a Lieutenant after his graduation in December 2006 and then went into The Blues and Royals. Although Prince William wanted to be on the frontlines fighting, his position as heir to the throne impeded him from doing so so he instead went on to the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. He got his RAF wings in April 2008 and was transferred to RAF Valley Anglesey in January 2010 after graduating from the Defense Helicopter Flying School that same month. His RAF career ended in October 2013 but he continued his flying career as a Search and Rescue Ambulance Pilot in East Anglia from 2015-2017. In 2017, The Due of Cambridge took up full-time royal duties after moving back to London with his family.


Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born on January 9th, 1982 in Reading, Berkshire to Michael and Carole Middleton, former Flight Dispatcher and Flight Attendant. In 1987, her parents founded a company, Party Pieces, which provided them with the wealth that they now have and used to support their 3 children.  Catherine went to nursery school in Amman, Jordan, where her father was based with British Airways. Upon the family’s return to the UK in 1986, she attended St. Andrew’s School In Pangboutne, Berkshire before heading to Down House where she only spent two terms. Catherine left Downe House due to relentless bullying but went on to Marlborough College where she enjoyed her time. She then attended the Univeristy of St. Andrew’s, where she met her future husband, and graduated with Honors in Art History (2:1) in 2005.


After University,  Catherine moved to London where she began working as an Accesory Buyer at the clothing Chain, Jigsaw. After a year working at Jigsaw, she left to start working for her families company as a digital and relationships manager and photographer because working in London had become increasingly difficult due to the Papparazzi camping outside her flat everyday. She worked at her parents company until January 2011, 3 months before her wedding.



On April 29, 2011, after roughly 7 years of dating and a 6 month engagement, William and Catherine finally got married in a wedding  dubbed, “The Wedding of The Century”. The wedding, which took place at Westminster Abbey, had an estimated audience of over 2 billion viewers world wide and till this day holds YouTube’s world record for the most watched live-streamed event! The wedding saw approximately 1 million people gather on the streets of London and had about 5500 registered street parties!


On the morning of the wedding, The Queen gave Prince William three new titles: The Duke of Cambridge, The Earl of Strathearn (when in Scotland), and Baron Carrickfergus (when in Northern Ireland). This means upon her marriage, Catherine became Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales, The Duchess of Cambridge, The Countess of Strathearn, and Lady Carrickfergus. William and Catherine use their higher titles: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three (adorable) children! Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born on July 22nd, 2013. He is third-in-line to the throne and a likely future King. Prince George has accompanied his parents on 3 international Royal Tours: Australia and New Zealand (2014), Canada (2016), and Germany and Poland (2017). In 2016, George began attending Westacre Montessery Nursery School in Norfolk, where the family were living full-time at the time, and after moving back to London, he began and currently attends Thomas’s Battersea School.



Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge was born on May 2nd, 2015 and is 4th-in-line to the throne. Upon the birth of her younger brother in 2018, she became the first British Princess to not be surpassed by a younger brother in the line of succession. Princess Charlotte has accompanied her family on two international royal tours: Canada (2016) and Germany and Poland (2017). In 2018, she started attending Willcocks Nursery School in London. From August 2019, Princess Charlotte has been attending Thomas’s Battersea.


Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend Thomas’s Battersea Together!


Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge is the youngest of the Cambridge crew! He was born on April 23rd, 2018. He’s increasingly make more appearances along his family members!


P.S. William and Catherine’s first (fur)baby is Prince Lupo of Cambridge. He joined the family in late-2011/early-2012!


Kensington Palace is their official and full-time residence:


The Duke of Cambridge’s charitable interests and work includes Homelessness, Mental Health, Bereavement, Conservation, Cyber Bullying and much more. He was very involved in the current effort to ban ivory use and has been praised for his highly effective conservation work. Check out his Patronages page here.


The Duchess of Cambridge’s charitable interests and work includes Addiction, Early Year’s, Mental Health, and Art. She came up with the idea for the Heads Together campaign and is currently working on her own initiative focusing on a Child’s Early years. Check out her Patronages page here.