William’s Engagement Count


2020 (168)



•November (11)
11/3/20 1.     Received Mr. Jason Knauf
11/5/20 2.     Spoke to members of the British Armed Forces deployed overseas

3.     Attended a meeting with Commodore James Perks

4.     Held a meeting for the Earthshot Prize

11/8/20 5.     Attended Remembrance Sunday Event
11/10/20 6.     Held meetings for the Earthshot Prize
11/17/20 7.     Spoke to fathers who have been supported by Future Men
11/19/20 8.     Spoke to a group of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

9.     Held a Meeting

10.  Held a meeting with Mr. Charles Mayhew

11/20/20 11.  Held a meeting with Dr Andrew Clements



•October 2020 (9)
8/7/20 1.     Held a meeting with SOS Children’s Village

2.     Spoke to pupils from Islamabad Model College for Girls

3.     Held an Audience with The President of Ukraine and Mrs. Zelenska

8/14/20 4.     Received Lord Hague of Richmond
8/15/20 5.     Visited the Defense Science and technology Laboratory Parton
8/19/20 6.     Held a meeting with Liverpool Business Owners
8/20/20 7.     Viewed images from “Hold Still” outside Waterloo Railway Station

8.     Visited St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

8/21/20 9.     Visited the Royal Marsden Hospital



•September (19)
9/8/20 1.     Held an emergency responders senior Leaders board meeting

2.     Received Mr. Jason Knauf

9/9/20 3.     Visited Police College Northern Ireland

4.     Visited Community Rescue Service at Cave Hill County Park

9/10/20 5.     Held an Earthshot Prize Meeting
9/11/20 6.     Held a meeting with Mr. Mark Bullingham

7.     Held a meeting with Mr. Daniel Laves

9/14/20 8.     Held a meeting with Ms Christina Figueres
9/15/20 9.     Visited London Bridge Jobcenter Plus

10.  Visited East London Mosque and London Muslim Center

11.  Visited Beigel Bake Brick

9/16/20 12.  Held a meeting with MS Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

13.  Held a meeting with Ms Indra Nooyi

14.  Held a meeting with Mr Jason Knauf and Sir Keith Mills

9/23/20 15.  Held a meeting with Ms Ngozi Okonjlweala
9/24/20 16.  Held a meeting with Mr. Yao Ming

17.  Held a meeting with Sir David Attenborough

9/25/20 18.  Held a meeting with Ms Naoko Yamazaki

19.  Spoke to residents of Kangaroo Island


•August 202 (3)
8/1/20 1.      Attended a screening of the Heads Up Cup Final
8/5/20 2.      Visited Barry Island Promenade

3.      Visited Shire Hall Care Home



•July 2020 (8)
7/1/20 1.      Held a meeting about conservation in Namibia

2.      Held an Earthshot Prize Meeting

7/3/20 3.      Visited the Rose and Crown
7/6/20 4.      Visited The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
7/8/20 5.      Held a Meeting with Mr Godric Smith

6.      Held a Meeting with Admiral Anthony Radakin

7/15/20 7.      Attended a United for Wildlife Taskforce Meeting
7/16/20 8.      Visited the Light Project’s Garden House



•June 2020 (25)
6/3/20 1.      Held a meeting with Mr. Mark Bullingham

2.      Held a meeting with Mr. Richard Master

3.      Held a meeting with Mr. Richard Parry

4.      Spoke to volunteers from Conscious Youth

5.      Spoke to volunteers from Machynlleth Community Corona Response Team

6/4/20 6.      Participated in a meeting with the Duchy of Cornwall finance committee

7.      Held a meeting with beneficiaries, staff, and volunteers of The Passage

6/9/20 8.      Held a meeting with Rt Hon Oliver Dowden

9.      Held a meeting with Lord Hague of Richmond

10.   Held a meeting with Arsenal Football Club

6/10/20 11.   Held a meeting with Sir Kieth Mills

12.   Participated in a meeting with the Duchy of Cornwall Rural Committee

6/11/20 13.   Attended a meeting with the Rt Hon Oliver Dowden, athletes, and representatives from Sport England and UK Sport
6/15/20 14.   Held a meeting with Mr Charles Mayhew
6/16/20 15.   Held a meeting with Mr Godric Smith

16.   Visited the East of England Ambulance Service

6/17/20 17.   Attended a Royal Foundation Trustees Meeting

18.   Held a Royal Foundation meeting

6/19/20 19.   Visited Smiths The Bakers
6/23/20 20.   Participated in a meeting to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine trial with representatives from Astrazeneca, the University of Oxford, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

21.   Spoke to soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards

22.   Spoke to members of staff from Surrey Memorial Hospital

6/24/20 23.   Visited the Oxford Vaccine Group
6/25/20 24.   Participated in a meeting with leaders of conservation projects across Africa
6/30/20 25.   Attended a London’s Air Ambulance Charity meeting



•May 2020 (18)
5/1/20 1.      Held a Meeting with the Rt Hon Boris Johnson
5/6/20 2.      Talked to residents and staff at Royal British Legion Care Home, Mais house

3.      Participated in a roundtable discussion with charities and organizations working in the bereavement sector

4.      Held a conference call with representatives from Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

5/7/20 5.      Talked to hospital staff at Royal Marsden
5/12/20 6.      Held a meeting with Rt Hon Robert Jerrick and Dame Louise Casey

7.      Talked to young people who are supported by Centerpoint

5/13/20 8.      Spoke to volunteers from SHOUT
5/14/20 9.      Spoke to members of the muslim community in Christchurch, New Zealand.

10.   Spoke to representatives from the social care sector across Enland

5/19/20 11.   Talked to Representatives and beneficiaries from Finding Your Feet

12.   Talked to representatives from Possibilities for Each and Every Kid

5/20/20 13.   Held a video conference call with representatives from Lifelines Scotland and emergency responders across Scotland

14.   Talked to staff and residents from Shire Hall Care Home

5/21/20 15.   Held a meeting about marine conservation with people in Wester Ross Northwest Highlands

16.   Held a meeting with Bill Gates

5/22/20 17.   Spoke to shielded individuals in Northamptonshire

18.   Held a meeting with Mr Jason Knauf





•April 2020 (14)
4/1/20 1.      Talked to staff at Queen’s Hospital Burton

2.      Talked to Staff at University Hospital Monklands

4/8/20 3.      Held a conference call with teachers and pupils from Casterton Primary Academy

4.      Held a Mental Health Meeting via Video Link

4/9/20 5.      Held a meeting with Moorlands Community Charity

6.      Held a meeting with Day Dy Dir

4/16/20 7.      Opened the NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham via video link
4/22/20 8.      Held a meeting with staff from Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

9.      Held a roundtable meeting to discuss emergency responder mental health via video link

10.   Held a meting with the Crown Prince of Jordan

4/24/20 11.   Held a Meeting with Mr Richard Curtis and Mr Stephen Fry
4/27/20 12.   Held a meeting with Ms Victoria Hornby
4/30/20 13.   Participated in a meeting with the Duchy of Cornwall Finance Committee

14.   Held a Mental Health Meeting



•March 2020 (23)
3/2/20 1.      Received Ms Chhristiana Figueres
3/3/20 2.      Received by The President of Ireland and Mrs. Higgins

3.      Laid a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance

4.      Called upon Mr. Leo Varadkar

5.      Attended a reception given by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ireland

3/4/20 6.      Visited Jigsaw Dublin City

7.      Visited Extern, Savanah House

8.      Visited Teagasc Grange

9.      Visited Howth Cliffs

10.   Attended a reception at the Museum of Literature

3/5/20 11.   Attended a Galway European Capital of Culture Reception at Tribeton

12.   Visited Tig Coili

13.   Visited Salthill Knocknacarra

3/9/20 14.   Attended the Commonwealth Day Service
3/10/20 15.   Received the winners of the Step Into Health Awards

16.   Received Mr. Jason Knauf

3/11/20 17.   Had a Meeting for the Earthshot Prize

18.   Ms Olivia Garfield

3/19/20 19.   Visited the London Ambulance National Health Service
3/25/20 20.   Held a Meeting via Telephone with Mr Hick Clarke
3/21/20 21.   Held a Meeting with Ms Caroline Palmer



•February 2020 (15)
2/2/20 1.      Attended the BAFTAs
2/4/20 2.      Visited the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

3.      Visited Joe’s Ice cream parlour

4.      Visited Tata Steel Strip Products

5.      Visited Bulldogs Boxing

2/5/20 6.      Attended the launch of Heads Up Weekend
2/11/20 7.      Visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Center Stanford Hall
2/12/20 8.      Received Joseph Hart

9.      Attended reception to mark 150th Anniversary of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund.

2/13/20 10.   Received Mr Alastair Martin
2/22/20 11.   Attended the Wales vs France Rugby Match
2/25/20 12.   Held an investiture on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen

13.   Attended a performance of “Dear Evan Hansen”

2/26/20 14.   Visited Tarmac’s National Skills and Safety Park

15.   Visited The Beacon Project

•January 2020 (22)
1/7/20 1.     Received Sir Timothy Clark
1/8/20 2.     Attended a BAFTA Meeting
1/9/20 3.     Received Mr Malcom White and Mr Paul Tacon
1/14/20 4.     Held and Investiture

5.     Attended a Meeting for the Eartshot Prize

1/15/20 6.      Visited Bradford City Hall

7.      Visited MyLahore British Asian Kitchen

8.     Visted the Kidmat Center

1/16/20 9.      Received Mr Jason Knauf
1/20/20 10.   Was called upon by the President of Ghana

11.   Was called upon by the president of Rwanda

12.   Gave e a UK-Africa Investment Summit Reception

1/21/20 13.   Attended a United for Wildlife Meeting

14.   Was called upon by the President Kenya

15.   Was called upon by the President of Egypt

16.   Was called upon by the President of Uganda

1/22/20 17.   Received Mr Godric Smith
1/27/20 18.   Attended a Holocaust Memorial Day Service
1/28/20 19.   Held a Royal Foundation Reception
1/30/20 20.   Visited All Saints Primary School

21.   Visited Everton in the community

1/31/20 22.   Rt Hon Helen Clark