Royal Letters

Welcome to the page chronicling all of the Royal Mail I have recieved starting in 2018!



What is The Cambridges mailing address?

Sending the letter to Kensington Palace may result in a longer reply time since The Cambridges correspondence team is based at Clarence House. I recommend sending it to Clarence House for a quicker reply!


Clarence House                                                           

Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
United Kingdom

How can I guarantee I get a response?

I have gotten a response every time I have sent a letter. My tips would be to send it on time (I usually send mine about a week before whatever it is I’m writing for), make sure you have the correct return address on the envelope and put your address on the letter as well! For more on how to format your letter, visit Gerts Royal Replies.


How long does it usually take to receive a reply? 

I have received my letter generally a month or so after sending it. The longest time I’ve had  to wait was a little over 2 months because it was during the summer and the team were on break. But it all depends on many different factors such as when you sent the letter or where you are in the world! This year I am going to document when I sent the letter and when I got a reply.


Here are all my Royal Letters:



-The Duchess of Cambridge’s 37th Birthday Reply

Sent: January 8th, 2019

Received: February 12th, 2019



Princess Charlotte’s 3rd Birthday:

My first reply!


The Duke of Cambridge’s 36th Birthday:







-Prince Louis’ Christening:





Prince George’s 5th Birthday:



Christmas 2018: