William’s Engagement Count


2020 (79)



•May 2020 (5)
5/1/20 1.      Held a Meeting with the Rt Hon Boris Johnson
5/6/20 2.      Talked to residents and staff at Royal British Legion Care Home, Mais house

3.      Participated in a roundtable discussion with charities and organizations working in the bereavement sector

4.      Held a conference call with representatives from Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

5/7/20 5.      Talked to hospital staff at Royal Marsden




•April 2020 (14)
4/1/20 1.      Talked to staff at Queen’s Hospital Burton

2.      Talked to Staff at University Hospital Monklands

4/8/20 3.      Held a conference call with teachers and pupils from Casterton Primary Academy

4.      Held a Mental Health Meeting via Video Link

4/9/20 5.      Held a meeting with Moorlands Community Charity

6.      Held a meeting with Day Dy Dir

4/16/20 7.      Opened the NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham via video link
4/22/20 8.      Held a meeting with staff from Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

9.      Held a roundtable meeting to discuss emergency responder mental health via video link

10.   Held a meting with the Crown Prince of Jordan

4/24/20 11.   Held a Meeting with Mr Richard Curtis and Mr Stephen Fry
4/27/20 12.   Held a meeting with Ms Victoria Hornby
4/30/20 13.   Participated in a meeting with the Duchy of Cornwall Finance Committee

14.   Held a Mental Health Meeting



•March 2020 (23)
3/2/20 1.      Received Ms Chhristiana Figueres
3/3/20 2.      Received by The President of Ireland and Mrs. Higgins

3.      Laid a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance

4.      Called upon Mr. Leo Varadkar

5.      Attended a reception given by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ireland

3/4/20 6.      Visited Jigsaw Dublin City

7.      Visited Extern, Savanah House

8.      Visited Teagasc Grange

9.      Visited Howth Cliffs

10.   Attended a reception at the Museum of Literature

3/5/20 11.   Attended a Galway European Capital of Culture Reception at Tribeton

12.   Visited Tig Coili

13.   Visited Salthill Knocknacarra

3/9/20 14.   Attended the Commonwealth Day Service
3/10/20 15.   Received the winners of the Step Into Health Awards

16.   Received Mr. Jason Knauf

3/11/20 17.   Had a Meeting for the Earthshot Prize

18.   Ms Olivia Garfield

3/19/20 19.   Visited the London Ambulance National Health Service
3/25/20 20.   Held a Meeting via Telephone with Mr Hick Clarke
3/21/20 21.   Held a Meeting with Ms Caroline Palmer



•February 2020 (15)
2/2/20 1.      Attended the BAFTAs
2/4/20 2.      Visited the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

3.      Visited Joe’s Ice cream parlour

4.      Visited Tata Steel Strip Products

5.      Visited Bulldogs Boxing

2/5/20 6.      Attended the launch of Heads Up Weekend
2/11/20 7.      Visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Center Stanford Hall
2/12/20 8.      Received Joseph Hart

9.      Attended reception to mark 150th Anniversary of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund.

2/13/20 10.   Received Mr Alastair Martin
2/22/20 11.   Attended the Wales vs France Rugby Match
2/25/20 12.   Held an investiture on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen

13.   Attended a performance of “Dear Evan Hansen”

2/26/20 14.   Visited Tarmac’s National Skills and Safety Park

15.   Visited The Beacon Project

•January 2020 (22)
1/7/20 1.     Received Sir Timothy Clark
1/8/20 2.     Attended a BAFTA Meeting
1/9/20 3.     Received Mr Malcom White and Mr Paul Tacon
1/14/20 4.     Held and Investiture

5.     Attended a Meeting for the Eartshot Prize

1/15/20 6.      Visited Bradford City Hall

7.      Visited MyLahore British Asian Kitchen

8.     Visted the Kidmat Center

1/16/20 9.      Received Mr Jason Knauf
1/20/20 10.   Was called upon by the President of Ghana

11.   Was called upon by the president of Rwanda

12.   Gave e a UK-Africa Investment Summit Reception

1/21/20 13.   Attended a United for Wildlife Meeting

14.   Was called upon by the President Kenya

15.   Was called upon by the President of Egypt

16.   Was called upon by the President of Uganda

1/22/20 17.   Received Mr Godric Smith
1/27/20 18.   Attended a Holocaust Memorial Day Service
1/28/20 19.   Held a Royal Foundation Reception
1/30/20 20.   Visited All Saints Primary School

21.   Visited Everton in the community

1/31/20 22.   Rt Hon Helen Clark